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LINK announced the need for more capital around a week after Clause closed their 5 million dollar series A round, it is pretty obvious that they are working on acquiring another integral piece of the Oracle problem like they did with Town Crier.

Why wont the Clause admins deny that LINK purchased a majority of the offering? here's a hint: It's because they cant.

Hold strong marines, Sergey is 10 steps ahead.

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How about a source you homo

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Its not too far fetched. Very possible.

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I’m too stupid to follow
I like shorting Denny’s

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I want to believe

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How does Clause integrate into the larger Link project? Why would they buy it?

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It's a simpler platform for more basic smart contracts and basically allows the Chainlink brand to completely corner the market.

Town Crier was essentially a missing component that they acquired to be more robust and with the Clause addition they will be able to onboard more enterprises with basic use-cases before they end up fully adopting self executing contracts.

The big deal is that Clause can act as the gateway to adoption for non-self executing smart contracts that will lead to the endgame that is self executing contracts using LINK oracle data.

The source is just the timing, Clause is highly connected and aware of LINK and in their official channels when you bring up LINK taking part in their Series A round they wont deny or confirm it. They are definitely in a position to deny it if it was just conjecture.

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Just checked Twitter

It’s true

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Plz be true

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Tasty crumbs. Any screengrabs of questions in the channels?

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this is so fcking ridiculous that it may just be true.

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What's Bob Lazar's take on this?

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Sorry I didn't take any screens but you can tweet at Dan Selman and he always responds to bullshit questions but won't respond to anything about LINK's involvement in their series A.

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>Go build something
STFU how about we buy you out Dan.

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Bob Lazar is a fraud.

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If you have been holding for more than 13 months, you have witnessed all the fud cycles and how sergey fucks them up one by one making LINK pump
We are deep into a no news period where to coin has never seen such volatility, dropping 50 cents, pumping 50 cents in a matter of days.
The devs are selling? Ask yourselves anons, what will sergey tell us next?
My bet is he will once again deliver, deliver just like the hero he is by delivering everytime at the right fucking moment.
Remember anons, solidity is great but it is still too complicated for legal faggots to work with, clause, accord and some other faggots are working on this and we all know they will all use chainlink.

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Excruciatingly Based

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Are they required to disclose the investors/partners in a series A?

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source you cunt

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Dead link
post some substance
The story goes on

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Why tho? Gov erased his history and he obviously has knowledge about shit he wouldn't be able to if he wasn't actually employed there. What about PHILIP SCHNEIDER?


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Only companies with public financials have to disclose Series A investments so you wont see LINK on that list unfortunately.

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.... if the pieces fit the puzzle......

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ummm guys....


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Working together to corner the contract market.

One stop shop for contracts. Drag in your contract clauses, connect your inputs and outputs, add on additional features (TEEs, ZKPs, computation, e-signatures, AI) launch contract on any platform.

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Where you been? This is old. It’s all over his LinkedIn too. He made an entire post about clause and Chainlink coming together.

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Oh shit.

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You get it.

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I would love to shit on your face.

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But what about all that non sense Selman was talking about, they're more focused on digital agreements, and Link is (just) optional additional feature bull shit from a few weeks ago?

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That's the key, he's playing coy. Tweet him asking if Chainlink was involved in the Series A and he won''t answer you but he will reply to any troll on twitter talking about any other aspect of Clause.

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At first, this just seems like a shill post... but light of breadcrumb, the post makes more sense??? Feels like early 2018 again. Hopefully old biz is back.

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Don't disrespect the larp

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Will they acquire all of it are only half? What would this mean if it is only half

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Hoooolyyyy shiit. I unironically think this is what's habbening. Sergey is a Bezos-tier ruthless player god damn. He's literally, unironically in this to corner the whole market. Fuck boys. 1000EOY is fuddest of FUDs. FAANG about to get renamed.

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Please let it be true. If Sergey has a foot in Clause/AP, then ISDA is probably in too.

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This was never a shill post, the goal is to see who has been doing their research and paying attention

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Bet bump

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I stopped researching a while back. Probably half way through June, I've already made it and I am simply waiting.

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Anyone holding over 1,000 LINK has made it at this point.

