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What did the US government mean by this?

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>all blockchain tech is a currency

What did OP mean by this?

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Just another game of 4d chess where Trump says btc is bad to push his enemies to legislate Bitcoin. He's a genius

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I am A Boomer That Never Worked In His Life Yet I Am Rich At The Expense of Engineers And Construction Workers.

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>I Am Rich At The Expense of Engineers
literally me

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>a CEO making $100 per employee through a voluntary contract is bad
>the government taking $10,000 or more from each of those employees at gun point is good

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>Not a fan of Bitcoin
Nobody over 50 is
>Which are not money
Only really used as money for a marketing gimmick, and when it is its converted directly to fiat unless of course...
>Can facilitate unlawful behavior
Cant argue
>Facebook needs a banking license if they want to issue currency
Makes sense

the guy is just stating the obvious. real adoption of crypto will see the FED issuing a stablecoin.

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All this.
But one more point to add:
He is also pointing out that the obvious conditions exist for a crash in BTC, seeing as this entire "bull run" has been pumped full of 4 billion in Tether that isnt even backed by fiat.

Everybody sees the writing on the wall for Bitcoin, even Samsung whose newest smartphone only contains a Ethereum compatible hardware wallet.

Alas, all these maximuhlist retail retards desperately grasp their bags in the belief that BTC will replace the Dollar.

All these idiots fail to recognize that its the distributed ledger technology behind bitcoin or any other shitcoin, that will revolutionize commerce through the use of smart contracts, NOT the movement of tokens.

Gee, if only there were an asset that isnt a currency, but can be purchased and traded like one despite its primary design being to function as staking collateral.

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For maximalists bitcoin = digital gold, not there to replace usd stupid jcho brainlet.

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absolutely based and linkpilled

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>POTUS FUDs crypto
>market drops
>buy the dip
>POTUS comes out and says he has looked at new info and has changed his mind
> ??? profit

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Not all blockchains are a currency but all currencies are a blockchain

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>Not all blockchains are a currency but all currencies are a blockchain

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basically chainlink wins

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Chase bugs in Hell, faggot.

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He’s right you dumb fuck.

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>all currencies are a blockchain
not even all decentralized digital currencies are a blockchain you mong, see: iota

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I laughed really hard at this