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Hey guys, Crypto.com is havin an actual legit referral program where we both get 50 for you making any valid transaction of whatever amount you choose too. *can be lower than 50*

Let's get this party started
My code is rhg4nsdsa9

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Op is a faggot, use this key:


It's literally the best key around, obviously.

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That gorilla is a jew, what kind of gorilla needs that many banana. Don't trust jew gorilla.

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I'm not signed up, but don't see this anywhere on the site.
Show legit proof that I'll get $50 and i'll use ur code

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>unironically selling your ID and face for 50 bucks

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This is mine that i did earlier. Bought 0.015 bitcoin with about 140 euros, got 50usd free and bought more bitcoin with it later. Use my code now:


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just google BG50 Crypto.com and you'll find it, it just started and only registered users know about it SO FAR, it's gonna be shilled everywhere soon. I appreciate your healthy skepticism thought.

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MY referal code: btjcef4tsz

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need proof of skin colour too

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Typical nigger backing out of promises

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not a promise
also don't want to give $50 to a shitskin

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1) he didn't make a promise, just a claim
2) you haven't provided proof, only a meaningless screenshot of a wallet that even if it isn't tampered, tells us nothing re: this offer
3) why call him a nigger if you're a shitskin yourself? you're all basically the same species to us: subhuman

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Always funny seeing 56% ''whites'' with brown hair and eyes calling other people subhuman. Pic related is pretty much the only proof you can find inside the app

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nig nogs don't know about things before they are popularized by whites. Will post pic of skin if you promise to use mines

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skin & timestamp

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My code is actually gayweeu65c

It fits you guys so well, make sure to use my code gayweeu65c

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It doesn't get any whiter than this fren

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the pic is taken in deep shadow, i dunno what kind of lifestyle you have but the whiter you are the more suncrisp'd you get if you swim every day in the blazing sun. Never change biz

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What in the fuck am I looking at here?

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Did you really just stoop to this level for $50?

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No, i stopped to this level because someone called me a shitskin

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2 things this country did for the world, they wrote the book on economics *Austrian economics* and they wrote the book on racism. Casual internet racism has nothing on it

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signed up, will do the KYC later.

I felt sad that you actually did that.
Use those $50 to feed your kids.
if no kids get new gf

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i felt sad that you called me an Indian. Not that Indians are bad they are actually pretty smart.

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are you implying pajeets on this forum are smart?

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OP on new device here. Not necessarily but Indians are like Southern/Eastern Europeans, most of them are mongoloids but the ones that aren't are smarter than the smartest member of any "master race"

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Use my gay code please:


Need to feed my family. Free $50 for both of us with gayweeu65c

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thanks nigger

do you have to pass the verification process?

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I will only use your code if your skin is darker than a paper bag.

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Yeah I’m looking for a referral from a non indian too. First one to prove they’re white and not obese gets 50$. I might be here for awhile.

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>Diablo Mobile only

Fuck these chinks.

I hope this exchange gets "hacked" into oblivion and you all lose your money for supporting them.

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