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I Guaranteed gains - many threads say so. trist me at the organicness of the many postings. good luck to you faggots

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Stay poor my dear faggot

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this is best project since last week -anons know this. that is why we have made so many threads and postings. >good call anon

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you misunderstand faggot - harmony is going to be pumping big.
>to the moon

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thread music:

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serious team - only the big players and most serious projects have their own brand uniforms.

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100x by end of month - 1000x by end of year. that is why biz is hot on harmony

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hey anon,

this sub knows that we are looking at 200-250x by end of month.

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here we go anons.pump!

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>this sub

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Lmao, I dont know how many times I've heard "they have no white people on their team". The lies people will tell just so they can get in at a marginally lower price.

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seriously tho.. when Chinance kicks burgers out.. where would I store this shit?

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my kind friend is boing to buy 20 btc worth if he can get a seller. he said the needful thing to dothis month is accumulate. for him it was the logo. he saidyou know the best oroject in crypto by seeing a logo with traditional india design elementys.

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the code is so so good for this coin. so many lines have been written. what else could you want? 50x by next week or even more!

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how many harmony for a hottie like this? could i get twins after this month's 100x?
>just imagine her smells

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she could be a harmony party girl

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dumped my link - all in harmony

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Trust wallet,

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based and progressive

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Cardanofags scared shitless their varpoware shitcoin will become useless next month when Harmony lauches full mainet (there's already a sharded mainet out btw).

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imagine holding this bloated shitcoin Ada while missing out on the GOAT harmony.
they gonna rope

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shouldn't ethereum be scared since it's just a copy paste but has all the new shit? Cardano will crush them both.

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