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I'm holding 25k since ICO. Every cent moves 250 dollars in my folio, I have "lost" 2 years of wage in the last week. My hands are iron but my psychology is getting worse. I had a fight with my dad and my gf. They both said I'm acting like a retard being obsessed with this shit. I can't focus on anything else, I can't do any of the activities that I enjoy. I'm not gonna sell and I may or may not make it but I'm sure I'm gonna lose my sanity in the process. I guess that's the price I'm gonna have to pay.

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why dont u sell 50% and then ride the rest to your imaginary 1000 eoy? isnt that a win win

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>tfw massive anxiety in the last year destroying my psyche

It'll be worth it when we have lambos brother. Don't be a cunt and bother your family about crypto, now. Suffer & celebrate alone.

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I guess so but I would still be obsessed with it and lose my mind if it mooned, even if I still had half.

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I'm not even talking to them about it, it's just my mood swings when link is dumping. I don't even feel happy when it pumps because I know it's gonna dump eventually but I feel horrible when it dumps.

I only felt happy when we broke $1 in may and had mainnet announced. It's been torture ever since, it's getting too much for me to handle.

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meh 25k is peanuts. i would be terrified if i had 100,000+ stack

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Same, but with 100k. I've lost about $200k in the past couple of weeks. I honestly fear suffocating any feelings deriving from this is slowly turning me into some sort of sociopath. When you lose 5 years worth of wages in two weeks, it's hard to feel anything in your normal, mundane life.

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it's a lot of money for me

I'm perfectly aware of that, I just need to vent. This shit is imaginary money why is it fucking up my real life?

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Kys zoomie 1k will make a mega whale in 2021

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why did you tell them at all?

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I kinda know how you feel, but I get super happy and excited whenever it pumps, and feel like shit when it dumps. I dunno how so many fags can claim to be comfy. I bought Sep 17 pre SIBOS and honestly the dump this week is the hardest one I've gone through with Link.

The post SIBOS dump I lost like a few grand, who fucking cares lol, but I had to opportunity to accumulate thousands more at low prices. This week I lost over 100k USD and it's still so expensive even after losing 60% that $100 is around 30 something Link. Fucking pointless.

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Also held through $1.40 to the bottom of 17c and to the top of this last run obviously. I either come out of this with monk-like mental strength, or as a completely burned out wreck. There's literally no in-between.

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i have nothing. I put about $1000 dollars into crypto a year and a half ago, and I'm down to $60. SONM fucked me in the asshole. I even had a decent 500 stack of link right in the beginning, but sold it for the SONM conference hype. After my losses, I just fuckin turned everything off and have only logged in for the first time three days ago. It's heartbreaking. I can't imagine what you all are going through.

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>When you lose 5 years worth of wages in two weeks, it's hard to feel anything in your normal, mundane life.

Exactly. I refresh my portfolio and see a month's wage gone while sitting in my cubicle, that's fucking hell brother.

Because they are important to me and they'd probably think I'm on drugs with all the mood swings.

Yeah I only put like 3 grand so back then it wasn't a lot of money, it was peanuts. I don't know how I'm gonna do if we ever go above $10 or whatever

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Were you not in crypto last bullrun or?
Iron hands.

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because its not "imaginary money", you and I both know that, hence this is why it affects our emotional state. saying that its all just imaginary money (and hence "doesnt matter") is a massive cope

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Honestly I just think of it as 1 LINK = 1 LINK these days. That helps. The only problem with this approach is that you start thinking about how you could have doubled your LINK if you sold the top. Still, I'd never be able to sell everything and hold until the price has dropped 50%. 1. I'd be incapable of doing anything else than looking at the charts, and 2. If I got left behind, I would unironically kys myself.

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This. It's a ticket to financial freedom. Link isn't even internet money anyways it's a fucking collateral token.

Link is unironically the most important thing going on in the lives of all Link HODLers now for sure unless someone is having some extreme family emergency.

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Yes I was. I've been holding since pre-sale. Held through 2017 and 2018 in their entirety. Looking to continue on the course for 2019.

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I also put $1000 dollars in and now have $3200, got out the market right before yesterdays BOG

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Nice blog +1

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I suppose it used to be true since I only put what I could afford to lose into crypto which is about 5k. But now shit got real and I'm too pussy to do anything about it. I tried swinging only once back in 2017 and lost about 120 link. I had to put money back to buy them so that I wouldn't lose my sanity. I can't imagine losing a stack now.