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- bet

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Complete larp bullshit, I swear if you push this it's only gonna back fire. You're so fucking dumb biz

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This is the daughter of a no linker

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Fuck off with your derailing faggot.

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What's your problem?
It makes the most sense and even gonser was hinting at this.

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If I'm LARPing just prove it?

Tweet and Daniel Selman and try to get a concrete answer.

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Im feeling very gay for this not fake and hetero hopium

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The list of investors is public retard

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Don't tell Scotty

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Only investment firms with publicly available investments had to disclose involvement in the Series A.

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Comfy larp. Bless you anon

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ffs kek

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HOLY FUCK! this is it Boys ->$1000 EOM. I'm literally trembling & crying right now. Fuck we have all made it! I knew it from day one... always gonna HODL, always. I'm gonna cash out just a little bit of my Linkies and fuck the next tranny in the ass so hard! Thanks Sergey! WE ALL GONNA MAKE IT!

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Sergey has blessed us all.

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Time for some digits

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posting in epic thread

Based Tom Gonser

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why didn't this post send us instantly to $10

We really are living in clown world, aren't we?

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thanks for the trip

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If it smells like a duck, and it shits like a duck, it's probably a duck

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>>be in Poland, coffee shop
>>whole place working diligently on their things
>>stereotypical Sergey enters with a female
>>set-ups in a table and proceeds to have a meeting via some application on his PC
>>His booming voice carries like an echo going through a cathedral
>>sees nothing wrong with this
>>allow him to do this for a while
>>the fat fuck won't stop
>>everybody getting nervous
>>start glaring at the fat fuck
>>he starts talking to the person calling how he can't sell links here, so he'll have to a dump online
>>This enrages me as this basically constitutes a threat
>>come to him rather angry
>>ask him to keep his fucking conversation fucking QUIET - nicely
>>he's visibly terrified despite being visibly well-built even if fat
>>continues talking for half an hour using his quiet voice
>>gets to leave
>>before leaving stops near the door and glares me like I was some sort of ghost. Almost seen his skin turn white

Who would even buy from such a psychopath?

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We are in the everybody who got there ducks in a row is aiming at shooting them down phase. Sorry 4chin and discord LINK whales, if you didn't took care of your opsec and infosec the suicide and jail awaits

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Not I, alpha anon

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Average buy is $.25... Should I buy more now????

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Notice how he still has not replied to this question?

You're welcome.

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How about you notice that he posted #smartcontracts and not @smartcontracts? Faggot.

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Ask him if Donald Trump was involved in series A funding. I bet he won’t answer.
He’s protecting anonymity by refusing to make any comment on who was involved.

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So much cope.
Watch sergey announce the buy out at the ETH conference.

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These people are honestly disgusting, trying to FUD a coin they believe in to hopefuly accumulate more. Awful behavior and I am sick of it to be perfectly honest.

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anyone here who believes fudding /biz/ will save them money are retarded, there's actually only so many people here who do that and with specific coins. with chainlink these people are actually just faggots who enjoy acting like faggots online because if they didn't they wouldn't get attention from anyone else in their lonely pathetic lives

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I hold Link and I want it to moon now. I’m also right.

>> No.14752157

Naw it’s funny to confuse the newfags

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But you've got to say that timing of the series A, along with Sergey's need for capital raising; the last 2 sentences in Tom Gonsor's linkedin post.....
that's a awful lot of smoke there anon...

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Also they were taken off the Accord partners list right around the same time of the Series A

>> No.14752196

I wouldn’t at all be surprised if it’s true. My only point was the lack of a twitter reply is meaningless.

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Dan should be telling us to go build something and yet dead silence.

>> No.14752233

You get it.

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this, i dont fud to make fucking money you faggots arent whales you're just neet faggots and wagies, you arent doing shit

im fudding to make you guys sell your bags because I want to hurt you, not because i wanna accumulate more

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You're a mentally ill faggot then.
Go dilate.

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I saved this post because something about it felt off, among all the fucking LARPING FAGGOTS this one stood out to me

..and now this other speculation comes in

if Clause is one of the entities Sergey plans to acquire, what is the second one?

t.100k link and comfy as shit right about now

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I'm glad someone else remembers this thread.

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He walks amongst us. Chekd

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Great thread, stay autistic anon

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Nice reasoning. Going with non-deterministic contracts sounds sensible and probable. I want to believe. Good thread OP

>> No.14752786

Thank you, just trying to shine a light in this dark place.

