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Go all in on Tessa to win Masterchef Australia. Don’t ask me how I know, but I do. You don’t have to believe, I could just be some anon larping, but you might regret not listening once the result is announced. Currently paying $4.50-$6 depending on what betting app you used. Good luck anons

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>this is the best post you've put up, in this competition

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I’ll run through step by step
> 1. Sign up to Ladbrokes
> 2. Deposit money
> 3. Find Masterchef Australia Market And bet on Tessa to win
> 4. Withdraw winnings after result
> 5. Buy more LINK

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A member of my family unironically works on the show and said they film multiple endings so not even they know. How do you know? fuck it, ima put on 50 dollars for shits n gigs

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i just put 50 on it cos i watch this shit like a braindead moron, and i actually think she should win

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You're telling to yourself that you're based?


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kek was supposed to be the post above

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what are the odds?

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Sportsbet was 4 dollarydoos when I put my bet on

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i've already got bet365 and TAB do I really need to sign up for ladbrokes just to throw a cheeky pineapple on this shit? they'll also deactivate me in a heartbeat if they see me leap right for this bet, which means I'll have to put down a few wagers on baseball and AFL to look like a retard.

thanks for the tip anyways OP

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when you forget to switch ip
fucking kek

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Really? Over a couple of hundred? Will they payout first?

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I've already said I was quoting the post above it, what else do you want you flaming phaggot

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show proof of stake

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Whew look at the schnozz of the girl on the right

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put a cheeky pineapple on her. thanks op

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you fucking retard i know someone who filmed the whole season anons don't fucking listen to this kike, i know that larissa wins, (((they))) do this every season from what my channel 10 camera guy told me. they all know who wins and sign meme NDA's, they all fucking bet on the winner then spread bullshit like this to fuck with the spread between the odds so they can double their money. FUCK YOU NIGGER OP

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This thread reeks of kangaroos and aussie

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Thanks OP

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based and redpilled

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based and redpilled

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based and redpilled

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based and redpilled

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based and redpilled

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based and redpilled

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Unironically going to believe you op you have no real reason to lie. I got a tip last year, loaded up and won.
When survivor was on though there was about three different groups of bloke I knew that knew the winner (all different) I lost money there. But I like a gamble so thanks

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where can amerifats bet? everywhere listed itt is ((restricted))

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Be on here after the granny

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Also a tip for ausfags
Never deposit money to a betting agency without calling them, telling them you want to deposit and asking for a deposit match

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i dont think its possible anymore

i moved to NZ so i could indulge in my degenerate gambling (and escape capital gains)

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>not a binary outcome


I'll just be collecting my $300 from the next UK PM.

>bet on Boris Johnson last year for a payout of 12:1
>whole bunch of other retards too to hedge my bets to cover any loss
>Jeremy Hunt is paying 10:1 a week ago
>put $30 on it to hedge my bets

Long term play that one.

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again, the people working on the show spread bullshit like this so that people actually think the non-favourite will win... larissa wins. screencap this so you will know after the granny that I told you OP is a lying faggot

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who to trust

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OP if it really were Tessa that had won, the odds wouldn't look like this. I think you're chatting shit

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from the channel 10 camera fren 2 months ago

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fuck, to withdraw the bet or not

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How do you explain then how the last year’s Survivor Australia winner was not the favourite till literally the couple of episodes? Heaps of people that bet on the survivor favourite lost in the end. And how in previous seasons the of Masterchef the favourite in the markets hasn’t won?

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im telling you the books dont know

its not worth the risk, they'd be shut down if they were caught. trust me they make plenty of money not having to resort to this type of potentially business-ending malfeasance. the odds reflect the money currently staked, nothing more and nothing less.

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>tfw knew the winner to one of the seasons a few years ago 2 weeks in advance since word slipped out in our rural valley

and i didnt even bet on it, fuck

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first thing i thought, but across all the betting agencies?
i think your camera fren is prolly a deep start Q-tard

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To be honest it makes heaps more sense for them to not advertise the winner as the favourite so that people bet on the favourite throughout the whole season only to learn at the end some other contestant won. That’s literally exactly what happened on Survivor last year. The favourite did not win, and everyone betting on them lost

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lads I agree with you, I literally saw this thread and the first thing that came to mind was what I had this dude tell me 2 months ago... let's just see then, i'm not placing any bets on this shit I only ever betted on trump to win with a bonus bet and made a 28x gain and have only ever bought chainlink. again lets just wait and see on this then.

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Imagine being so fucking dumb to think that your image has any relevance to the discussion in this thread

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Anon I simply don’t believe that just because it’s a pre-recorded show that somehow means Sportsbets automatically knows the result. Whether is be survivor Australia last year or the clusterfuck that was the bachelor


You shouldn’t believe the market odds

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imagine believing the odds you see on a gambling site will be the final result
buy NANO and give up fuckwit

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That's not the point retard, if there were ANY people out there who knew the actual result, they'd bet so much money on it that the bookies would have to slash the odds. There is absolutely no way you're going to convince me that a 5.5/1 underdog is atually already the winner. The odds would have hit the floor by now

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I'm getting sick and tired of this incoherent pajeet bot spamming.

How the heck do we purge /biz/?

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I hope Nicole wins just cuz she's clearly the hottest.

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whats the chances, lads?

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The true based and redpilled anon
How do I enlist your services to shill something on biz?

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You guys really are just degenerate gamblers holy shit. Selling all my LINK. The fuck i listen to you people

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Never heard of fixed odds betting?

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I don’t like how you wrote you “might” regret not listening.
If you were 100% certain you would have written “will” regret.
How reliable is your source, how certain are you in a percentage from 0-100%

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Not falling for that one pajeet

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put $20 on, let's hope a random person on an anonymous forum board is right, god speed

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i tend to agree with this. i used to bet on survivor (american version) after studying autistic survivor spoiler message boards, they always figured out who won and the odds always reflected it, massive favorite always wins

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based and redpilled

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is that the bondi vet guy ?

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Its the mentalist you fucking mentalist
He is an ausfag though.

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