Yeah holding to 0 is in some ways better than getting left behind in my mind. Neither is healthy for my mental health though.

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Go back to your holding cell in whatever Lition or FUD thread you were in before. Sometimes a dude needs to vent, especially in these weird up-and-down times. Fucking faggot.

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If you believe in link then it might be a good idea to stop checking you usd value every 5 minutes.. You'll go fucking nuts if you do, especially in a pullback like this. Leave this space completely and come back in September or sonething

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Good work anon. At one point I was up $500, but then it all tumbled away. Fucking sucks to look at. I'm gonna buy some link, but it wont be what it could have been had I not been a retard.

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I'm in since pre-sale and my life has turned into a mental hellscape at each dump. My stomach churns and I feel unwell. 60 cents to 40 cents, or whatever it was. The PTSD became so bad that I actually sold over 20k LINK for 70 cents less than two months ago. FML.

but I have hardly sweated this dump from 4.80 to 2.60. I sold half my stack in the 4 dollar range and this shit does not phase me at all now. Swinglinkers were right

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If you have that much stress over 25k, you have bigger problems than link and perhaps should not be an investor at all yet.

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Same here 6.5k linklet here, marine since 2017 not pre sale tho.
Never selling but holding from 5 dollars to 2.5 is a pain in my mind same when it went to .16 can't think in anything else and I get tired mentally

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How old are you?

I've held 25k for 2 years, so I'm on the same boat as you. You're a pathetic cunt. Ignore these small gains and losses and look at bigger picture. This token is going to get us out of being wage slaves.

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Holy shit

You put what you can afford to lose

You take small profit if you really want to and treat yourself or initial since most of us already done 10x minimum

You wait for 1000 EOY and start losing weight in preparation because lambo seats aren't good for fat guys

Personally for me I'm putting everything on the line, not taking profits and oh


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I believe it 100% I just don't believe the fucking bots and whales will let the project moon in the near future. I deleted blockfolio from my phone just now, I hope it helps a bit.

How would you feel if we made it to like $10? What did you do with the money?

Honestly it's fucking retarded when you look at it from outside. A normal person would just say "if you care about it this much just sell and fuck off". But you and I know that's not possible.

I'm normally pretty calm and collected but with link, I'm extremely emotional. That's why I don't trade.

I'm 28. LINK is my ticket out I believe it.

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You're a bitch.

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you suck dog dick fuck off

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even at 80 cents 25k link is not peanuts for 99% of the world literally

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am I the only stacklet with 9-10k that doesn't even give a shit about these price movements? I will not give a single shit until $100, until then my hands might as well not even exist except to buy more link

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All these people who have fallen for the trap of never selling.

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Why would anyone even sell before september let alone when staking goes live? Why would any moron sell before the actual functionality goes live? Maybe if it was shitcoins this would be true but you shouldn't sell until we do at least a 1000X on a project of this magnitude like BTC or ETH. You feel free to sell early though.

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>of the activities that
what's your cost average on those 9-10k?

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Selling LINK at 1bc MC is literally like selling ETH at $9

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I just found 23k holo in my idex wallet... haha. I should sell it for the .12 eth and buy something. Any suggestions? Right now I could get a whopping 11 link.

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i guess the argument would be re: vechain

mainnet went live, all value shifted from speculation to utility. They are doing more real world transactions per day than ethereum now, yet price continues to dump, because it's overvalued by a factor of 10

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Nope, I have 30k and I have no feelings about these pumps and dumps. What matters is that you're holding till the end.

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You are both weak. Without great discipline you will get crushed by this. Control your emotions and quit letting money dominate your thoughts. Focus on self improvement and getting your life in order as we prepare for generational wealth.

Most of us here are fuckups. This is unironically the one chance we will ever have to make something of ourselves, the one chance we have to escape or to make things right or prove our doubters wrong or whatever the fuck you are chasing or running from. My dad never had a chance like this. Neither did my grandfather or great grandfather or great-great grandfather. That’s all the way back to the fucking Civil War. And this, right here, is the one fleeting moment out of almost 150 years. A golden ticket the likes of which perhaps no man in my entire lineage ever encountered.
I’m going to fucking seize it. I suggest you do the same.

