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Fresh out of Uni with an Accounting degree and every application iv'e handed in has been denied. All this fucking effort for a mere £20k job. HOW DO YOU WAGIE FUCKS DO IT

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Do not go uni and do not get in £20k debt. Work as soon as you can legally leave school.

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I had to work at a call center for a year before getting hired to do accounting. Wagecucking is designed to humiliate you

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i'm in community college in an it program, it fags help me out should I go down the networking path and grab some cisco certs

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Lol we just put all our money in link and live cheap until we make it. J-just another year now...

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i unironically got a call from a recruitment agency today about meeting with them to look at 'temporary administration roles' Looks like im destined to follow your path. It's a joke i get a degree yet im expected to work in a separate field for experience first

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You MUST do internships/work experience during your degree, especially if you are doing something more vocational like accountancy.

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i never had to work during uni due to living off crypto gains and its now coming back to fuck me. The only previous work experience i have is from when i was 18 and some bullshit volunteering during 1 summer lmao

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the time is upon you to carve out a niche by doing something others do not ans os provide new services.

Be creative to not be wagie

aslo your male

think of it like this most employers are male higher up, fora standard entry job are they goign to hire hot females or you?

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why didn't you go into a trade anon? Electricians are earning 80k-100k a year, brick layers are earning £1000 a week and this is in the midlands lol.

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I'm two years into my accounting degree, I got a comfy sales job. You got to get into sales desu

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I like your thinking. OP has to undergo sisdy hypnosis and hormone therapy and get some enornous fake breasts and ass. This is bullish af for link.

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From a fairly upper class family where me and my brother had expectations to go uni and become successful in a profession. Doing that sort of work probably wouldn't have gone down well

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I made 12k in commissions last month. Sales is way easier work. Youll have difficult customers, but when you get paid you forget about it immediately.

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I fell for the accounting meme too, you either work shit sub $40k a year jobs for the rest of your life or get a CPA and contemplate suicide every day.

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fair does.

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I did office work for 5 years, couldn't stand the monotony.

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the industry is interested in people who can get into worklife quick and adapt to what they want you to do. best option would be to enter a field, get experience and study part time. then continue your studies to get payed more or get into a better position. the other two options are:

same as option one but never caring about studying, which might work out the first years but will render you almost worthless to companies or force you to stay low wage, might even get replace by some younger guy they can pay less.

and the third option, which most of us are in is, getting into studies and not really bothering about jobs unless some side job that is unrelated to your field. you will get fuck all money all those years, companies will barely look at you once you graduated, and those who do will hire you for an underpayed apprenticeship. and the best part, you'll probably end up doing some boring as fuck task any idiot with some weeks introduction can do being guided by some douchefag who studied marketing/economy and got into the working field early but knows shit all about the job.

the whole working market is not designed to make the most out of people, its designed to create invisible entry barriers to keep people divided. nowadays you'll need a years long education and experience to work in some low end jobs like fucking supermarket or logistics. the truth is anybody can do this with a short time introduction, they just do this magical education to give those losers some idea that they're "worth" something and to keep other people from stealing their jobs that easily.

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well maybe just identify as female then you may get a diverity hire

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>cant get into big4
Not gonna make it.

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Big 4 senior here.

Accounting pays the bills but man it is not special or great. IMO get as good experience as you can your first years and go to a comfy position in industry where you can fuck around half the day

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selling my soul for 18 hours a day so Mr Goldstein gets his annual bonus. You get treated like shit there.

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This, i know people who've gone into big firms/banks and the hours they work basically bring the actual pay down the minimum wage. Just work at subway lmao, same pay for same hours except you won't always feel one second away from a mental breakdown.

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I feel this. Mechanical engineer working in a telecom company doing database stuff for only what works out to be 37k burgers a year right now. It's contract work too, super boring. But even though i dick around half of my shift, i still get a lot of praise and do what i want so i guess it works out. I take the work pretty seriously. So hopefully, i can go for a promotion here sometime.

But i may look for a new job. Idk I'm just happy to have a job right now. It's nice to be stable

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you worthless accounting faggots will be replaced within 5 years

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lol bro, you need to get your ACCA's ....

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>upper class family
>not law, engineering or medicine

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what the fuck haha, i already have some exemptions from exams iv'e taken. Imagine have to be a fully qualified chartered accountant to get a junior position. Would've been better off doing a retard apprenticeship

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Take the norfpill anon.

