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I'm going to let you in on a little secret /biz/.

RSR is to RSV what MKR is to DAO.

RSV is the stable coin at $1. RSR is the token used to keep RSV stable, it can be any price determined by the market.

In the case of MKR/DAO, DAO is the stable coin at $1, and MKR is currently worth $503.

You can buy RSR for super cheap since it just launched. Buy for .003 cents and sell when it reaches $500 like MKR.

This is the next Chainlink, smart /biz/ fags are getting in now. I have 646k and still accumulating. 646k * $500 = 323 mil in five years. This is the last coin you'll be able to truly "make it" with.

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delete this.

as a fellow hodler I am ashamed of your shameless shilling.

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RSR was a Peter Thiel invented ERC20 scam token.
Almost everywhere online RSR threads are deleted, ie plebbit, its that big of a scam.
The actual daily 24hr volume on RSR is under $10,000 - CMC reported volume is 99% wash trading
Don't believe me then buy $300 worth of RSR and watch the price move by 20%

Around the time that these jews were pumping RSR they shilled /biz/ CONSTANTLY with it.
There was at least 15-25 spam threads about it daily up until they dumped their bags on all the anons buying in.
It was a coordinated pump and dump and these RSR scamming faggots think that /biz/ has forgotten about what they did.
Lots of anons were fooled into buying it at $0.009-$0.007
Now there are tons of bag holders of this shitcoin and ALL of the RSR threads on /biz/ are made by these jewish faggots where they coordinate /biz/ shilling in their RSR telegram.

This project has a better chance of always being worthless than even worth $0.05
No one will really tell you the truth about this scam because so many ppl were suckered into buying it on /biz/
Truth is, not many ppl are smart and wise to scams and it takes a high IQ to realize that RSR is a jewish scam token.
What's more is the RSR shills are now only making about $0.08 per RSR post and it keeps dropping.
It's incredibly not profitable for anyone besides RSR fags to hodl this shit.

Don't fall for this fucking jewish scam token, its always going to be worthless.
>entirely community driven
>zero money for marketing or exchange listings
>scam artists for devs - who literally orchestrated a pump and dump on bizlets
>pajeet shill faggots who constantly spam threads about it bc they are so desperate for you to buy their bags because LITERALLY NO ONE IS BUYING THIS SHIT ANYMORE

>do not reply to RSR shills

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>This is the next Chainlink, smart /biz/ fags are getting in now. I have 646k and still accumulating. 646k * $500 = 323 mil in five years. This is the last coin you'll be able to truly "make it" with.
Delete this shit. I hold RSR and you are making it look bad with your shitty shill.
>I have 646k and still accumulating. 646k * $500 = 323 mil in five years
People see shit like this and think it is a project for moonfags instead of serious investors.
Unless you are an RSR hater and this is reverse FUD, in which case fuck you.

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I like RSR but this is stupid. Look at where MKR started. It didnt start below 1 cent and then make it up to 500 dollars. It actually dropped a ton when it was released

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arent there one million mkr and billions of rsr

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shameless shilling, followed by shameless fud
you have to admit, /biz/ is the most entertaining board

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yes, and the team owns over 95% of the supply

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you should adjust that $0.009-$0.007 to $0.005-$0.004 to be a more credible fud

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this too lol super bearish for rsr when they compare the two. If you saturated mkr with the same amount of rsr, it'd be about 0.00523 a token. Not a perfect calculation but just an example. Now if you go by whats currently released in rsr, instead of the total supply, itd be like 13 cents but still, total supply matters

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Literally every post ITT thread is wrong, great job guys

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>You can buy RSR for super cheap since it just launched. Buy for .003 cents and sell when it reaches $500 like MKR.

>doesn't understand what market cap and supply mean
>Maker 1,000,000 supply
>RSR 100,000,000,000 supply
This may or may not be a good project, but anyone listening to this retard shill deserves to lose money.

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Last coin an anon can truly make it with.. this is so true

1000x in 5 years

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read whitepapers

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>I'm going to completely ignore the argument
Okay anon, that's nice

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If you read white papers then you wouldn’t need to be spoon fed

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You're a fucking idiot who didn't even read the comment you're responding to.

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How do I use ETH on coinbase to buy this and how much should I buy to make it?

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are you a newb?

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Yeah, I invested about 12k using coinbase a few months ago and haven't touched it since.

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Send eth to idex, buy, then store in mew.

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You can buy it on Idex: https://idex.market/eth/rsr
Create an ETH wallet if you don't already have one.
Send your ETH to your wallet and deposit to Idex.
Buy RSR.
Withdraw from Idex.
Hold in your ETH wallet until it is added to Coinbase.
Send to Coinbase.
Sell for $1.

It will be $1 at some point next year. Use that knowledge to calculate how much to buy based on what "making it" means to you. 3M over here.

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0035-0040 to be more precise

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wew lads.. nice sale prices today

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These RSR threads really challenge my nofap. The ladies are sexy, too! hyuck hycuk!

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