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kill yourself op. 85% of this board is financially ruined and 10% were sidelining faggots the whole time anyway. Just shut the fuck up

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got in late at like $1.10, got cucked by my bank so I got to watch it go from .60 during mainnet. I've only started investing like 4 months ago

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If you don’t want future regret just start buying link, worst case you lose money

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why would I want to sell? As a burger I plan on paying capital gains taxes and I have already locked in by entire stack at a long term capital gains tax; I would actually be potentially losing more money by selling at this point (due to the increased amount I would have to pay in taxes).

also swingtrading is stressful as fuck. not really worth it

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Lmao checked
LINK 10000 EOY

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I'm in the same boat, except I have 260k link no larp, which still feels weird I need to say. I was close to selling and knew it was going to drop, but been holding since sibos so didn't think was worth it for tax purposes. Seeing 1m felt crazy. But like others have said selling at 1b MC doesn't seem that smart. I will sell maybe 10k at $10. Still feels bad not increasing stack but I have so much LINK only way I can really fuck myself is selling early. Still feels really bad not getting another 50k link to sell early

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I am. I have about $500 I'm going to put in to it. I don't have much else I can put in right now, I'm in between jobs.

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>He thinks there will be an actual product
They're going to exit sell in September

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Fren, I dont believe that you will ever be able to sell with your current mindset.

If it goes up, you want more. If it goes down, you could have more than you have now. Its a never ending loop of never selling. Youre too emotionally invested.

Take it as an exercise for the great cashout: sell 5% next time weve pumped far past the current ATH.
If you dont do this exercise you will fail when it truly matters, when you need to and should cash out the majority of your LINKs. Distance yourself from it, its only money and youre way too emotionally invested to act rationally. Take a step back.

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Guess I'll just have to lose all my money then

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I say a few words about what losing 200k in two weeks feels like and now I'm weak. Thanks for your input faggot. I'm controlling my emotions just fine and not selling a single fucking LINK. I'm in great physical shape with my life in great order. Go fuck yourself Dr Phil.

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every 2 or 3 weeks someone posts something uninaginably based that just resonates with me in a deep way. it's crazy that possibly no one in my line, generation after generation, has ever been given a chance like this. we truly can't fuck it up.

you were fretting like a woman, he was right to check you marine

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I see Link exactly this way, I'm holding tickets to a give access to a network which businesses WILL NEED in the future as the network grows and grows, and as that network grows and attracts more users, the less circulating supply there will be. All we have to do is hold & wait boys.

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how many stinky linkies you got?

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ssaniti is for the Weak!

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Why don't you diversify?

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>kys myself
>kill yourself myself

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This OP did the same, got the initial investment out and feel so much more relaxed.

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This. Don't be a fucking spastic OP, I'm 20 and had over half a million a week and a half ago. My family is poor as fuck and the most money I ever had before link was a couple grand at 18 from work. I'm down 200k but I'm not a huge faggot to care about it, even if it went back to the 40 cents this year still wouldn't be a sooky cunt over it

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>link jumps 300%
>then dumps 30%
Ooo biz I can’t take it anymore!!!!

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<----- guys, we have a genuine Amerifag chad here...

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Jesus christ, it IS a cult.


The best possible outcome, for every Linklet's own good, is for this project to fail.

You all badly need a lesson in hubris and pseudocertainty.

>muh generational wealth from a fucking datascraper

lol, loser.

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you have to go back nigger

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Now you know how the early BTC/ETH holders felt. Imaging holding 1k ETH when it dropped from $10 to $7... the pain of seeing your wealth drop by $300k.
The only way to make life-changing gains is by having hands of steel. When LINK retraces from $60 to $50, your net worth will drop by $1m. This $100k drop is nothing but training for that moment. Stay strong fren.

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if you're going to hold just fucking hold and don't be an obsessive retard babbling abt link to people that don't give a shit

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100k ETH*

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The best possible outcome is that smart contracts supplant every existing digital agreement and that this global software revolution is powered in part by a secure data transfer startup fronted by a guy in a blue plaid shirt.
And let me tell you something... that's exactly what's going to happen.

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I have done the same for the past 2 years but with Bitcoin. Just hold on for another 2 years. Wherever the top is we’re more than halfway there now.

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Your Australian aren't you?

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Thanks, good advice actually. Will do this, as the recent crash is getting to me as well. Holding since pre-SIBOS, but it’s different if your stack starts to be worth so much to have a potential impact on your life.

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When it dumps, you have the chance to DCA and accumulate more. When it pumps, your portfolio stretches.

Don’t let the price sway you, may seem “expensive”, but that is open mindset. This is all about percentages.

You will neck once we hit sub $100 territory if your sell your previous link for a few dollars a piece.

This is a game of patience. You have already done half the work anon, stay strong, never sell.

