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bargain or the fool's choice? Link made a cool 10x over the past months while the LP share price remained more or less the same as when link was at 40 cents. Is this a good time to go shopping LP shares? /biz is the expert on link they say, show!

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im not buying your bags lol

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fuck of Raqesh this is an 80+ iq non-pajeet thread.

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nice try sec

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what the fuck is wrong with you? Can anybody please answer my fucking question. I have the distinct feeling that most don't even know what LPs are since the first generation of linkers have already made it and don't frequent this pajeet invested cesspit anymore.

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Check again. I don't think they remained with the "same" price. I'm also in this dilemma. I have some but I don't know with I get more LP or LINK.

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LOL link pool, what a scam for now.
no one should worry about link pool anytime soon

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LP is a legit project but the people who bought crowdsale shares are artificially restricting supply so they can sell at absolutely absurd markups. I can absolutely guarantee that if you just buy link instead and then choose a staking provider when there is competition, you will be way better off than paying 40 eth for a share (fucking lol)

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No it’s overpriced. The original tokenomics was the following: buy the rights to staking rewards for .125 $ of link for $1. Then linkpool exploded in price so now your getting the rights to like $.01 worth of link per $1. Just stake your own link or wait for a more competitive offer. It’s a ponzi right now

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Safest option is always 100% LINK
As a degenerate gambler my recommendation is 85% LINK 15% LP

There probably was a discord tranny who's about 80% LP 20% LINK what a mad lad

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people don't buy LP just to stake...

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Solid idea and team but the 100 or so fags who bought into it refuse to sell for any reasonable price

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What's the question? Linkpool is a scam bro

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>The original tokenomics was the following: buy the rights to staking rewards for .125 $ of link for $1. Then linkpool exploded in price so now your getting the rights to like $.01 worth of link per $1.

what are you even talking about. LINK in itself is just a token while LP is a share of a real company - whose founder is part of the official CL team - focusing on establishing AAA rated Chainlink nodes competing against corporations for high value contracts. Not to mention NaaS, consulting, LP marketplace and whatever they come up with in the future.

Nobody with a brain buys LP for staking

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Stop Shilling linkpool. The less owners the bigger the returns.

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The share of a company which makes its money by running nodes... u sound like an mlm sucker but to each his own.

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Buy some
Throw 5-10 eth at it if you can
If you can afford to, buy 1LP

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I will probably regret this, the consensus appears to be that this is a bad investment at the moment. The problem is that so far the fucking price didn't drop at all, it is just steadily increasing, by far not as fast as Link but still. I will get a 1 LP suicide stack anyways, you just never know how this shit plays out ...

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It's the Bitconnect of Chainlink faggot, now go back to plebbit

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Will the node(s) link pool provides receive enough usage compared to the rest of the network in order to give LP better growth? Maybe. That's what you have to ask yourself. Personally, if one party controlling nodes get most of the usage, then that goes against the entire network.

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Anyway to add LP price to Blockfolio?

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Get one if you can afford it
Thank me later
I’m serious

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anybody? I would be interested too. Is there any LP price chart at all?

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you staking your 10, 50, 100, or even 500k link will be nothing compared to LP's 1M+ Link staked. the reputation level is much higher. your little basement node's will never get the same kind of traffic

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the problem is that no one really know hows much LINK rewards they will get because the network is not live.

however, LP did a test and issued .02 LINK per .04 LP share. if there's 10x as much traffic as the test during normal traffic/network volume (if you believe Chainlink will be big, then 10x is not a large figure considering the test was with 1 data provider), then you will be making 30% ROI every year (if you bought .04 LP shares @ 3TH). LP is a great investment if you believe in LINK.

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To clarify; if you bought .04LP shares at 3ETH, then you're making 30% ROI assuming 10x greater traffic than the meager test that was performed last month, and assuming LINK stays at $4 (which it won't).

Low end, 5x traffic, 15% ROI annual.
High end? Who knows. 150x traffic @ $4 LINK? 486% ROI annually.

At one end, it looks pricey now (especially if you are a nulinker and balk at buying 300LINK at $3. But the worst case scenario, you make ROI better than a standard government bond or bank ETF; best case scenario, you're making an ROI greater than if you bought Bitcoin for <$1.

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That said. I am an LP share bagholder and I while I have itched at cashing out to grab some ETH, this investment is incredible if you consider the above posts, and it's better long-term to keep the investment. So I won't sell my LP shares for anything less than 10ETH per .04. Because then I could probably make more money given opportunity costs

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This was the lay of the land at ico
Where 1eth = 1 share
>t. One of the 186
If I was smart then you can imagine how much smarter I am now
>inb4 I got (((lucky)))

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Where to purchase?

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Someone tell me where to purchase ur fucking ponzi

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>inb4 it’s a pyramid scheme

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>tfw American

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Well it certainly is, but who gives a shit, it's still early enough to profit from this, it didn't even start properly.

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you have to buy directly from LP. you can buy as an american. they aren't doing KYC right now.

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>pyramid scheme

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And just like that all the LP shill scum are here.

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im never selling my LP fag

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dont bother, we are not selling

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Realistically there’s only 186 of us
And anyone else who bought after ico
Who cares if you or anyone else decides to buy or not. It won’t affect the outcome. You will be reacting to the waves and not generating them yourself
That’s why you have the attitude you do
You only know how to react

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