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how the fuck did he go from math teacher to billionaire?

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He's a member of a very selective tri--I mean club.

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I wanna know too

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If you know a little about setting up a hedge fund and a lot about acquiring teen pussy, you too can blackmail billionaires via 2-and-20.

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The same as Calvin Ayre (his crony): by fooling the goyim.

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Deep state operative also he’s probably not worth a billion

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This. The question is why is he being brought out now

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that hand on that ass says, hes worth enough

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How (((else?)))

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>be jewish
>hook your jewish friends up with child sacrifices

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He made a blood pact with Moloch.

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His job was to blackmail and service elites with CP and underage sex slaves so they would tow a common line. As a reward he “earned” the financial rewards and legal immunity.

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Long nosed tribe

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His head is comically big

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nazi cope

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forced and cringepilled

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Which party are you gonna vote for this time?

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Heck Miley cyrus has hit rock bottom

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Yea never mind you’re right, just a coincidence

Nothing to see here folks move along

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>how does Yousef Goldenbergstein Shekelberg Oyveyski get so rich?

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This true? Arye associated with this guy?

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>how the fuck did he go from math teacher to billionaire?
For the same reason pic related are considered (((scientists)))
>”as a (((scientist)))” is their favourite way of saying “as an authority”

"‘For fear–that is the feeling which is inherited and fundamental in the human being; in fear lies the explanation of everything, original sin as well as original virtue.

Out of fear grew also my virtue, which is called: science. ‘Fear of wild beasts has been bred into humans the longest–including fear of the beast they harbour within themselves and fear:–Zarathustra calls it “the inner beast”. ‘This long and ancient fear, finally become refined, spiritual, intellectual–today, it seems to me, it is called: science.’–"

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Who's she? So cute, how old?

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>So he was the provider for 314za gate?

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Why does he look like he's about to vomit on every fucking picture?

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superior Jewish genes

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Look into Ghislaine Maxwell

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It's literally impossible to look more kike-ish than Krauss. Prove me wrong.

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He could have black, curly hair.

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Wonder if he has anything to do with Allison Mack & The Nxivm case.

Btw did ya see the temple he has on his virgin island?

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both cia connected so yeah i guess

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of course not, Ayre is a based white goyim. The rumors are leftist projections from the likes of Greg Maxwell. You know who else is named Maxwell and was epstein's right hand woman? look into it

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>It's literally impossible to look more kike-ish than Krauss. Prove me wrong.
Quintessentially hahah
>as a (((scientist)))
>pic related

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>”God why did I ask to sniff her panties and socks 5 minutes before we came out, I think I’m going to hurl.”
>”HMMF- oh fuck it smelled like cheese that went off twice. Maybe I should stop being a degenerate.”

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True.. But what I meant was... Try find another kike that looks more kiked up than him.

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Topkek. Imagine if you could smack that stupid smirk off his ugly face.


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Is this for real?

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i wonder (((who))) is behind this post

really makes me fucking think

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but the thing is this

you can set an hedge fund (no fucking idea how this works) right, you set it, but then... HOW the fuck do you bribe billionaires with said jb puzz?

you first have to have some sort of contact/access to the billlies... so thats the thing, how the fuck did he get the billionaires contact for the whole thing to happen?

as far as I know, he was a regular teacher, not born inside any inner circles, so what gives

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>not born inside any inner circles
Anon, I...

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Private teaching gig, get chummy with the richest striver parents, socialize and keep trading up connections as you blackmail them one after another.

(Again, if you are really good at acquiring teen pussy you are presumably social enough to charm a couple dentists then a couple local politicians and a multimillionaire or two)

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>you can set an hedge fund (no fucking idea how this works) right

If you wanted to blackmail a billionaire for $4m, you don't ask them to write a fucking $4m check. You setup a hedge fund, ask them to "invest" $100m with you for a year, put the money in the S&P 500, then charge a normal 2-and-20 fee ($2m + 20% of their gains = ~$4m).

All looks much more normal and above-board.

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>please to meet you goyim

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Wow a carry model on /biz/

Didn’t know the rednecks around here had them book smarts!

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Is she available to import?

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plz explain, I need to know the truth

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so for how long did he held any blackmails?

consider that the moment you start blackmailing you lose potential clients because it would be known you are doing this..

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>not born inside any inner circles

You have a lot to learn my brother.

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He’s unironically a Mossad asset who films US politicians fucking minors to blackmail them into doing Israel’s bidding

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Are Jews not overly represented in all positions of power, yes or no?