We will soon be staking our LINK for delicious passive income, and due to our foresight, it will be substantial in comparison to those that will want to stake once the system is already set in place.

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Pleb* mindset.


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if anything my pic related should keep you happy. it literally can't go below 2.6. it's the bottom now. congrats you're guaranteed a 20x of your money

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there seems to be a lot of panic amongst anons and the FUD seems to be getting to them, so I made a buy
>pic related
let's see what kek has to say

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If youre in for the long run why would you care for the short run? It's just poor cognitive practice.

>> No.14741097

am i misintepreting your text? why would you care if you lost $200k in a couple of weeks? sure its weird to see that huge number lose 2 thirds of its value in a couple of weeks, but what the fuck are you supposed to do with $200k? surely you're in it for the long run? long run means never working a day in your life again as well as lambos and you cant get lambos by panic selling at local ATH of $4.5 and potentially missing out on the bull run.

interesting stuff will happen by the end of the year and by most models and calculations we're seeing a price of $12.02-$16.50 by the end of the year. like the other anon said, if you panic sold at $4-$4.5 AND never thought to buy more LINK even at the price its at right now then you will most likely rope yourself once we reach the stratums of sub $100/ea.

as a heavy bagholder with titanium hands (much like yourself it seems :^)) i wish you the best of luck in refraining from ever selling below $100.

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I hold 100k Link. It has given me sleepless nights, but also days of absolute joy. The last week has been rough, in fact I hardly slept last night because of obsessive worrying Link might fail. We were a poor family growing up and I know (on paper) have more money than my whole family has ever had. This makes the stress of losses even worse.

The way I try to cope with it is the fact that I will never get this chance again in my lifetime. In the current world economy its becoming next to impossible to become wealthy from nothing. Therefore all the pain I feel is worth a possible shot of real wealth in the future. If I fail, I know for a fact I at least tried. And if Link succeeds, you will be wealthy beyond imagination, including your children and their children.

Think of it this way, lots of businesses fail, lots entrepeneurs lose all their money and become majorly depressed. That's the world we live in, where money is not distributed fairly but largerly through extreme luck.

>> No.14741146

I believe in my heart we are blessed and are going to make it Anon. Commit 10% of your gains to the Lord and move on with your life. If it is meant to be it will be, worrying about it or being obsessed won't help anything one way or the other. Quit reading the fud from the greedy on this site, that likely creates most of your anxiety and depression. I have learned to open and read very few threads on Biz, just garbage that is of zero value. Goodluck.

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you are fucking delusional degenerates, a fucking sect

I could understand the original BTC hype - it had the simple, right ideas and innovative solutions to *actual problems*.

That decentralized immutable ledger was a big deal, the solution to the double-spending problem, etc.

fucking Chainlink is just a babbling of some liberal arts college dropout slav degenerate, some delusional fat fuck.

what STEM-educated people could express in a 9 page paper, with math and theory (and the reference implementation) these slav fucktards could not even state clearly in couple of years. OK, fucking ethereum has some code and is actually being used to host scams like Chainlink

What kind of a imbecile one could be to actually not seeing this astrology+alchemy like bullshit?

Actually, it is exactly like a pajeet scam for uneducated villagers - a fucking pile of unrelated concepts thrown together with lots of meming and emotions.

Now suffer, fucking retard.

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this is the only intelligent men in the thread
could you imagine buying such a pumpscam token???
absolute idiot of this website forum i swer

>> No.14741285


Poor retard. No one will buy your shit from you.

And all the babbling of a fat slav retard will never materialize into anything.

>> No.14741295

Retarded analysis. Nothing Goes up in a straight line. They don’t exist.

>> No.14741300

Check'd bro
Fucking Checked!

>> No.14741303

You are not more than a NEET that have found in a good deal in a forum.

Jews are much smarter people who know when take profit and move to the next investment.

Dont be emotionally attached with a token

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Yeah still not selling
>pic related

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File: 156 KB, 1200x620, 4E4D166D-1C13-42CA-B1D1-F353FE6E76AC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Jews are much smarter people
According to who?
According to (((science)))?

>> No.14741327

you're not gonna make it if you keep checking the price every 5 mins or even every day. find something else to occupy your time.

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>mfw as a (((scientist)))

>> No.14741337

go back to redit you shitters

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>I wish I had kept my btc and didn’t sell at $0.30
>btc is at $8.00 now!!!
>mfw 2011

>> No.14741422

Money = Smart


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Based and Sergey Pilled

>> No.14741499

Authors of the Chainlink Whitepaper
Steve Ellis, Ari Juels†
, and Sergey Nazarov
You're a fool, a sucker of cocks and a moron.

