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fuck what a sexy picture

better than any woman

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desu id rather have this lambo than bimbo thot whore who will leave me in 3 years anyways

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No FUD or Shills

Only discuss:
> The protocol
> The team
> Price speculations
> What your purpose for investing is
> What you plan on buying with gains
> etc.

This is a great project that does not need shilling. Let’s discuss among the reservist that are already in and educated.

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I currently have 757k, wondering if I should invest 2k more into it? opinions my lads?

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I told you guys last week that I made a bunch of dope RSR pics
Just releasing them now.

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I plan to buy my parents a nice house in a quiet neighborhood, and my dad a nice comfy stack of monies for some nice clothes, and some nice meals/vacations with my mom.

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I have 936k
I will be buying 1.2M more in about 5 hours when my Coinbase balance clears

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cars might depreacheate quickly but women are worthless to begin with.

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My goal is to get about $6M pre tax... after tax that will be about $4M here in burger land.

I will take 2.5M and invest it into a monthly dividend paying stock (O realty) and that would give me a salary of about $100k per year in dividends

I will take about $500k and pay off my moms house, my sisters house and my house...

Don’t know what I would do with the last million... maybe buy a huge property in the middle of the city

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supply distribution is always a big topic. recently bought into RSR and I don'T even know what percentage is actually held by team. I only know that tokens are being released in 2020 (all tokens?)
and that they have a slow wallet with 1 month withdrawal time buffer.

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did my research and i dont get the appeal

whats special about this stable coin

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if you can afford it go for it. it's still so early most of you richfags can probably get 1m ez.

i can only afford 33k at the moment. trying to grind out another $200 extra before price jumps above .0050

probably the most i can hope for due to my current financial situation.


to get out of shithole neighborhood surrounded by niggers and spics
to rent out some property figure out other ways of gaining passive income so i dont have to worry about being a wage cuck again

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i'm hoping we can get to $2/token

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This. Mom needs help retiring, my dad has ridiculous medical expenses. This is the one risk Im taking, all in. 800k. I cant support them rn, but, Im hoping for RSR to moon and then to put the money into a super stable vanguard fund at like 6% or whatever, that way I can for sure help with financials, no matter what

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I plan on being a polygamist
I want 2-3 faithful girlfriends
If they prove to be unfaithful or problematic I will drop them instantly and get a new younger one
Fuck monogamy
I will have my super cars, houses in multiple cities and countries... investments and my turbo thots

The best way to achieve this is to find bi girls and just be upfront with them from the beginning. I honestly already found two girls that are down for this... I just don’t quite have the money to provide the lifestyle they want yet

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I have to help my parents out with retirement too.
They both have like 20k in their IRAs and they are 60

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Nice, very elegant car!

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told you guys yesterday it would crash and its only starting

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It held today? Lol

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why should i buy RSR instead of ONE

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Was this you?

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Buy 1million RSR and dump everything else into ONE

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drop them shits b

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Looks like an inverted head and shoulders is about to complete. Last chance...

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is that a makin it stak?

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>I will take about $500k and pay off my moms house, my sisters house and my house...
>Don’t know what I would do with the last million... maybe buy a huge property in the middle of the city
where u live? Detroit?

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RSR was a Peter Thiel invented ERC20 scam token.
Almost everywhere online RSR threads are deleted, ie plebbit, its that big of a scam.
The actual daily 24hr volume on RSR is under $10,000 - CMC reported volume is 99% wash trading
Don't believe me then buy $300 worth of RSR and watch the price move by 20%

Around the time that these jews were pumping RSR they shilled /biz/ CONSTANTLY with it.
There was at least 15-25 spam threads about it daily up until they dumped their bags on all the anons buying in.
It was a coordinated pump and dump and these RSR scamming faggots think that /biz/ has forgotten about what they did.
Lots of anons were fooled into buying it at $0.009-$0.007
Now there are tons of bag holders of this shitcoin and ALL of the RSR threads on /biz/ are made by these jewish faggots where they coordinate /biz/ shilling in their RSR telegram.