And before you tell me it’s because of their extremely high iq let me point out the fact that the supposedly “high iq” choosen tribe of god has never been capable of building a civilization of their own. If we took all Jews and gave them say an extremely resourceful country such as Canada they’d never make anything of it, wereas you leave whites to their own devices we create magnificent societies such as the Roman Empire. The Jews only “intelligence” is illusive trickery that allows them to leech off of others whom are capable. Their trickery and subversion that eventually follows after we welcomed the stranger is why the Jews have always been kicked out of societies all throughout history. The Jews hate us for it because us whites are the only one who can see through their bullshit and do something about it. It’s why they want us all dead because we are a threat to their global control. They’ve done terrible things and are responsible for most of the wars for at least the past thousand years all because they are pathetic creatures who can;t create societies for themselves and want goyim slaves. They’ve dug their hole so deep that their very existence depends on it for if the truth ever comes to light everybody would go after them. They teach this to their kids in their special synagogue schools and is why they are so tribal and evil. They must be to survive. They justify doing this evil by instilling victim complexes into all Jews with anti-white rhetoric and out of context persecution such as being kicked out of white societies for being “god’s choosen” and lies like the Holocaust.

The Jew is playing a very dangerous game and unless they crack down on their plan very soon to install their new world order agenda there is going to be a mass world awakening and they’ll be gone for good.

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he's a jew so he probably had connections in the banking industry, they give him a job and show him the ropes and his luck struck out

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He is a glownigger. The headmaster of the Dalton school that hired him was one Donald Barr, "formerly" of (((OSS))), and father of current AG William Barr. Epstein's long running associations with G. Maxwell, among many others, strongly suggests connections to mossad. The more important question is why is Epstein being sacrificed now?

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>wereas you leave whites to their own devices we create magnificent societies such as the Roman Empire
Not defending Jews, but lets be real. Western civilizations were built by taking resources from other countries and exploiting extremely cheap labor if not slavery. Western countries still do this.

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He's got a real "Ayo Donnie" vibe to him

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By blackmailing people richer than him.
Try to keep up faggot

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Not a finance guy, but if you want brains you probably want to time it with employee downtime on NYC trading hours.

Indefinite. You just don't want to overplay your hand. Get the person's temperature, make sure they'd rather play along for the next little bit than actually try to kill you (or end up in a position with nothing to lose).

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This this this. WHY *NOW* faggots?!??? THATS the question you spergs should be asking

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All empires have done this.

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Not attacking nonwhites, but lets be real. Western civilizations were able to conquer everyone else and take their resources in the first place because they are innately better otherwise other civilizations would have been able to do the same thing from the get go. Western countries are still innately better.

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All "empires" in history developed because they were founded in critically advantageous positions around the globe. Everything from access to granite to local vegetation and wildlife affects the success of empires. It has nothing to do with intelligence, because intelligence is subjective and mostly dependent on generational conditioning which is again based on the land and conditions your forefathers lived in. Africa is fucking harsh, Europe is fucking nice. 5000 years ago that was different, and it will change again one way or another

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>implying luck

most likely this:
>mossad glownigger

Miami-Dade County somewhat and esp. Broward County in Florida is where a lot of jewish fukery happens. Politics are dominated by wealthy connected jews in Broward County. There also seems to be a heavy Mossad element in Broward County as well. Broward County is where
>the Saudis that did 9/11 stayed and took their flying lessons
>the young Mossad agents posing as art students were caught spying on DEA offices were staying
>the Hanging Chad fiasco of Al Gore happened
>the latest attempt at election fraud happened in 2016
>the school shooting that led to the big media push for a gun grabbing via the Hogg kid and the Goblina chick happened
In fact, the whole 9/11 Truther/ "Israel did 9/11" conspiracy comes from jewish/Israeli fuckery in Broward Co.
have a left wing source that:

Not saying it's Elders of Zion bullshit where every thing's connected. My guess would be that Mossad trains its new recruits in Broward and gets support from moneyed and connect Jews that have retired to the area in Florida. It's known that Mossad provides spying services to DEA on drugs runners but they will not reveal their techniques. My guess would be they are probably playing both sides of the smuggling rings and that they are doing similar shit as the CIA on smuggling operations -but on US soil. Our 3 letter agencies are probably using Mossad in a similar fashion to how we do with the Five Eyes groups (illegal for US to spy on US citizens but Britian or Aus. can and then turn the info over to US agencies). The only difference being that our agreements with Mossad are even less known than the 5Eyes, so even more off the books.