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This is Finrekt you stupid bastard. You're clueless.

>> No.14752830

prove it

>> No.14752856

It has almost no impact. Stfu

>> No.14752929

I am sick of your toxic fourchanners to be totally honest with everyone here.

>> No.14752941

This is fake news garbage. LINK is going straight to $1

>> No.14752970

you can always... fuck off back to plebbit... where noone will hurt your feels and you can stay poor with the rest of those fags

>> No.14752979

watch your language please.

>> No.14752993

This is fucking sick bet

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Holy shit and checked

>> No.14753019

Checked my fren.
We're gonna make it.

>> No.14753084

why are you checking me?

>> No.14753093

Gonser wouldn't personally invest his own money outside of 7 peaks if he didn't have a vested interest in the synergies to come to come out of this arrangement. Docusign wants to manage the contract lifecycle. Link wants to manage the data. Both need each other. Both need a templating system to funnel institutions onto their platforms.

>> No.14753121

Go back cuck

>> No.14753136

My guess is a smart contract development suite... truffle?

>> No.14753158

fucking retards i hate you

>> No.14753171

Absolute fucking cancer. Go swing your stack and your neck around a rope too.

>> No.14753186

You mad Danny boi?
Go build something.

>> No.14753187

I'll shoulder check a billy goat off a cliff bet

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Sloppy Sergers just says fuck it imma buy them nigras out. No partnerships required when you engage in '80s style hostile takeovers
> Literally and fundamentally does it the absolute madman

>> No.14753195

Right, currently we are in distribution zone to dump in plebbitors and summerfags.

>> No.14753225

go fuck yourself, nigger

>> No.14753244

Where are the admins?? This racist stuff needs to stop

>> No.14753284

> Free speech frightening
Kys faggot

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Gee, I wonder who could be behind this post

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I work record's keeping and our company has partnership with microsoft's cloud service. They distribute those little trezor wallets to our clients.

It was announced only a few months ago that we have an end of august deadline to move as much data as we can to the cloud service or risk losing partnership. we've been breaking our backs to make it work.

make what you will of this breadcrumb

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wahhh, go to reddit where its safe. Dick slurping niggerfaggot.

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>trufflecon in august
>end of august deadline

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Based. This anon also gets it.

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>Jonathon Levi (middle circled)

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Is this one of these breadcrumbs I keep hearing about?

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Yes indeed

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Can you explain what this mean?? Me brainlet

>> No.14753773

Get on that iHOP boi
i H O P

>> No.14753856

Don't doxx people in my post please

>> No.14753879

You are even dumber than dane congrats
You're unironically a fucking retard mongoloid

>> No.14753901


>> No.14753923

no you the based one, mr. based man

>> No.14753924



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dude this is autism to another level. I fucking love it. As someone who bought in 2017, i am loving this thread.

>> No.14754001

Open your mouth wide anon, here comes the plane aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
good boy

>> No.14754019

Bb gibs pee pee

>> No.14754024

I fucking love tasty breadcrumbs. Would choose this shit over sex any day. Call me a faggot I don't care, I'm gay and I hold LINK.

>> No.14754028


>> No.14754061

Chainlink now listed again on the Accord website and this time under Chainlink not SmartContract... https://www.accordproject.org/about/

>> No.14754084

What makes the grass grow?

>> No.14754105

AAAAAAAAAAAAA we're all gonna fucking make it. I love you cunts. Bless this thread.

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>> No.14754134

This is insane....

>> No.14754140

It is actually so surreal that we are even aware of the existence of this project so early on. Maybe I am delusional but it feels so weird to know that we have probably already made it.

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Really positive to finally see confirmation, thanks for pointing that out.

>> No.14754280

>he starts talking to the person calling how he can't sell links here, so he'll have to a dump online
>This enrages me as this basically constitutes a threat

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Delusion and LINK holding go hand in hand. It's a strangely comfy yet nervous feeling. Whenever I feel down I remember Sergey's expression in pic related. This to me says more than any crumbs ever could. He knows what's coming, and I truly believe many of the earlier crumbs were placed here by him. His genius is otherworldly.

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How old is Sergey ?

