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What are the best exchanges and wallets for the meme coins being shilled on /biz/. LIT, XSN, ONE, FTM etc etc Please help me I'm a retard

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search for each of them on coinmarketcap. there you'll find a list of exchanges on which each is listed.

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Sell all biz meme-coins and get into CHR before it gets shilled heavily.

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>Chromia ROI -49.70%
>Today's change -2.66%
>Yesterday's Change -6.06%
so what does it do aside from bleed money?

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Wait until it's actually doing something before you shit on it.

Lead dev was integral in creation of colored coins, you know...that tech that led us to ETH and Tether?

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>Wait until it's actually doing something
so it loses money endlessly and doesn't...do anything? wow sign me up