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You did go to a prestigious university right and make connections?

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apply for PWC

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Volunteer. Pack your CV with all kinds of different voluntary work.

>be me
>studied Microbiology
>attained absolutely no work experience whatsoever whilst being a student
>took a year off because why not
>worked voluntarily as an art gallery steward, library publicity officer, homeless charity admin role and a few others
>each one only took up 2-3 hours a week
>Get into grad programme at a major bank on £36,500 starting salary as my first paid job despite only scraping a 2.1 and having no finance experience at all.
>2 years later move onto private bank on £45,000

The experience you can pick up from voluntary work looks far more impressive than entry-level paid jobs, takes up far less time and gives the impression that you aren't in it for the money and actually care about your job. Work a few voluntary jobs for a few months in your spare time and boost up your CV

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You must've had something else going for you surely. £36.5k off the bat? in a field you never worked in... wow.

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not really. I applied for about 30 different graduate programmes and it was the only offer I got. I applied to everything from Scottish Water to Barclays. Plus I'm a massive autist who didn't make any connections in uni.
Made it through all the competency questions and logical tests but I kept fucking up the telephone interviews. Finally got through one interview and then smashed the assessment centre.

Most Graduate Programmes will consider any graduate with a 2.1 regardless of whether they studied a relevant subject. Diversity of thought and all that. There were people in my intake who studied Sports Science. The odds are low but if you apply to enough of them and do enough interview research you should get at least one offer

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fair enough, thanks. I'll take a look.

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I dropped out of highschool in 9th grade and got a job doing IT and then got into programming, making $28 an hour with zero training. Clearly you do not know how to produce value.

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It was the voluntary work that got my foot in the door. Being able to talk about working as a publicity officer for a city library was a lot more impressive than talking about stacking shelves or some group uni project. It's real high level work

A few hours a week and you'll have all the examples you need at interview.

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Are you sure it's because of the volunteering?
You may as well just get a couple of part-time jobs, put some stuff down on your CV, whatever it may be and you're good to go. I never got this "just volunteer" idea. As you say, you had no experience in finance prior to going to the bank, and they must've known it. I see their logic of taking you on based on interviews and assessment centres. I don't see where the volunteering figures there.

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1. What are you going to talk about in competency-based interviews? That group project in second year? Serving drunk students cheap drinks?
2. You don't get to interview or assessment centre without jumping through several hoops. You have to have something on your CV to get to that stage and voluntary work provides you with real high level experience that you can't get working unskilled part time jobs. It also gives the impression that you care about more than just your pay slip, this is obviously a relatively minor point but being a team player is very important to recruiters.

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>competency based interviews
Well, they are more of a test of how well you can communicate. I don't believe they truly judge the value of your skills there. They got the stuff down on your CV, that's it. They're not stupid and they're not going to buy into me telling them such and such position allowed me to demonstrate my whatever skills.
On the second point, I still believe this is more about luck and how they take your words. Sure, they may give you some credit for working in multiple places, and being okay with, dare I say, working for free.
I'm not from the UK myself, but I studied there. Your attitude to work is insane to me, since my experience here in Eastern Europe is very different. Never have I heard here that you should volunteer to get something on your CV. You wanna show you can work? Sure, get a multiple part-time jobs, and yeah there are some that are more relevant than others, that's just the way it is.

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Hey, look on the bright side. Your very useful college degree will be fully paid off in 40 years. Thanks jews!

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So what's a 2.1 in a sane scale like 1 to 10?

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I love how on one tiny island you have the people who discovered the atom, invented calculus, etc on one side. And literal worse than niggers people on the other side.

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like an 8.
If you graduate with honors in UK it means you passed every module so 360/360 credits.
It's then classified into 1st, 2:1, 2:2, 3rd depending on what % you scored.

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1st Class Honours Degree: 70%+
Upper Second (2.1): 60-69%
Lower Second (2.2): 50-59%
Third Class Honours Degree: 40-49%
Fail: <40%

There is no point going to university if you get less than a 2.1. You're basically confined to teaching or retail middle management.

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The atom was discovered by Northerners you peasant

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>Thanks jews!

Higher education is a very important part of any persons life. If you had went to college you would understand that.

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