>> No.14754334

This thread is a historical moment.

>> No.14754382

33 I believe, the same age as Jesus.

>> No.14754396

I fucking forgot about that

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OP is a discord tranny faggot.

We should be better than this

You can post about clues but dont larp as if they're true. You're no better than the fake ass amsterdam market maker

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>> No.14754430

>dubs in id
We really are all gonna make it, huh?

>> No.14754434


>> No.14754440

What is the source of this? This must have been literally the only talk or presentation I missed. What was it? What is the context?

>> No.14754481

Paul Walker tried to have Eric Holder killed while imitating IRL his character in the films The Fast and the Furious

>> No.14754510

Welly welly well, look who is right under vitalek. Would bet money that's the 'team member' who leaked the info here >>14752363
and possibly the author of this very post

>> No.14754522

*author of this very thread

>> No.14754525

I forget the context of this picture. Who is this group?

>> No.14754550

god i love this timeline so fucking much

>> No.14754562

This. I bet boomers like Selman are here shitting up the board with their complaints.

>> No.14754572

It's so damn refreshing to have a worthwhile LINK thread. The rats coming out of the woodwork to gloat over the "loss" of 200 of the 1000% gain in the last months has made me loathe to come here

>> No.14754579

bought 4000 link at 2.0 lets go

>> No.14754582

Lol, topkek nigger

>> No.14754614

So Clause released an investor list for Series A funding?

>> No.14754618


Timestamped. "The question I'd like to ask is, what happens when the traditional data providers decide to come into this space?" Check out Sergey's smug face. The dude is based af.

Actually watching this again now, maybe this is related to Google BigQuery + Chainlink?

>> No.14754630

I'm not on discord so I don't quite understand this.

>> No.14754643

>itt redit shitters

>> No.14754651

>not already having google micro and oracle paying for all funding at this point
Some fucking partnerships you got here incel beta cuck discord tranny faggots lmfao

>> No.14754657

Thank you based anon

>> No.14754665


>> No.14754676

you gotta go back faggot

>> No.14754683


This was posted above. It doesnt mean chainlink DIDNT buy 50% of clause but claiming its a fact is fake ass larping and that shit shouldnt be tolerated in our community


>> No.14754684

Holy fuck, just watched. We are actually going to $1,000. I thought 1k was a meme, but watching that and seeing his face and has made me realized that this is actually a once in a lifetime opportunity.

>> No.14754685
File: 663 KB, 2960x1440, 20190712_162714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still stand by 2.20 sunday night west coat time nigger faggots
Picc related is actually a quintuple top rejection edit yup seems as if it just tried to top 3.22 again looks like 3.21-22 is the new ceiling.

See you cucks in the 2.20s

>> No.14754707

you just watched a video thats been around for a year almost.

Go back

>> No.14754713


>> No.14754726


Bunch of Trumpanzees in there haha

>> No.14754743

oh shut the fuck up you roody poo candy ass

>> No.14754745

if this isnt link swinging back for at least the $15 EOY ill suck my own dick

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Do I have this right?
Enterprise Blockchain
>Accord project
smart legal contracts on chain
"simpler platform for more basic smart contracts", non-deterministic, built using accord tools
decentralized oracles to feed real world events data onto the blockchain so it can be used in smartcontracts

>> No.14754802

>guys guys look he said buzz words

you gotta do more then that to fit in you cuck

>> No.14754804

who hurt you?

>> No.14754815

Yeah actually fuck off.

>> No.14754827

found the fragile nigger redditer

>> No.14754850

Just want to say thanks to all you autistic niggerfaggots for this thread. Feels like the old days of link research.

We are all going to make it.

>> No.14754852

I have over 25,000 karma on reddit so laugh all you want

>> No.14754854

2018, he'll turn 2019 in December

>> No.14754872

Fuckin A Judas

>> No.14754879
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That is top tier bait.

>> No.14754881

Epic b8m8. Well done

>> No.14754892

You're welcome fren.

Don't pollute this blessed thread with your negativity.

>> No.14754899

please stop
too many unironic plebbit newfags really don't know when they're getting baited

>> No.14754903

My fedora is tipped

>> No.14754912

Yes. You can also put OpenLAw next to the Accord Project.