Is it all connected in some huge conspiracy? Probably not but my guess would be that Jews in general tend toward Byzantine scheming and it eventually fucks things up one way or another.


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>the environment selects for different civilizations but does not select for different individuals
Oh shit nigger what are you doing you just posted cringe

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Epstein was probably running a blackmail ring for Mossad or for the CIA with Mossad as the go between.

>The more important question is why is Epstein being sacrificed now?
probably was getting too high on his on supply: turned out he was an actual pedo and was endangering the black bag operation. Or maybe he got too rich and too high profile, thus endangering the operation. Or maybe both. Also left leaning Jews in media saw it as an opportunity to try and use it against Trump. So there may have been a push from some the old Jews in the US to sacrifice him. Despite all that Trump's done for Israel, the majority of the diaspora jews in the States still can't stand him -esp. the ones that have money and influence.

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hes Mossad

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>intelligence is subjective and mostly dependent on generational conditioning which is again based on the land and conditions your forefathers lived in
This statement is inherently wrong.
Intelligence is 80% based on genetic inheritance.
Most of the other 20 percent is based on nutrition.

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I don't know that there's enough evidence to say 80/20, but there is enough evidence to say 50/50 bare minimum, which is significant.

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There are twin studies that say you're a fucking retard

>> No.14736370

now we're talking
>intelligence isn't inherited, it's actually inherited
>also the conditions of your diet and general health have something to do with it, not the quality of living and conditions of your general health
ah fuck hate to admit it but you're right

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Daily reminder that we would all be like him if we could, we're all just closeted about our true biological urges (except in countries like Japan).

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>run loli prostitution ring for wealthy customers
>give a cut to people that bring their wealthy friends and give them access to the more exclusive girls
>get richer and richer customers
>tape them, blackmail them
>"manage" their billion dollars accounts
>become billionaire

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Yeah twin studies don't discount what I've said. There's plenty of evidence that socialization is incredibly significant in how a child turns out (see the correlation between childhood sexual abuse and adult homosexuality). Of course genetics obviously exist and papers like Rushton-Jensen do a good job of summarizing the significance of the nature side. To lean 80% in either direction is not supported by what we know beyond reasonable doubt. That said, 50% is definitely enough to know that niggers are not suitable for proper civilization.

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Credibility discarded.

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>waaaaaah science doesnt exist if you say the bad word!

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>niggers are not suitable for proper civilization
Have you ever told one how you feel? Why don't you go down to the store and personally assure them of their apparent subhuman status

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yang gang

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The private school he taught at was elite, in the middle of the Jewish capital of America.

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>haha go tell the people who are genetically predisposed to irrational aggression that you think they shouldn't live in your country they'll beat you up lol that 100% doesn't destroy my argument
You're retarded and wrong and you didn't reply to me earlier because you know it

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if you went out of your house and called a black person a nigger to their face, they would more likely get embarrassed and humiliated, once again subjected to torment from another gibbering insecure monster. you aren't special, you never will be, and you serve no greater purpose on this earth than misunderstanding basic humanity and burdening every person around you with worthless ignorance, thus being the actual darkness in the world you desperately place in people other than yourself

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Don't forget that weird Filipino male stripper was mailing all those fake anthrax bombs to media outlets last year from his van in Broward County.

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Holy shit you're such a retard you cant even understand what I just typed.
Intelligence is static.
It's not easily changed, and it most definitely determines how you perceive the world.
Africans had low intelligence, so they did not advance as much as east asians or Europeans, who had high intelligence, and still have high intelligence, because again, intelligence is static and GENETICALLY inherited.

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most importantly, what the fuck is inside his creepy ass temple?

who will be the first to metal gear solid inside that bitch and livestream it? someone got really close it seems

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sauce me that study sugartits

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google it

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The state of every black community

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Europe of the 16th century was still advanced and rich. They procured most of the wealth they derived overseas, from natural resources that the natives had no way of profiting off of themselves.

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>da joos
do kikes think this tactic works? American society is being unmasked before the normies as a connect the dot /pol/ .jpeg. in real time.

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Where the fuck do you think I'm from, Montana? I grew up and live in New Jersey, I've seen what happens to people who call niggers "nigger" to their face. In fact, it's shit like that which made me go looking for explanations as to why you could call me or my friends any kind of racial slur you want and we wouldn't care less but you call a nigger the wrong word and he fucking looses his shit. You've got no clue who I am, this isn't fucking reddit you can't go look at my post history and nitpick. You said stupid shit, you got called on it, and now all you can do is sit here and fucking COPE about it by making up some little personal fantasy based on nothing, because we've already seen that when you try to make an argument based on evidence you get absolutely btfo. You're disingenuous, if you engage with the evidence you lose because nothing you've said is based on any evidence, and that's why you'll keep losing. If you cared about the truth instead of blindly latching onto your already-formed beliefs maybe you wouldn't be such a little shit. Quit holding bags anon, it's time to sell.