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File: 87 KB, 700x1050, 01D59889-6F05-43D4-86AA-14E1DE2F3105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Money = Smart
Only a Jew would think that’s the case
What they did to Tesla was a disgrace
How (((smart))) was that?
>rhetorical question
Jews have another problem, they keep trying to litigate and lawyer around God and then cry and ask themselves what the source of their suffering is
>pic related

>> No.14741510

dubs of truth.

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What is with all this "I've lost x amount" retard-talk? You have lost nothing nor have you GAINED anything unless you've sold or traded.

Is this something American-specific?

>> No.14741520

you're literally on the last lap anon. keep those hands iron but treat yourself to some respite or something

>> No.14741525

just look away from the screen nigga

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File: 264 KB, 900x719, 557A31D4-37F1-4A87-A29A-076CBE84445D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perhaps the great merit of Jewishness lies in continually leading Aryan man towards self-consciousness, in warning him to remain what he is. The Aryan should almost be grateful to the Jew. Through the Jew, he comes to know precisely what he must guard himself against: namely, Jewishness as a possibility within himself.

Just as there is no such thing as a true “female dignity” in Weininger’s view, it is equally impossible to imagine a Jewish gentleman. The true Jew lacks the inner distinction, that is the basis of personal dignity and the respect for others. “No Jewish nobility exists – and this is all the more significant, considering that Jews have married within their race for millennia.”

Jewish arrogance hides a lack of a sense of dignity, and consequently, the need to augment the value of their own person through diminishing others. This fact, i.e., the absence of authentic self-respect, explains the feminine avidity of Jews for titles, the insolent ostentatiousness of the Jew, the means to which may be, equally, a private booth in the theatre, Jewish science, the Jew’s “connections” with “celebrities,” and so on. “But along with all this goes – and in fact based on all of this is – the Jew’s lack of comprehension of anything truly aristocratic.”

>> No.14741554

Kek. This. Just go do something else man. Fuckin hell lol. Imagine your anxiety when we crash from 100 dollars to 20-30 bucks.

>> No.14741555


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File: 576 KB, 827x906, 869A5C1B-61EE-4B14-A719-8EEF4527286B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the feminine avidity of Jews for titles, the insolent ostentatiousness of the Jew, the means to which may be, equally, a private booth in the theatre, Jewish science, the Jew’s “connections” with “celebrities,” and so on
Straight from the horse’s mouth
>Otto Weininger (a half Jew)

>> No.14741636

We're all Aussies ya fuckn mong. Who else would come to a didgeridoo crafting forum.

>> No.14741821


no you.

OK. Tell us, please, what particular problem does Chainlink solve? How exactly it does so?

Thank you.

>> No.14741838


What if I told you that all this Jews babbling is a sign of an sub-80 IQ retard?

>> No.14741855

i bet 90 % of linkholders cannot answer this. For most of them it is the whole illusion of somehow making it.

>> No.14741865

It solves the problem of retarded faggots like (you) getting rich.

>> No.14741870

It solves the lambo problem

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File: 3.87 MB, 2560x1600, 0A5D0152-67A9-47C4-9664-F696F4C02EF5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What if I told you that all this Jews babbling is a sign of an sub-80 IQ retard?
I know you don’t like to hear it, but it’s true. This game needs to come to an end and you have to police your people better.
A rootless and faithless secular sect is really putting everyone in major danger right now.

>> No.14741899


ok, so it is just a speculative meme-token and a ponzi.

well, but this niche is already occupied by BTC with all the big money and institutions already in there.

>> No.14741904

Had 36k. Have 28k now. What I also have is a vacation in thailand that will last me around 2 years. How link moons, until then I will just live the dream :)

>> No.14742017

40k holder here but I’m just holding. That’s bc I have a stable job and I’m rich. I make 450k a year I’m a Doctor. I lost 80k from the $4.5 sell opportunity but it just doesn’t mean anything to me. I would urge you to not have the same mindset. Cash out and life a life never look back at crypto. This isn’t your saving grace. Don’t talk about it with family either it will break your relationships and for a poor fag like you that’s all you got

>> No.14742054

You are like schoolchildren demanding someone explain your homework for you. The Google blog post is a perfect description of one of the many use cases. DYOR. If you get it, great. If you don't, why should someone spend time spoonfeeding you?

