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That buywall... CZ turned on his bots

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>he still thinks that we are not going to 105

hahahaha retard

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Get your neck fitted for a new accessory soon

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olol get rekt- literally your last chance to get in

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Is 85k ONE enough to make it?

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no, you need at least 500k

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expect a 50x in the next months, so depends on your view of making it.
there arent many other opportunities to get these kind of gains

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is 7.5 million ONE enough for me to make it?

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fucking obviously lmao. Dude if you seriously have that just leave this board before you panic sell and start swinging. Return end of 2021 and congratulations, you're financially free.

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Should I buy some more at this price or hold off a bit?

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Yes, invite me to your private island once you make it

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yes i do. i will probably buy up to 10 million ONE, then not check it for 3 months. i’m that confident they will succeed in becoming a top 20 coin.

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Lol they exit scam he is rekt

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more chance of dying in a car crash than them exit scamming. It's pretty easy to tell which shills are scams

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this shit is gonna moooon

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Holy Pepe. Only 77k ONE here, you sir are going to make it for real.

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Been thinking on doing a Harmony cube. Ideas for the code face?

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its the plebbit fags fomoing in

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nah, it hasnt 10x'd yet, its only then when the cucks hop on the train

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thanks, we’ll see. i dca’d in, and i’ll dca out after a cool 10-50x. with eth 2.0 being delayed, asian exchange listings in the works, and maybe a future partner, the sky’s the limit. no major pump yet. it’s all setting up for a nice ride. it certainly seems more valuable a project than that xlm bullshit.

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Just hit a 200k stack. Going to keep buying, hopefully it stays under the radar for a while longer. We're all going to make it to the BBQ, Harmony bros.


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comfy af

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What about my 2.3m stack is that enough to make it?

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>tfw I only have 100k stack

Well i’m fucked guys

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>only 70k ONE

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There are solid reasons to believe that the project is going to succeed. Legit people with experience, delivering what they promise, etc.

It is frustrating to realize that I can not buy more because I am a poorfag.

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probably but wont be as easy. You'll need iron hands in the dips not to cash out at a few hundred k and for the platform to really succeed but eventually you're golden.

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are we invited to ur bbq when u make it

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You know its bullish when ppl say it will come down just wishing to buy lower

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There ain’t enough FUd on this coin for my liking. The best we have is chink scam or 105 sats.

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850k reporting in. Hoping for 5c EOY

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I asked in another thread but cant find it. What advantages does ONE have over FTM?

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The fact that I own it. I've been winning my whole life, sorry anon

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winners dont post on 4chan

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Stop projecting

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500k in
$1 and I will shit on my boss desk

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yes, if One goes to $10 i will host a fancy bbq and leave before i meet any scary autists from biz. i’m serious though - i’ll owe biz something

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My boss is really nice but she's a whale I'd pipe her if it hit $1 2.3m stack btw

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Based schizo

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Nigga ONE goes to $10 and literally every single anon on /biz/ holding ONE makes it

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By the end of 2020 it would need 120bil market cap to reach but I'll tell you what anon I would honestlynlet you fuck me if this happened

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105 SATS incoming

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I'm feeling that 105 too

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Big if true.

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105 is coming *very* soon.

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Wha does harmony do? What makes it unique?

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alright then, one makes it to $1 and i’ll throw a fancy bbq at four seasons for biz

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It solves the ethereum problem

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chink bbq will make your rich, just buy it easy

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hnngg, with ONE i'll finally be able to afford such a delicious babe

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