>> No.14736962

being told they are inferior but not being shown the data that proves such a claim?
hearing a bunch of shit that means absolutely nothing but parades itself as fact?
talk big game but wouldn't have the balls to actually ruin another person's day by calling them a nigger to their face?
you fucking faggots are the real kikes, and that's no lie

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and fuck you too kid

>> No.14736992

Show me a study that says the sky is blue, dipshit. How do you figure IQ could change? It's like your heigh or race. You can dye your hair but that doesn't change what your natural color is.

>> No.14737018

the better question is how the fuck did he become a math teacher? he didn't even have a college degree. Bill Barr's father apparently gave Epstein a job as a teacher when Epstein was like 20 years old. I don't really get why anyone would have been doing Epstein any favors at that time of his life when he was poor, uneducated, had no wealth or power or influence over anything, didn't even have any family connections as far as anyone can ascertain.

>> No.14737113

>i-it's just coincidence

>> No.14737137

he provided Lex from Victorias secret with his first underage girl
Epstein found out blackmailing and child sex trafficking was more powerful that any other business

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Gotta be honest, this is pretty hot. Dude was living the american dream to the absolute fullest.

>> No.14737258

Outmathed the competition.

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i have no doubt that the study is accurate but i wonder how large the sample pool was

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Ah, trees imported directly from the Elwynn Forest. Truly a man of taste

>> No.14737979

physics explains why the sky is blue. your bullshit isn't supported by biology.

>> No.14738089

>You know who else is named Maxwell and was epstein's right hand woman?
Was she the daughter of a Mossad agent by any chance?

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This guy will get a nonstop ticket to the first circle of hell in the afterlife

>> No.14738136

Translation: This guy will get 2 months house arrest on his private island an keep pimping children to politicians because he got dirt on everyone.

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Africa harsh? Icy cold north not? What a complete retard you are. Also not to mention the fucking prymids which we built in the middle of the desert.

Before you say Egypt wasn’t white, it was. All great civilizations were aryan. Cope harder nigger.

>> No.14738199

>wouldn't have the balls to actually ruin another person's day by calling them a nigger to their face?
What's the point of that supposed to be? It's a waste of time.

>> No.14738204

No, this guy is bound to suffer for an eternity in the afterlife for his morally bankrupt behavior

>> No.14738354

You got blown the fuck out faggot

>> No.14738426

>Where the fuck do you think I'm from, Montana? I grew up and live in New Jersey, I've seen what happens to people who call niggers "nigger" to their face. In fact, it's shit like that which made me go looking for explanations as to why you could call me or my friends any kind of racial slur you want and we wouldn't care less but you call a nigger the wrong word and he fucking looses his shit.

It's called culture. Black culture is quite hypocritical when it comes to the N word. In fact all of American Black culture is full of shit. There, saved you from spouting a bunch shit from misinterpreting studies.

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yeah he was an early investor of VID

>> No.14738486

Even in Universities they teach that intelligence is 50% genetic and 50% environmental, although many argue that it's more like 80% genetic. With this information in mind, you should Google search IQ map of the world. Just because these facts could be hurtful to some people doesn't mean that they aren't true

>> No.14738769

the pyramids and all the megalithic societies were pre-flood and built by the nephilim.

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Not that I disagree with your point, but pic related.

>> No.14738843

Everyone involved with his first case has hinted he was working as an intel agent and blackmailing people.

>> No.14738848

>It's called culture.
No, it's called genetics, nigger.

>> No.14738959

because making money is all about math.

>> No.14739155

Checked, unfortunately and unironically

>> No.14739221

Wait.. Did jews not do 9/11? :/

>> No.14739360

>didn't know giving massages in her underwear was wrong at 14
Bullshit, the real answer is that teenage girls like having spending money and trading sexual favors is easy.

>> No.14739447


>> No.14740385

Child porn is a lucrative business. His model was to get some people like Ol Slick Willy to pay for rides on his Lolita Express and Pedo island. Who would also blackmail influential people who visited his estates in NYC and Florida. Old powerful men would come over and party with young looking girls only to be found out, with footage, that all those girls were underage. Don’t do drugs kids.

