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I was there also April, November, somewhere in Summer.
>Thanks OP, for the amazing sheet.

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Market is fractal. You were there in micro level.

The big shaft is coming.

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This but unironically.

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id say we are more at panic than anything else

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It will be over 30 years before we see $40k BTC and by then, it will be worth way less due to inflation if it isn't banned first.

Gold Futures reached $873 on January 21, 1980 and did not break past $500 until 2003. Gold did not reach $873 again until January 3, 2008. On August 23, 2011 gold sold for $1,917 and hasn't sold higher since then. Today, gold is selling at $1,612.

>Those of you who bought BTC at the top: cut your losses now or risk losing 40-45% at the 20 year bottom - and that's before inflation. Or you could hold for 40 years... and your bags will be worth less than what they were at the top after inflation. You'd be better off cashing out and investing in a mutual fund, then keep fat stacks of BTC.

Crypto Markets will follow the trend set by Gold Futures in 1975 very closely. After all, it is human nature that every market must follow in the grand scheme of things.

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My investments are in good JSON parsers.

They will come back.

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This rally will fail like the others

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We are in Depression stage.

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So down to $500-$1000?

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I think the latest dump brought us from panic to capitulation. Up next is anger at Trump and Libra from the "personalities."

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Found the jew. What a waste of digits

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I'm panicking already

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Dropped from Enola, a city erased, threat of the future displayed
A power unheard of a power unseen
Flash out of nowhere, the sky is burning

At 8:16 AM Tokyo control realized something was wrong
Reports of explosions, destruction and pain
Air raid from hell city gone in a blaze

August in black, B-29’s coming back

Prepare for nuclear attack
Warned but did not heed
Prepare for nuclear attack
Strike back
Chose not to believe
Another nuclear attack

From the southeast came the second attack, threat of tomorrow unveiled
11:02 on the 9th of August
Over the valley, like ball lightning

The bomb detonates and the land turns to waste, barren for decades to come
The factories burning, the steelworks destroyed
Surrender your war else you’ll perish in flames

Second attack, B-29’s turning back.

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you forgot that every bitcoin cycle is progressing more rapidly than the last

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We are unironically in the anger stage now. Next stop 2k area, deep depression, another 25% of /biz/ will kill themselves and then recovery starts.
I do believe (or it's pretty obvious) that bitcoin rallies and works overall much faster than traditional markets. So by keeping past rallies and dumps in mind, we might see a massive drop but still gradual drop to 2k in just a few weeks and then back up to test 13.9k in 2-4 months from now.

Just to point it out.. I do hope we find support at 8k and then just BOOMS to a new ATH. It's much funnier seeing bitcoin do good and the non-coiners seething on social media.

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2k? Too delusional. At the absolute worst, we flash crash to 6k.

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That wouldn't cause depression though, 6k is already seen as a valid retracement by a few traders. Look around on charts and you'll see that past lows after an ATH is usually tested or even broken again before the rally starts

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5.5k for more pain

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lmao you'll be lucky if we ever go below 7k again, 3k was the absolute bottom and will NEVER be re-tested

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Nobody cares. If the market crashes I’ll buy more and if it booms I’m rich

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Just wait til Tether is fully exposed, it’ll make 5k seem like a distant sweet memory.

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What if it crashes again after you buy more and it never recovers this time?

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Market cycles are not a real thing, its a made up concept which the large investment firms want you to think occur so they can justify moving your money from X to Y during "parts of the cycle".

They do this because they only make money by moving your money, not by holding it, since transaction fees are far higher than yearly annual fees (compare the fees of moving $1M in assets four times in a year with a fee of 1% for each movement vs a single flat annual fee of 0.5%), particularly since indexing now exists and has driven fees down. Objectively, you make more money holding your assets forever without moving them, since you avoid transaction fees as well as taxes.

If you dont believe me just go look at the accumulation index of the SP500, an economy which is supposed to have a 'typical market' cycle. You might notice its a near perfect ascending straight line, the 'cycles' don't even exist on it.

What does exist are times of overpriced and under priced assets, but price fluctuation are entirely based off emotions, not actual value, and cant be predicted because of that.

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Tell that to Bitmex, Arthur is cleaning up on both sides today. The rektage is at biblical levels and rising.

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Also all coins have no value, therefore their prices are arbitrary. Bitcoin is quite literally valued at $0. Its price is nothing more than emotional supply/demand.

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3k? Based on...what? It's not tied to anything, the price of bitcoin is what the market is willing to pay for it. If nobody is willing to buy it, it's price is $0.

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If we’re gonna pitchfork anybody, arthur hayes will be at the top of a very long list, followed by the entire finex management

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Up next will be from the next batch from the Tether printer. It's the only thing driving Bitcoin right now.

When the Tether printer is shut off when they exit scam, it's time for the lifeboats, this bitch is going DOWN.

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>link is here


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Why? Nobody forced you to buy his derivatives to gamble with. Bitmex is a sleazy back alley casino, but you bet there by choice. That whale, that got wrecked for 10 million today? Nobody forced him into that bet.

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Based on the fact we bottomed there and exploded back with a rally far stronger than anyone could've ever predicted?

The bottom coincided EXACTLY with the 200 week moving average which was rock solid support at the 2015 bottom as well. Combine that with an oversold reading on the weekly RSI (same as 2015) and it was the easiest, highest conviction buying opportunity of all time.

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Because it happened before, it's guaranteed to happen again?

I'll stop there. It's clear you huffed yourself retarded with cryptohype, I'm not talking to someone rational, clearly.

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fuck off, FED

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Whatever you say, chump. Just remember I said we'd bottom out at the 7-8k region, so when it does you can feel extra retarded

Retards like you said the same shit when I was pounding the table to buy 3k. Now I'm up 100k and you're sitting in your feelings, faggot

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"Chump", lol. I love retards who huffed themselves retarded on cryptohype.

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I called complacency 4 weeks ago and everyone laughed at me, too bad I cant think for myself...

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See you at $0

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I love retards who took the bear FUD and think we're just going to collapse overnight because you're sick of seeing it go up

Just remember, I said we're going to 7500. Remember it well, so when we get there and rebound, you'll know how hard you fucked up

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How can we be there on the chart? My retirement money is already lost!

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>you'll know how hard you fucked up
I made 600k this year through real investments while you're gambling on a valueless product.

I honestly, could not in any shape or form care whether you go to $0 or $1M. The fact is you are gambling, and any failure or success is entirely luck, not skill knowledge or any trait worth anything. And coins are valued at $0, they have no value, its entirely a speculative, emotional product which will one way or another be proven to be as worthless as it is.

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you are still in disbelief

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just because you see no value in it doesn't mean no value exists. Quite arrogant to assume the entire market is wrong and it's actually worth 0 when it's appreciated more over it's 10 year history than any other asset, ever.

Success here has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with emotional control and understanding of TA and cycles. There's a reason so many people have heard of bitcoin and so few have actually made and retained any actual money. Lot of paper millionaires in 2017 got blown the fuck out.

Your whole post is emotional cope and you know it

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if bitcoin falls to 586$ that would make Ripple the number one in the coinmarketcap.

what a coincidence.