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yeah im thinking we're back

any 100k+ link anons still around?

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there's no wallet with 127200 link

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OP rekt
>in before multiple wallets / exchanges

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The fact that you retards find it hard to believe someone would not choose to keep $400k in one fucking address says a lot about the average intelligence of this board

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I have 1200 LINK and I’m going to /make it/
>tfw will have enough money to live off for a couple years
>tfw will dump the rest of my gains into /our coin 2021/
>tfw going to make it

Thanks biz

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OP is rekt
Aka you
Larper, I say !

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Why not? I don't see single good reason why the fuck not.

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It's delta you faggot its not like it directly connects to your wallet(s)

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120k+ here. Never even flinched

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Well then you're a fucking moron

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^this guy knows what he’s talking about

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16k linket reporting in

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>Why would you keep your assets distributed across multiple wallets for improved opsec and to minimize the damage caused in case a criminal somehow came into possession of your private key.
Dilate harder faggot.

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larpfag me im around

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170k and still feel like my stack is small, I could have had so much more

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>Revealing your wealth on a shill and data mining infested shithole