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how will this affect bitcoin?

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23 bitcorn holders died so their corns are locked up forever

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is that kyo ani


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How do I make money off this?

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Jesus christ, is this real? What studio? What anime did they make or work on?

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Holy shit. I heard about this last night but he killed 23 fucking people? There was only 1 confirmed death when I went to bed.

Those weren't just replaceable wagies. That was talent that contributed to the unique style of the studio. They will never, ever recover. KyoAni is fucking finished.

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>KyoAnus burning
Praise fucking KeK!


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It's just KyoAni, the biggest and most profitable anime studio.

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You buy their collector ed stuff and sell high

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I wonder which one of you autistic /a/ crossposters did this.

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I don't watch anime, did they kill the gay kind of anime, or the super gay kind of anime?

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More info please.

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Thanks for the advice

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jc staff offices, probably an opm fan

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They literally made gay anime

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Jesus christ. What a fucking loss. K-On, Tamako Market, Haruhi, Clannad and Lucky Star were great. Haven't seen Maid Dragon and Hyouka but want to see them too. RIP Also the Minister you Satoshi girl from Hibiki Euphonium was from them as well. Truly RIP.

>lost a studio director

Fuck. Fuck whatever terrorist did this attack.

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Who did this?

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>Japanese arsonist manages to kill 23 people all on his own
>American shooters barely manage to kill a few people and point blank range, despite greater access to weapons

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What sort of fiend does this. the blood of normies most flow to appease the anime gods.

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Holy shit. Imagine being white, older than 13, born male and unironically watching anime. Ask me how I know you all have only had one failed crush in your whole life. I can smell the obesity, neckbeards and cheetos from here.

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It was the work of a 41 year old autistic incel.

He was probably mad that KyoAni has only been making teen dramas in recent years, rather than moeshit meant to appeal to lonely old men like him.

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maid dragon was cool

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Buy Chainlink sir

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I think we all, as well as Satoshi, drastically underestimated how many coins would be lost over the years like this
Soon the 21 million club will become quite obviously the 12 million club or something

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I guess you could say it was a token burn

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yep the funny thing is, when people estimate the market cap of gold, it's always a lower bound. nobody knows how much gold is actually sunk in the sea on ancient boats, or if there is a huge goldmine waiting to be discovered next year, or if asteroid mining advances.

with bitcoin, it is always an UPPER BOUND. nobody knows how much bitcoin was lost forever on malfunctioning HDDs, death of hardware wallet owners, nobody knows the pin of, burnt paper wallets, destroed notebooks, etc.
we only know the theoretical maximum amount of BTC in existance and deduct the marketcap from that. 2 tril actual marketcap could already be 500k/BTC

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This is unironically the worst attack since 9/11. I am fucking livid yet sad at the same time. Fuck. Every other school shooting and attack pales in comparison to this. Some random civilians dead in a bombing is just shock value entertainment, no one cares about politicians getting killed. This though. Who the fuck attacks artistic people like writers, directors and animations. This is a fucking attack on us. This directly fucking effects us. I feel numb. God. I never fucking though I'd be reading a news article about deaths and attacks and reading the words "K-On" and "Huruhi Suzumiya" in the same article.


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what the ticker for KyoAni stock?

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>>He doesn't know how markets work

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Haruhi was one of the few good things they animated. KyoAni is still shit as a whole though, fuck moeshit.

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They are all dead. Nobody tell Jason, his heart won't be able to handle it.

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obviously the actual effect would be precious metals losing all value, everyone understands, it just makes a better headline

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why do you hate love and hearts, anon? not everything has to be about exclusively lust-based sex. there is more to women than tits and ass... there is also family and moe. but i can tell that you have a heart of stone judged by your reply on this thread. my heart goes out to you, anon. may you be brought back to see the light one day.

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stop blaming incels and go dilate

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Kill yourself. K-On was fucking god tier.

I am glad that Naoko Yamada apparently survived. She did K-On and Tamako Market. Some of their best shows.

It was a incel freak who likely set the studio on fire. Fuck incels. And fuck trannies too.


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>It was a incel
he had sex on a regular with multiple asian women, actually

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Why couldn't it have been JC staff

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Why couldn't it have been literally any other studio, fuck. Why couldn't it have been literally any other business other than an anime studio.

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Maybe weebs will have to open their blinds now and live in the real world. Oh my heart bleeds hahaha

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Who gives fuck about 9/11?

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Yea that just means that hentai studios will decrease because now they would have to make the anime we wanted and turn it in to a safe for work shit show.
Less studios less hentai more normal anime. Go for alone in a desert prick.

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Wouldn't it be possible at some point, with quantum computing or some other mambo jambo shit, to crack all lost wallets?

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Your mother does.

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meme magic is real

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inb4 arsonist name was Satoshi

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Choke on a bag of DICKS and then DIE you filthy fucking moeshit nigger

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Kill yourself.

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>immense buttrage
>"born male"
you are literally worth so little that you need to be subsidized in order to exist
the day of the cutoff approaches, you obese parasitic rainbow-haired brain tumor-riddled tranny

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I never watched anime, please advice some good titles, maybe I will watch one or two..

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vampire hunter d

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What are you into? I will try to rec you something that you might like.

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Death note

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>shit anime studio gets burnt down
Nothing of value was lost.

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I like drama, movies with bad end


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Unironically High School DxD

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>I like drama, movies with bad end
Oh you're gonna fucking love School Days and Millennium Actress then.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes will also be up your alley as well as Berserk and maybe Claymore.

You might also enjoy Clannad (made by the studio that was burned down today, RIP) and Madoka Magicka, Elfen Lied, Gunbuster, Princess Mononoke and Toredora.

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zoom out retard

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I hope this is bait lol

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If you're reading this for recommendations this anon is recommending Millenium Actress and Gunbuster, you can skip the rest.

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>skipping LotGH


Player characters getting hurt and dying is a bad thing. Always.

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DBZ is the only good one

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Boku no Pico

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>just when I start getting into anime

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you are such a fucking faggot kys

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>cultured people getting killed while making art is not a bad thing


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