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i was honestly a bit worried it'd keep going up, but i kept with my gut feeling that the run was over, and it went up a bit further than that, then pulled back and i felt comfy in knowing i wasn't one of the retards who kept hodling

now i see that the devs moved ANOTHER 700k (over 2.1m LINK total now) headed to binance?

LOL they ALL dump in the end, ALWAYS

all jokes aside though, what's the next 10x coin/token now that LINK is a dead meme with devs cashing out

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the best part is they can keep selling that much every day for a year

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>what's the next 10x coin/token
You know that already, take the orangepill. 1000x next year.

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You got lucky this time anon.
For every winner there is. Loser

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is 0xbtc really the next 10x? shill me please cuz ive been interested in this

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there was a good 0xBitcoin battle thread yesterday. tldr: haters knew nothing. >>14724977

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It's almost time to rebuy what you sold anon.

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I don't know which coin will 10x first.
Expect in 12 months we will see FTM having 10x'd.

XSN is a moonshot for 100x for you gambling degenerates.

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You need to work on your reading comprehension if that is your takeaway from that thread. 0xBTC proponents gave no explanation as to why 0xBTC will have value. Instead they just tried to confuse the unintelligent by describing why BTC has value and pretending the same applies to 0xBTC.
If you have spare mining equipment that isn't powerful enough to mine BTC/ETH, it might be worth your time to mine, shill, and then dump. But actually buying some would be idiotic.

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how much did you make?

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