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Wallets 12-17 have all been created within 11 days. These wallets all contain 3-4 million link. What you guys thinking, node operators? The uniformity of 3-4 million makes me think that its not just like hedge funds.

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the team is dumping and the wallets are sequestered for tax purposes

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kek'd and check'd

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if only you knew...

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They are some of the startups that Oracle mentioned would be coming online in September for sure. There has been and will continue to be massive Link accumulation all month long and probably into August as well.

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If its node operators why isn't that coming out of the 350,000,000 LINK address which was specifically set aside for node operators?

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Startups have the capital to purchase 12 million dollars of an asset? No way.

If the team is just dumping for additional funds i'm fine with that. 2.8 million in this volume is not much and there is no coin that has performed as well during the bear market. I'm curious if its some form of benefit to selling directly over an exchange versus OTC from an SEC perspective.

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Frenando said they will be purchasing from a public market. The 350MM is for big boys not startups.

If the team is selling, they are selling directly to the startups over Binance and Coinbase in order to get their funding. They aren't dumping on you.

Oracle is funding them. You also forget Link was a startup with 32 million and acquired Town Crier.

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Post proof fernando said that

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Watch the fucking video of him speaking you faggot

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Go watch his Oracle speech.

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startups can typically raise that sort of capital?

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Oh lol fair enough

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they arent retarded to just dump from 1 big wallet, first they will spread it out and then start emptying 1 by 1 so you dont even realize thats happening. Standard practice in overvalued projects where teams hold a lot of tokens

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>so you dont even realize thats happening.
You really think the autists won't keep track of every movement from these addresses? Guarantee they already have movement alerts set up for them.

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Delusional linky, no one is watching this shit except you

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