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c-can it be true? COTI (currency of the internet) is setting out to be listed in the USA and will be a great candidate for Binance’s American exchange.This is the big one, fuck antshares and raiblocks.

>DAG technology, close partners with Fantom
>Visa partnership rumor
>Cardano partnership rumor (along with Cardano/Amazon rumor
>payments network
>remittance technology (secure and efficient)
>COTI PAY over 100k tps. A major selling point to businesses that are looking for easier international payments and also for small businesses to accept payments easily without large bank fees and setup fees
>loyalty network for customers and businesses
>best tokenomics is the industry
>$5m market cap
>$10m volume yesterday
>listed on Kucoin, BitMAX, IDEX and soon Binance Dex in just a month.
>already many partnerships secured (they say there are NDAs in place for now)
>line partnership announcement coming very soon
>many more real partners to be announced.
> COTI is the first enterprise-grade fintech platform that empowers organizations to build their own payment solution and digitize any currency to save time and money (from website)
>cross chain bridge

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Sounds like cryptographic ultra money

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got any charts of it?

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The bottom is in and the bounce is coming. Buckle up bruhs

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