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Even if you make it with shitcoins, you incel losers will still be forced to fuck Filipino monkey girls even if you’re a crypto millionaire.

East Asian white skinned Asians including China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Mongolia are extremely racist now and only date their own even if you’re wealthy. And white girls will still have sex with Jamal.

Lnmmmaaaooooooooo this will be your life you LOSERS

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>i won't be fucking prime boipucci for years

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lololololol nice try chang. all korean and chinese pussy belongs to white cocks.

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eat shit and DIE you motherfucking goon!!

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and lol at throwing "mongolia" into the mix of countries that are actually worth something. off you go.

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lol what a joke. I fucked so many east asians wthiout a condom when I traveled through asia. Many of them let me cum inside them too.

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she's not even an a list azn

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The only reason white men get asian pussy is because we allow it. Famous Chinese proverb states "dont bite the hand that feeds you"

Don't piss off Asian men, they will do worse things than splashing acid on faces. We're also very dangerous and ruthless when mad.

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So much cope in this thread

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