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Saw some Trustverse threads. Good work if you got in on that floor. IF it drops back near those levels, you best get the fuck in before this Samsung news goes mainstream.

This is, unironically, insider information. Go ahead, try and find it.

Huobi and Bithumb for now. Call your Asian buddy and get them in and you'll look like a hero. You are warned.

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is that a fucking screenshot?

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Imagine not remembering Enjin. This team is connected. I bet this is about to 3x

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Lol yes

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does it matter?

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This isn't even on coinmarketcap. Stoked I got into something early for once.

Bring us to $1, Samsung.

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okay, fuck it. buying another 80k.

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On huobi pro????

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can’t find the listing on huobi or bitthumb markets, what am I missing here