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fake and gay
otherwise it would have 10x already...

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It's like seeing the image of your coin in a puddle of diarrhea

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replace neo? is this nigga that senile or just on hella coke. neo is ded AF anyway

>> No.14738401

Yes, NEO is dead; that's why another coin is going to replace it.

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>McAfee shilling
That's just confirms ONE as a scam, this faggot never shilled any legit thing.

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Just shut the fuck up Pajeet. The market is in the complete fucking shitter and you drag this larp shit garbage. SHUT THE FUCK UP

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This guy gets it. The NEO dump is over. We need to find a new coin that will go down -95% or more creating so many bag holders and naysayers the coin has no chance of ever recovering. ONE could be the coin to do that. Already down 66% vs FIAT in a bull market. That is REALLY an impressive number. It is down about 75% in sats. Hard to put in those kinds of numbers in these market conditions. I honestly think if we are performing this well in a bull market, MAYBE we can get down to the point of -99% within another month.

Not even proven scams like TRON are able to do that. Harmony is an absolute wonder.

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STRONG sell signal

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Sell harmony!! dump coming

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