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>> No.14754958

>Don't pollute this blessed thread with your negativity.
its so easy to spot you faggots its not even funny.
Go back nigger

>> No.14754967

Legendary thread.
In 2020, newfrens will be studying this.

>> No.14754994

Holy cumguzzling niggerfuck
You are a poor stupid cunt.

>> No.14755013

This is my thread, stop using hateful language and being rude to the people participating.

>> No.14755015

Ok just me live in this thread
$10000 EOY

>> No.14755045

your clever but im still winning cuck boy

>> No.14755071


>> No.14755075

I love Bobby Laz baby

>> No.14755089

250 is a suicide stack now and 1000 will be a make it stack, older investors are shaking but these are the updated numbers.

>> No.14755097

This thread was nolstagic.
For the first time in months it really felt like an old link breadcrumb thread we used to have.
Almost brings a tear to my eye....

>> No.14755122

it is refreshing

>> No.14755136

Feels like early 2018... don't even care if it's true or not. Got to have something to do to pass the time,

>> No.14755141
File: 50 KB, 408x534, d6bb14f7ec4a8886127cca158c4c3353.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based, thanks anon. I notice Quant is listed under Accord partners alongside ChainLink, are any marines holding this?

>> No.14755197

Really starting to think the team wasn't selling on binance
That wallet has been receiving a lot of LINK.

Also, wallets 12-17 have been receiving a shit load during the past few "dev dumps"

>> No.14755249

why do you keep mentioning breadcrumbs in my thread? I started posting here in February 2019

>> No.14755253

Quant is literally a bottom while Chainlink is top

>> No.14755274

I purchased 2000 around 95 cents but I sold 75% yesterday for LINK, still a solid project for long term gains.

>> No.14755296 [DELETED] 

They are both in the same stack and the best projects in crypto.
But LINK in this situation is on top.

>> No.14755356

Both projects are good and are the only thing that matter in the crypto sphere.

>> No.14755392

LINK + QNT = Singularity for dummies

>> No.14755398

No they are dumping.

>> No.14755440

Make it stack is 10k. You had 2 years.

>> No.14755451

>no volume spike
>no weird sell orders


>> No.14755501

Quant and LINK confirmed GAY SEX partnership

>> No.14755557

I remember everyone calling him a fag so would be hysterical if he was the real deal and we all became millionaire faggots like prophecized

>> No.14755629
File: 176 KB, 800x1281, Sergey Nazarov.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




Reminded me of this guy

Now those were the days. Cheers to you all boys.

>> No.14755639

Hi Sergey

>> No.14755680
File: 1.73 MB, 498x498, BA035B12-3E6F-4296-A17D-0FC3DEBC3EB0.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mfw you can’t spoop the spooper

>> No.14755702

in the bottom right corner of trading view there is an article asking why the LINK founders are all dumping their coins right now, lmao.

>> No.14755722
File: 922 KB, 400x225, 01D56D55-F536-406A-A0F8-2C7C98EE8828.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14755737

I only have an 8 inch long by 6 inch circumference penis whereas Sergey is a confirmed 9 by 7 inch penis. I wish I was Sergey...

>> No.14755765


>> No.14755768

My cock is 12 inches folded in half

>> No.14755842
File: 17 KB, 639x161, ab29fd3e50d11700fb4c0a55e8a6eb57.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We can't all be as perfect as Sergey. Don't dwell on it too much or you'll end up like this guy.

>> No.14755850

An inch is 12 of my cocks folded in half.

>> No.14755863

i have a -3 inch dick

>> No.14755928
File: 19 KB, 800x350, 943D9ABD-3A4F-4D1B-B746-33EA5A8865CD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one? This is the fag making these threads

>> No.14755950

Fudson could never make such a glorious thread.

>> No.14755952

Based and thank you anon. This is the best Link thread in a while. It's actually bullish if the team is selling a bit to acquire Clause.

>> No.14755954

I'm making this thread?

>> No.14755956

Posting in epic bread. Include me in the screencaps frens

>> No.14755967

Fudson dropped the initial crumb here >>14752363

>> No.14755995
File: 13 KB, 480x360, CA459F41-B16D-43A8-BB10-58B09E135D23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m me
You’re you

>> No.14755996

What makes you say that?

