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Can we have a real fucking thread on this coin? No copypasta FUD. Why do you own this coin over other cryptos, frens?

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That 65 ETH sell wall @ 1784. About to get rekt

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join the RSR discord for research and a long list of reasons why RSR hodlers are going to make it.


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For the memes.

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RSR/RSV will literally replace tether. You're a fool if you don't buy now.

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Bogdanoff came to me in a dream

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One thing bothers me about RSR. Do with this what you will: there's no gets. Link had magical digits again and again and again. RSR seldom even gets dubs (btw, checked >>14808711). This project needs better gets before I can invest seriously in it.

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>falling for fake sell walls that scare panic sellers

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Thanks, just bought 100k.

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HOLY SHIT! Kek speaks!!!!!!!! Buying as soon as funds clear Normiebase.

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Comfiest hold

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The team is solid, their roadmap is clear and they have a LOT of releases to come in the coming 6 months to a year, it seems at the VERY least it'll git a few cents which is some major gains

RSR and VIDT are ma two IDEX babies, as soon as they get listed elsewhere they'll both erupt

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You asked for digits here you go now buy

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RSR is a proven copy of the long existing Maker DAO

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checking those cursed digits.

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kek heard your sorrow

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