>> No.14742062

The smart move would have been selling 50% at the 20x FOMO parabola. Then live your life and see if you can buy 80-90% down some day.

Now you're fucked, missed the top, and if you bleed 80% from here you'll hate yourself. Sell half now. Buy SNTVT.

>> No.14742141

>My dad never had a chance like this. Neither did my grandfather or great grandfather or great-great grandfather.
A house in the 1950s cost like 1 year's average wage. That was your father's/grandfather's oportunity.
Link is obviously bigger than this though

>> No.14742143
File: 80 KB, 722x712, 1556033334191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

try bio stock pdufa trading if you really want to ride the emotional roller coaster

>> No.14742242

we will make it fren

>> No.14742260

this thread is full of intelligent men
then there is you

>> No.14742263

Stop staring at the chart faggot. You should've considered that money 'lost' the very moment you poured it into crypto, that's the trick.
>I have "lost" 2 years of wage in the last week
Truth is you didn't lose shit but imaginary internet money so don't obsess too much about it because if you're shaking right now you'll end up selling way too early and that's guaranteed. There's still a long way to go so take a fucking sit and enjoy the unreal ride, the only thing between you and 'making it' is nothing but yourself, don't fuck it up.
t. Unemployed by severe depression
Get on my fucking level cunt, I'm not fucking selling and will dance at sub-zero sats if necessary

>> No.14742274

Stop looking at the price, numbnuts.

>> No.14742281

Buy more Dr. Larp

>> No.14742293
File: 1.30 MB, 2476x1920, 1562823665224.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LITERALLY made for _____

>> No.14742385


>> No.14742443

hahahah oh no no no no

>> No.14742504

sick of their shit

>> No.14742578

making loads of swedish babies

>> No.14742591

Dude, you bought in under a dollar. You're in the green. You didn't lose anything. I don't understand how any of you guys are feeling weak unless you're feeling insanely tempted to cash out sooner than later.

>> No.14742871

I have 200k and it doesn't really bother me if it pumps or dumps. In the long run I've made a lot of money.

>> No.14742949

>I'm not gonna sell
Then why do you keep looking at it? Just leave it alone

>> No.14743620
File: 175 KB, 805x619, C032588C-6273-40CE-9D10-3745FBBE644B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You’re telling me:
>I’m going to molest you, as a (((scientist)))

>> No.14743889

I only have 6200 link and need it to get to $400 to cash out comfortably. Only $397 to go.

>> No.14744465

Least intelligent man in the thread.

I actually just pored through the whitepaper the other day, to do my due diligence. It all pretty much checks out. Ethereum is just the platform to bootstrap it, but LINK plans on being in bed with way more than just ETH. ETH doesn’t “””host””” chainlink lmao

>> No.14745094
File: 81 KB, 446x435, 1561680571320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fucking Chainlink is just a babbling of some liberal arts college dropout slav degenerate, some delusional fat fuck.

>> No.14745109
File: 2.25 MB, 455x262, swayze.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Actually, it is exactly like a pajeet scam for uneducated villagers - a fucking pile of unrelated concepts thrown together with lots of meming and emotions.
>Now suffer, fucking retard.
I'll kick the can back to you

>> No.14745157
File: 60 KB, 615x409, STEPHEN (((((HAWK)))))ing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I’m going to molest you, as a (((scientist)))

>> No.14745290


I have a 91,000 LINK stack and I don't feel shit with these swings.

I already took my initial buy in out and took profit on top of it.

>> No.14745326

Only fags sell m8

>> No.14745336

From 1.2 mil to 800k here. Don't give a fuck not selling til $400+

>> No.14745337


You didn't lose 5years worth of wages unless you sell. LINK is along term play. Come back in 1-2 years and re-evaluate the project and your portfolio.

>> No.14745381

How gay do you think you’ll be acting at $10? 10x gayer? What about $100? 100x gayer? Is it possible for you to be ever more exponentially gay? Kys little fagget, you will never make it.

>> No.14745463

you should cash some out retard

>> No.14745521

>not in since sub $1.
The absolute state.

>> No.14745556

>Dear diary, the price was under $3 when anon said this

>> No.14745599

Holy FUCKING shit what is wrong with you tech illiterate brianlets

>> No.14745623

>Exactly. I refresh my portfolio and see a month's wage gone while sitting in my cubicle, that's fucking hell brother.
>When you lose 5 years worth of wages in two weeks, it's hard to feel anything in your normal, mundane life.
you guys are weak. make a cash-out plan and stick to it, OR do yourself a favor and find a smart contract that will lock your tokens for a certain time. because it is clear you don't lack the psychological fortitude necessary to fully ride a moon mission. you will sell early.
I have held monero since a few dollars. it went to 14. then back to $4. it was the end of the world. 14 to 4 may not seem like a lot but percentage wise, that's devastating my friend.
reflect on these thoughts. there is nothing wrong with placing systems against your own human weakness.

