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Is anyone else here donating crypto to Andrew Yang's presidential campaign?
I felt so obligated to donate after trumps bitcoin bashing tweet today

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Yang is the ultimate cuck. Imagine this pussy in a room with other world leaders, you honestly expect this bitch to be responsible for the greatest country on earth? Fucking please, the only thing he'd be useful for is the interior decoration of the white house. This guy is a faggot and would hold literally no commanding authority over anyone, he'd be even more of a joke than Canada's bitch ass PM, and that guy regularly has dildos in his ass.

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HUGE NEWS, you guys can give me money and receive nothing in return in different ways.

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Who gives a shit about any of that

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What are you actually talking about

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does he accept brapper?

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I know some boss ass VC azns in silicon valley, and they are connected to him thru school and still think he a s twat. if he can't even get them you are wasting your money.

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Yes. I’ve liked him from the first minute I heard him talk. It’s crazy to hear he made it into the 3rd and 4th debates. I remember when it felt like a moonshot. None of those moderates give a shit about any of us and they will all lose to Trump anyway.

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Let’s compare your list of accomplishments to Yang’s...Yeah that’s what I thought, sit the fuck back down.

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he's too fobby. I am fucking an azn so I'm an expert. he doesn't understand america.. cuz he's fukn chinese

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I love how easy it is for socialists to convince libertarians to vote for them.. stay cucked /biz/

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>/pol/tards think we are in it for the tech or ideals and not to make money.

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>"You wan' Thousan' Dorrah?"
You cucks falling for this shit have absolutely no idea why people like him seek to placate you with bribes and opiates. If you start acting like niggers, we're all done.

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I can't decide which fanbase is more retarded about macro economics, yangfags or trumpsfags, but of them seem to think printing more money = growing the economy. Yanghole literally said in the debate if you print a billion dollars and hand it out you grow the economy by a billion dollars. Its fucking paper morons.

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> donating crypto to some chink with zero chance of being elected
/biz/ never cease to amaze me

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Is that even legal?

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>if you print a billion dollars and hand it out you grow the economy by a billion dollars
I mean he's not wrong there would be a billion more dollars its just that those billion more dollars would have far less usable value, but there would be a billion more of them.

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I don't know about Yang, but Trump is considered a retarded mongoloid by the entire planet and a certified stooge

Honestly you just can't have less credibility and respect for a US administration than you have for the current one

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kill yourself

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>go on website
>donate via actblue
>david brock

hard pass

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Facts hurt you snowflake? Don't like being the daily international punchline?

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Never gonna make it

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why would I care what lesser nations think?

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>yang like, let's you send cryptos to him that's like, way more modern than drumpf xd

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>implying the administration in charge affects how the US is perceived abroad
US foreign policy doesn't change much with a new president, it's not like Obama disbanded the NATO or neoconservatives

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Have sex

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>He thinks being a commanding authority is good for a country

You're a dumbass. The best way to govern is quietly and secretly. Being a target does not make you powerful

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Another way for government to STEAL YOUR BITCOIN. Do not fall for it.

Buy CHR, invest in the 2020 dApp bubble, sell back into BTC.

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