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Hey Reservists if you have any RSR memes post it here, lets make a meme folder

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What are the chances this hits 1 cent

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thats less than 3x, have some realistic expectations fren

at least ask for 10 cents

for the memes i think a dark theme would fit very well like the 2 pictures ive found today posted by talented anons

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Well I'm looking for ×100s fren

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let this thread die if you dont want to be priced out sooner rather than later.


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lol well, the end goal is for it to hit a dollar sooo

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Did you even read the white paper

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rsv will stay around a dollar, maybe more stable than the dollar eventually.
rsr will be volatile and can be used to buy rsv at times to help keep rsv stable.

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>He didn't even read the whitepaper

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Rsr is the collateral for the token you fucking brainlet

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yea, but itll be hovering around that dollar mark. Thats the point.

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Already got my stack, let’s meme

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dont have my stack yet im poor! will make memes for some rsr

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I made these two

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Shut the fuck up and post the Hannahs it's literally all you faggots are good for

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This one pops out quite nicely.

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Yea I really like this one
May have to use it for some RSR / link memes haha

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This is your own fault for not market buying like a man like you should have earlier. We aren't going to fight the momentum just so you can fill your bags, this shit is going up without you now.

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Me too

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you're doing god's work, son

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So am I.

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Thanks man
I made like 10 when I was drunk last weekend haha

Need to make some more

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Amen! I see so many idiots who don't want this to take off because they haven't had time to accumulate. Just because they are too poor to buy now doesn't mean the rest of us have to wait

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This one needs more margin space for the # in the corner.

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Also the design should have the word reserve at a size easily readable at thumbnail size

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Just made these
So my idea with these was that Reserve (RSR) is a seriously project with potential, and we should present it that way. It’s mature and professional. It’s not a funny meme, it could seriously change the financial system.
So these are grown up memes . Plus this is how we will all look once we hit $1

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i like your style anon

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I made that one, I have some more cool ones that I'll post later on.

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cringe and not funny memes

too forced, just stop

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>doesn't hold RSR
>Buys RSR in 1month and uses these memes like a fucking degen

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What's the font they use? And/or do you have a transparent png of the octothorpe?

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made that one with paint

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im sure someone can do better with photoshop

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not really

the only crypto that will matter in 7y is link

i could, but this coin is so fucking boring, not even worth my time

i did some of the most famous links and vidt memes

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Here's a keeper

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This one is hilarious

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I'm going to stop now.

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I did mention I was retarded, didn't I?

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it's implied

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