>> No.14745832
File: 115 KB, 1080x574, Screenshot_20190712-175003~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm this anon from earlier, thought I'd open my portfolio and see how my buy is doing and all I see are kek digits.
>pic related
This is all you need got for $10 Sep

>> No.14746036
File: 2.13 MB, 598x250, nod.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there seems to be a lot of panic amongst anons and the FUD seems to be getting to them, so I made a buy

>> No.14746318

That's right, stay away from this ponzi scheme friend. There are actual oracle projects out there like Mobius.

>> No.14746332

Watch this clip from about 1:11:00


LINK gets BTFO'd in one question. It's unanswerable because it's a concept flaw. I can't imagine unironically holding thousands of USD worth of this shit. If you made money, congrats, sell off at least a major chunk as soon as you can to actualize profits. If you want to ride some out, fine, but you're very dumb not to cash out a chunk, at a minimum.

>I accidentally posted this comment in the wrong thread the first time, inb4 shill

>> No.14746344


>> No.14747169
File: 1.01 MB, 772x817, 1547657380531.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>LITERALLY made for _____

>> No.14747199

I hate everyone in this thread so fucking much

>> No.14747361

I can relate anon, except, i sold LINK at 19k sats, i had about 30k. It eats me up more that I sold my position there and watching it take off to where it did/is at now....

>> No.14747400
File: 394 KB, 800x800, 1561653203058.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wen client?

>> No.14747509

Hi 42anon, why does enlightenment begin from psychosis?

how should one navigate through it?

>> No.14747624

willing to bet every single faggot calling you weak has a sub 10k entire portfolio. They will never know the feeling of losing $200k in 1 week from crypto and you're still holding. Keep hodling anon, your inspiring mental fortitude has strengthened my own

>> No.14747682

The Jews have your mind

>> No.14747732
File: 99 KB, 820x500, 1551368871332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.14747762

Try 10 minutes poorfaggot.
Lurk more bitch.

>> No.14747765

>January 2018
>6 months of trading cryptos non stop
>went from 1k to 28k
>was literally obsessed even if that's not that much money
>decided to sell so I could sleep well
>all the market crashed right after
>literally panic sold at the top

I feel you op.

>> No.14747880
File: 132 KB, 1000x1000, dweller on the threshold - eric monkman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hi 42anon, why does enlightenment begin from psychosis?
it's an age old story
it used to be called "enlightenment"
now they call it "rapid personality change"
as Jung said, the difference between psychosis and enlightenment is that enlightenment has a positive outcome

>how should one navigate through it?
that's the tricky part
there is no universal answer
but the best guidelines can be found in the ancient myths and religion
fundamentally Jesus was my guide
others who had different upbringings will navigate their own way
funny enough though, all enlightened people end up at the same place even though they often started from entirely different directions

one warning:
don't go down this rabbit hole unless you are fully prepared to see it all the way through
also be prepared to face your own mortality and risk your sanity and even death
it's worth the price at the end and it isn't as spooky as people say (at least from my vantage point of having survived it)
however when you're in the middle of it's grips you will feel like it's the end of the world and the sky is falling lol
don't be alarmed, it's a normal reaction
>pic related

>> No.14747902
File: 307 KB, 500x593, 1554899660551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I hate everyone in this thread so fucking much
right back at ya
>wen client?
just finished a design review
only one left in the office
crunching out this set of engineering drawings and planning on leaving the office a bit earlier today as well

>> No.14747922
File: 1.23 MB, 997x1400, dweller on the threshold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>one warning:
>don't go down this rabbit hole unless you are fully prepared to see it all the way through
>also be prepared to face your own mortality and risk your sanity and even death
>it's worth the price at the end and it isn't as spooky as people say (at least from my vantage point of having survived it)
>however when you're in the middle of it's grips you will feel like it's the end of the world and the sky is falling lol
>don't be alarmed, it's a normal reaction

>> No.14747979

>also be prepared to face your own mortality and risk your sanity and even death
How can you die/get hurt from a spiritual experience