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>> No.14740524

This. Think of how easy it is for a black with just moderate ability to walk into any job and scholarship they could ever desire. Now think if you were part of a group that has that x100 alongside admittedly generally good intelligence.

>> No.14740528

Hey anon, mind posting a photo of your hair for us?

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File: 578 KB, 799x578, Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-12 um 12.01.20.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy lel

>> No.14740937

Does she have any connection to Greg Maxwell by any chance? That would be juicy

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He has Rothschild connections.

Check this interview with Derschowitz (Epstein's lawyer), he say he was introduced to Epstein via Lynn De Rothschild.


(timestamp 32:40)

It's all one big circle of well connected rich pedosatanist Jews. Did you think /pol/ was just memeing? It's all true.

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Because of Q. Unironically.


>> No.14740987

(((Long Nose))) Detected

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File: 1.19 MB, 1474x949, 1562865265151.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are security cameras in the underground lair. Follow Q you niggers, you'll get a lot of info

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how the fuck did he go from math teacher to domestic terrorist?

>> No.14741413


its funny seeing you faggots talk about when i make it im going to be fucking hookers and doing blow.

This is exactly what this guy is doing and you are calling him a piece of trash, You retards need to look at your selfs in the mirror

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I would be fucking hookers aged 18+ not like this pedo.
I would also be paying hookers to shit on my face like based pic-related

>> No.14741501

Like this:


Peadophilia and blackmail.

>> No.14741505

>implying im a pedo

so if i move to a country were fucking a 14 yo as a 50 yo is completly legal amd i still a pedo? These place do exist btw. He just happen to be in jew york to scoop up the young models/ college girls. i like how nobody is even looking at the model industry. some of these girls are 12 yo and getting sold at the rich parties.

>> No.14741535

leftest ideology was dominating culture and his brain calculated the future
he should be released from prison and given an award

>> No.14741595

He was an environmentalist

>> No.14741646


>Think of how easy it is for a black with just moderate ability to walk into any job and scholarship they could ever desire

are you sure about that

>> No.14741759

that was part of it too
read his manifesto

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there is obviously something important in there

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well fucking this

>> No.14742044

or there is obviously hurricanes and strong winds that pass through there too

>> No.14742104

prove it

>> No.14742134

so which math are multimillonaire twitch/youtubers doing? profesional athletes at the top of forbes? famous celebs, musicians and actors? ehh

>> No.14742162

your forkcoin bags will not pump no matter what

>> No.14742184

>These place do exist btw.
they really dont

>> No.14742195

>bsv bagholder
>calling others dumb
the state of "cryptocurrency"

>> No.14742213

Ted just overdosed on redpills

>> No.14742257


By getting rich parents to pay for their kids math lessons?


>> No.14742294

israeli cope

>> No.14742326

>These place do exist btw.
really? where? I've never heard about that

>> No.14742514

proof that it is normal to be attracted to teenage girls...

>> No.14742534


Most of us are capable of realizing the psychological damage of doing anything with a young teen. It isn't about being "closeted" at all, it's a societal necessity.

>> No.14742627

>I've never heard about that
Surprised that you haven't heard about that? Which third world shithole do you come from?


>> No.14742643

In my country Estonia it is legal if I remember correctly.

>> No.14743131

I doubt it's ilegal to have sex with 14 year olds in exchange of money in fucking Europe you low IQ mong

>> No.14743390

>threatening established billionaires
>get murdered by the well connected
>murder is the release though, the endless days of torture before being thrown off a yacht to the ocean floor is the real fear

>> No.14743862

>not born inside any inner circles

>> No.14743915
File: 649 KB, 2048x2048, 44473EE5-FEF0-4B44-94F2-656FD9930147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.14744335

mexico is one you fucking idiot

>> No.14745237

prostitution with 14 year olds its not legal in mexico you dumb fuck. in any case, why would you want to go there? your white ass will end up dead specially when you are screwing around with minors

>> No.14745701

It's so easy to tell you're an American with posts like this.

>> No.14745851

this but unironically

>> No.14746265
File: 2.09 MB, 4000x3000, temple door.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

looks comfy as fuck desu

the thing is, if someone ran a drone this close to the temple, what kind of security do they have? maybe theres no one there for most of the year and someone is going to livestream an incursion there sooner or later for internet fame (and money)

btw someone pointed at a trap door in there.. what do you think

>> No.14746288


Positive, in the era of diversity hiring.

>> No.14746393

I mean so long as every public statistic, research study, laws and available university application process is true then yes im sure.

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