>> No.14756009
File: 1.29 MB, 2048x1784, 1547239290002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess that smart contract will own clause now so chainlink have partnered with accord.

>> No.14756127

I am not working in crypto I made it in 2017 from Raiblocks and have been looking for Reddit's next coin.

>> No.14756179
File: 1.56 MB, 480x270, sergey fight.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14756203

The racism has got to stop. If Sergey finds out retards like /biz/ are associated with his crown jewel, he'll end up intentionally sabotaging the project out of spite. All you have to do is be kind to those with different color skin.

>> No.14756246

Thank you, I've been saying the same but I'm often met with hostility

>> No.14756261


>> No.14756272

Seriously where are the admins??? Please ban these types of comments on my thread

>> No.14756275



>> No.14756295


honestly go fuck yourself in the face faggot

>> No.14756299
File: 2.07 MB, 498x396, 01575CC9-26F8-4E93-B37D-DA4590512943.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.14756332

Death to infidels, Allah smiles upon the chainlink link. He will cast the unbelievers and those who reject his message to hell. Deceivers who unbelieve and buy chainlink link are especially cursed and punished.

>> No.14756344

>"The question I'd like to ask is, what happens when the traditional data providers decide to come into this space?" Check out Sergey's smug face. The dude is based af.
This alone makes me want to increase my stack.

>> No.14756364
File: 237 KB, 634x677, 1562587572110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pregnant Sergey makes all Muslim praise Allah

>> No.14756365

>my thread
Is this nigger serious?

>> No.14756370

He mentioned biz a month or so ago on his twatter. Then someone started popping up in fudson threads with extreme sjw/reddit tier responses defending him and debating about race and gender 24/7, similar vocab, now we are getting posts with crumbs but there’s a lot of unironic anti-racism sjw shit going on in these threads that literally never happens on this particular board. My guess is fudson is slowly taking a liking to biz because of the memes and funny shitposts but hasn’t yet been fully redpilled

let’s face it someone connected to chainlink is posting here, the crumbs are too on point... so my guess is fudson

>> No.14756413
File: 324 KB, 2486x1279, 1556028240085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>at the end
that is the key bit he is chuckling at
Derivatives and insurance this year boyos

>> No.14756422

Nigger what's a fudson this thread is to fuckn deep for me to follow

>> No.14756434

contract an incurable disease and die from it

>> No.14756436

It's a refreshing change from nulinker dumbfud but it's nowhere near as comfy as pre-Q3 2018 threads.
eg: >>/biz/thread/9094610

>> No.14756454


>> No.14756458


>> No.14756459

Admins how do I report comments? I dont support racism on my threads

>> No.14756484

after the crash there were comfy research and discussion threads every day for months. what a time to be alive

>> No.14756502
File: 111 KB, 194x299, unlikely.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>unironic anti-racism sjw shit going on

>> No.14756513

I missed them all. Fell for early fud in 2018, left biz and didn’t realize what was happening until this March. Thank fuck I still managed to snag 12K before mainnet, I literally threw every dollar I had into it at the last second kek

>> No.14756525

go back and find the threads where people make fun of fudson, the tone is different

if you lurk mu where actual leftists hang out it was exactly like that faggotry

>> No.14756732


>> No.14757058
File: 453 KB, 2704x590, 1532190802104.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yep the post quality always gets better when link dumps, june/july last year was incredible breadcrumb hunting. I don't think biz will ever be the same, but that's ok

>> No.14757059
File: 240 KB, 443x747, fdd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its the year 2025 you are in the streets smoking a good cigar, and driving your lambo. Suddenly a 10 ethot appear from nowhere, she look at you, her brapper scanner detected a enormous amounts of brappers near, you look at her, she is good she is a 10 you decide to reveal your power level, you have 1 billion brapps, then you spend the whole night with her during a brapper party in your condo.
i the future ethots are in the hunt for the new gold, they mine brappers, its the only thing that matter to stacies, if you are a brapper chad.

>> No.14757601

kek. great thread. I think youre on point. fuck boomers

>> No.14757604

I wish you dumb fucks would stop frogposting.

>> No.14757644

Holy shit.

>> No.14758669
File: 1.19 MB, 870x696, 1560395035176.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Goodnight frens. Keep this thread open til I wake.

>> No.14758679