>> No.14748030
File: 19 KB, 326x294, D6uAMbvWkAspq6x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14748242

these niggers are gonna dump

>> No.14748244
File: 1.11 MB, 290x200, 200.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How can you die/get hurt from a spiritual experience
you can lose your sanity if you're not properly prepared

>> No.14748271
File: 187 KB, 1024x768, 1543773768624.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And how did you induce such a state? Drugs? Is it possible to do this sober? You would need to be really in a meditative state if you were sober probably

>> No.14748328
File: 472 KB, 2056x1475, 1560287593500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And how did you induce such a state? Drugs?
>Is it possible to do this sober?
>You would need to be really in a meditative state if you were sober probably
not necessarily
like I said you can't really induce it on purpose (as far as I know)
circumstances in my life carried me there
I was strapped in and kept a grip through it all
the process took place over the course of 6 months or so

looking in from the outside it would look like a mental breakdown
but of course it is difficult to gauge something based on appearances alone
now I'm reaping all of the benefits of undergoing this transformative process
it truly was a rapid personality change
I prefer to call it by it's old name, namely: "enlightenment"
>transforming is becoming

>> No.14748345

What are some tips for someone who is ready for such a spiritual adventure?

>> No.14748427
File: 22 KB, 200x380, 1554899539873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What are some tips for someone who is ready for such a spiritual adventure?
that you'll have to journey through the process on your own
I highly recommend Robert Anton Wilson (I don't agree with him on everything but I like his general approach)
>book related
>video related:

another thing:
you will know when you're emerging out of chapel perilous
enlightenment is an obvious and immediately evident state of mind
it takes no explanation and you won't be asking yourself if it happened
you will simply know
it takes no effort and requires no conscious action on your part

of course to get there is another story entirely
fundamentally what you're doing in this process is ascending your twin peaks (your deepest valley and highest high)
and you're traversing your subconscious mind and thrashing it around to make it bubble up to your conscious mind
when you learn how to exert even a little conscious control over your subconscious impulses you will literally be a superhuman compared to almost everyone else around you
simply by virtue of you facing down your biggest evils and greatest goods and learning how to be an impartial master over them instead of being enslaved by them
that all being said, I would never claim that my path is done and that I'm finished searching
I'm always searching, but after my transformation I reached a new plateau and underwent a quantum leap in my understanding and cognitive ability

>> No.14748497

nice larp nigger

>> No.14748516
File: 53 KB, 380x467, 1562377657244.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>these niggers are gonna dump
>nice larp nigger

>> No.14748566 [DELETED] 
File: 42 KB, 600x600, F3201784-A5CE-4DFB-B701-E58F6435F50A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14748641
File: 38 KB, 750x746, 1561600297576.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nice larp
I used to know pussies like you in real life
there's a reason all your girlfriends dumped you
>hint: they were fucking me on the side
there's a reason you're still in the situation you're in at this point in your life
you should be less concerned with a random "larper" on /biz/ and more concerned with your predicament
keep spouting
>muh nigger
>muh jew
all you like
no one is listening
no one cares
no one knows

>pic related
enslaved moisture
nothing more than a breathing, walking, talking waterbottle

>> No.14748682

nigger is triggered

>> No.14748703
File: 26 KB, 367x500, 1562368995696.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14748797

Craig stay away from the drugs

>> No.14748904
File: 453 KB, 920x613, 1562301588122.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Craig stay away from the drugs
it's sound advice
don't mess with psychedelics unless you understand the implications
people say that when you trip it's all just fake
but when you study it further you realize it's all real lol
sometimes the visions people see leave them with troubling implications

>> No.14748939

>having a brain makes you Reddit
Spotted the redditfag

>> No.14749079
File: 196 KB, 638x768, 38F2B84B-ED13-4937-B0B2-22F69F5180CA.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>looking in from the outside it would look like a mental breakdown
but of course it is difficult to gauge something based on appearances alone
Songs related:

>> No.14749082

even if you understand the implications it is extremely high risk with potentially very low profit. But I'm just saying, if you become crazy, at the end of the day it is just a footnote.

>> No.14749124


>> No.14749264

Fucking based

Seize it brother

>> No.14749278
File: 84 KB, 573x430, 65E3397A-404F-46A5-B07E-386E2584CDEC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bought link
well this can’t end too badly
>sold link
oh you sweet summer child

>> No.14749783

ill help nulinkers out.
the video linked begins with the town crier acquisition. the question is directly related to security

>> No.14749900

try to remind yourself your stack is worthless to you sell, so the price really doesn’t matter.

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