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Everything is a shitcoin except BSV lmao. Imagine holding this.

Here’s the funny this. 99% of you WILL NOT MAKE IT. 99% of you WILL NOT SELL. That’s the best fucking part. Fucking bought 30k of this shit at 50 cents and just sold it all. Putting 50% of it into BSV and the other 50% cashing out.

Feels good to actually make REAL GAINS instead of PAPER GAINS. Keep holding like the little idiots you are. Muh “never selling” until it crashes just like you didn’t sell btc when I told you it’s going to crash at 17k.

Have fun holding worthless bags of a shitcoin that’ll be absolutely annihilated by Craig’s patents. See you at 10k for BSV.

Muh “Craig is a scam”. Yeah he’s such a scam that the “real satoshi” can’t even come out and say it’s not Craig like he did the last time someone was thought to be Satoshi (google Dorian Nakamoto). His keys are unlocked 2020 and BSV still made the highest gains since last month (5x, more than everything in the market despite being high market cap).

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Who hurt you? Why are you so triggered?

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didn't read, not selling

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>make it
how many meme words can you put in one post, kiddo?

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Make love.