This project has a better chance of always being worthless than even worth $0.05
No one will really tell you the truth about this scam because so many ppl were suckered into buying it on /biz/
Truth is, not many ppl are smart and wise to scams and it takes a high IQ to realize that RSR is a jewish scam token.
What's more is the RSR shills are now only making about $0.08 per RSR post and it keeps dropping.
It's incredibly not profitable for anyone besides RSR fags to hodl this shit.

Don't fall for this fucking jewish scam token, its always going to be worthless.
>entirely community driven
>zero money for marketing or exchange listings
>scam artists for devs - who literally orchestrated a pump and dump on bizlets
>pajeet shill faggots who constantly spam threads about it bc they are so desperate for you to buy their bags because LITERALLY NO ONE IS BUYING THIS SHIT ANYMORE

>do not reply to RSR shills

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Weird fud, it’s never even been that high

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This reads almost exactly like the 0xBitcoin FUD copy pasta. Not saying that coin isn't a shitcoin, just wondering why this stuff pops up and then the coin goes up 60% Are you trying to accumulate?

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People here like to try to fuck you out of your moonshot bags with their little FUD campaigns, then will turn right around to gloat about it and admit to lying once they have finished accumulating.
These people are scum, and they make up about 60% of /biz, so DYOR or get burned.

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these rsr fags are on their discord making both shill and fud posts upto spread on 4chan while cackling about how they will bth moonshot, and keep hte price low to accumulate while somehow keeping a hand free to jerk off to some chick skinning a fuckng deer or something.

Seriously fuck off rsr discord fags.. you bring nothing ot the project.

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the rsr discord is litterally copy pastaing this fucking fud all over 4chan "to keep the prisez low loolzzz"

Such a bunch of incels.. .hey gang lets shill and fud it on 4chan at the same time.. keep it posted at all times.. fuck off.

hard to trust anything about the project with fags like you guys
fucking plebs.

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That was me kek

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post proof or stfu

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how much RSR to make it? Is this a good spot to buy?

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Say goodbye to your money.

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... go to the "rsr unofficial discord" and click the big "fud-pasta" button you troll fuck

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why? is RSr not good?

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Sorry guys had to go to a bday party.. I’m back.. about to buy 1M more in a few hours
Good luck to all anons
Have strong hands
This can change our lives

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True. My dumbass just bought 2mil. Selling tonight

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Soon my guy

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Nice work m8.

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I think 500k is a suicide stack... gots have strong hand however and hold until $0.50 or $1
Me personally I would like to acquire 20M RSR and hold until $2... that’s unrealistic though... and I would probably sell some along the way at milestones

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I like your art style I would post more but my Mac is acting dumb and I’m on my phone

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Listen I genuinely care about about Anon's financial well being. Its hard as shit to get ahead in life now, not just working 9-5 for the rest of your life. The sooner you start saving the sooner you can get ahead in life. Reserve is a meme started by 4chan (an infamous trolling board) to lead people to financial ruin. This is NOT A JOKE. Don't let your saved wealth be thrown away overnight. Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum said himself the days of making x100 or x1000 are over, that's right the guy who created the second most popular crypto said himself those days are over. Now 4chan is trying to get people to lose even more money after the 2018 bloodbath. Smart money already exited the crypto world. Crypto is basically a highly specialized database, companies don't need this. They will just create their own private blockchains. There is no need for crypto, RSR isn't even needed to for stablecoins to work. Think XRP when you think RSR. The company Ripple (Reserve) is doing passably well, but the coin XRP (RSR) isn't even needed for the company's technology. Considering what Vitalik said "the days of making x100 or x1000 returns are over." RSR needs a 399900% increase in price over the next couple of months to reach $1 - this is ludicrous. Don't fall for it. RSR is a meme to fuck you over. Consider this for RSR at current price to reach $1 you need an increase of 700% or a 233% increase every month until EOY. This is the latest 4chan meme to siphon money out of the hands of the already vulnerable.

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you can see on ethplorer and they also say on their website

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It's undervalued.
It's essentially Maker DAO, except Maker has a marketcap that's 25 times what RSRs is.

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Very nice

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