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Knowing the autists on this throatsinging forum, somebody will put a hit on Sergey's life if he exitscams. His face is all over the internet.

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craig is still alive

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Nobody cares about him.

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We don't even know his date of birth or where he's from, nobody can touch him

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he is millionaire, he have bodyguards and armored vehicles, even an army of autistics incel nets can't do anything

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That cardano jew is still alive

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Been wondering about this.
Maybe he'll go on a crash diet and shave his beard to aid his escape.

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He'll be well protected in Russia along with the rest of the olygarchs.

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The link bagholder population is full of 18-year-old naive sôóy zoomers. They aint gonna do shit if Sergey exitscams

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we not r9k, most are here to make money not fucking teenage psycho

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lmao out of every possible scenario, this one is the least likely one hahahahah

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francesco firano is still alive

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>unironically believing this

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Memeing aside it is fundamentally impossible that he would exit scam. His entire being and existence is devoted to solving the oracle problem.

The actual, unironic threat that you should be worried about is his health.

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You're mistaking Sergey with the owners of Tether who will be tortured alive by drug cartels if they don't pay back their debts.

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If LINK doesn't succeed there's a high chance I won't be able to provide a nice life to my gf who has extremely good qualifications herself and will just look for a rich guy. We've been together for 6 years and I will kms once she leaves me. I will sell all my 15k LINK for 20 cents or whatever and use my remaining time and resources to find a certain chubby millionaire.

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I detest the spamlinkies as much as the next reasonable person, but Nazarov brought you a 800% appreciation vs FIAT and BTC.
The killing should be limitited to one's self only.

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this. It is fucking retarded, edge lord invading this board

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It just happened to that one girl from /r9k/ and the killer wasn't even a gorrillionth as seething as some of these turbo autists with life-ending amounts of money on the line will be if he fails to deliver.

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Let's not post veiled threats against Serg guys. He's done nothing wrong.

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Yeah I made a thread about this earlier. I think if he isn't protected by the fucking government and hiding in Area 51 his life is at high risk if he doesn't deliver. Way too many insane individuals with money invested a lot into this both mentally and financially.

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Part of the reason I don't believe he's scamming. Is he going to hide in some shithole for the rest of his life? Off of a few million?

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Sergey works with fucking Swift google and Microsoft, you’ll never get to even touch him, he’s an immaterial god

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he better be if he plans on fuck us

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they are all in this together, including Bevis

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I heard the big players at the World Economic Forum and SWIFT had a microexplosive implanted underneath his cerebellum in case he fails.

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If i won't be able to sell over 3.3 I will find his babooshka and mama here in Russia, gonna cut her throath and fuck the slit.

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Now that he's cashed out he will just release a string of poorly made updates till everyone loses hope and moves on kinda like what Ethereum is doing right now.

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