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XRP hacked

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Neck yourself low iq normie

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Cheetos man was right.
Cripplefags got crippled once again

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ripple is gay as fuk but it sounds like the exchange was hacked, not the protocol.

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Why is it always Japanese exchanges getting hacked and no one elses?

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kill yourself retard. I don't even like cripple, but holy shit you dumb as hell

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yea thats because the protocol CANT get hacked bro. its RIPPLE. not Shitcoin.

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they probably have shit protocols

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Because for some reason Japan lets the Yakuza operate "legitimate" businesses. Like imagine if the mafia still ran New York and the NYSE kept having these sorts of "problems", it'd be obvious what was happening.

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Ripple is centralized shit though, they can roll it back like last time.

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sure thing mate. Her is whats going to happen, look at the chart. You do not have to be overly smart to predict what will be going down between now and say end of the year. Everybody will think XRP is dead as so many times before, then it will pump to 3 USD over the course of 10 days and then to 10 USD a few weeks later. Smart money will sell the top and buy back in when it drops to 3 USD and stays there for another year. Extremely smart money will have 5x longed the XRP/USD quarterly futures contract from the bottom of 28 to 30 cents and make real bank. If you are not in already you will be too late and miss the boat.

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Japs aren't the best at this kinda thing anyway, all the white computer geeks around the world dance circles around them

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It turns out cute anime girls don't make the best security professionals.

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