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Chainlink recently experienced a significant increase in its market valuation rising from $1.11 to $4.80 in a matter of sixteen days. After Google announced that it was integrating it into its cloud-based services, and Coinbase Pro as well as Coinbase revealed that the token was going to be listed under their platforms, the token saw these outlandish gains.

Following the upswing, 1.4 million LINK tokens were transferred from Chainlink’s “development wallet” into Binance leading many analysts in the cryptocurrency community to believe that the company was preparing for a major sell out, which as detailed in their whitepaper could have been to cover expansion costs and operating expenses.

Regardless of the actual reason behind the 1.4 million LINK tokens transferred, this cryptocurrency has corrected more than 50 percent from the high of $4.80 on June 29 and several indicators could suggest that it is trading at a pivotal point where it could continue declining or regain some of the value that it has lost.

On the 1-week chart, for instance, the TD Sequential Indicator gave a sell signal in the form of a green nine candlestick forecasting a pullback that could last for 1 to 4 weeks before the continuation of the bullish trend. Now that LINK has corrected for 2 weeks, it reached the 7-week moving average, which is currently holding it from a further drop.

If this moving average is not able to contain the price of Chainlink, then it could try to find support around the 30 and 50-week moving averages that are sitting between $1.2 and $0.9.

TLDR: press “s” to spit on links grave

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I feel that I can look back on all of this now and understand why we believed what we did at the time, and why we were so hopeful. It's not like it was as obvious as some other projects - but unfortunately some of you have not come to the realization that you are coping with financial stockholm syndrome. You still persist in flooding this board for validation, but it's so painfully clear that the spammers are nothing but desperate, emotional bagholders trying to circlejerk one last exit spurt out of this now provably centralized, amateur shitcoin.

Chainlink's team is literally dumping all over us as we speak. Sergey just has a few more presentations to go where he drags his drag his fat, tech-illiterate ass like a dog with worms before an audience of college freshmen who wanted to play with crypto as a hobby and then he can finally cash out his own stack and retire early. He could go up on stage, announce the cessation of the project, and then post pictures from some beautiful beach in czech every day and you would still hold onto your extremely overvalued stacks. They don't even dump on you themselves. That's how bad it is at this point - they can literally use a bot to sell off huge amounts of link every single day and know that you'll just make up cope because it's too hard to accept. This proves that the team is definitely aware of the sentiment on this board - they know that old retards and new suckers alike are trapped now. Sergey could show up to his presentations drunk at this point and you imbeciles would just try to claim that he's a chad despite the fact that he is a soft and timid little eunuch who is clearly in way over his head. But then again, so are you.

The difference is, is that he's going to walk away an insanely rich man while you're going to be flipping burgers and imagining yourself in sports cars for the next 40 years until you die of heart failure from eating big-macs 'ironically.'

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didnt read not selling

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link moved to 16th on CMC and has remained there since it rose. if its value was falling so dramatically then why has it stayed basically the same in rank? oh thats right fucking everything is taking a massive shit and relative to everything else link has stayed in basically the same place

omega level retards

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I don't know absolute shit about crypto and link and I don't even browse /biz/ on the regular, I just hope it dips under a dollar again so I can buy to get peace of mind, when I wanted to buy in for the memes in early 2018 at 0,3$ as much as I wanted to buy in but pussied out at the last second, I would be fucking rich in my country and would've sold 90% at over 4$
I was obsessed and felt like a fucking cretin for days when I saw it was 4,5$, I just need it to dip so I don't shoot myself in the head if it skyrockets

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Will not drop under 1.75, whales will do another PnD in September

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Can't believe I fell for this scam

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How about the fact that after mainnet launch you cant do shit with it? Thank you.
Lets wait until september to see what the 20 startups have for us which are supposed to have chainlink integration according to sergeys red shirt brother from oracle company

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What does link do
Does it really do anything?
Do those companies really want to integrate it?

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It would still be climbing if the development team knew how to sell OTC and raise their funds responsibly.