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This is my first time posting here, so forgive me if I don't deliver all the details wanted right away, if asked i'll provide more. But I come here today after posting on /adv/ with no responses realizing I was right in the assumption that this is the board for my question. I have fallen on hard times recently. With losing my job a few weeks ago due to an emergency at home with a pet who unfortunately passed away a few days later, and running out of money, I'm left with one option as I see it. A loan, however the issue is being I'm only just shy of 22 and come from a particularly non-supportive family, I dont have a credit score/credit history. So my question is, can I even find an entity willing to give me a loan (i looked at spotloan, and figured maybe they might) and if I do, is it worth it with all the interest id be paying? For example, a $400 loan from spotloan, which is enough to make me comfortable until I have luck in the job market, considering I have one bill that was due yesterday, and the first of two payments of my rent coming near the 14th or sometime around then. I do two payments a month because its easier on my and my S/O and the person I rent from is some what family so while they would not be lenient if I couldn't pay, they're atleast flexible with my form of payment. Not only are there those things I've listed so far, but I'm dangerously low on food, and I do the cooking for the two of us. We supported my younger sibling during the summer with no help from our dead beat parents who are still legally responsible for her, its a complicated situation. If I didnt step in, she would've just been kind of screwed the whole time until she started school again yesterday.So in a way it was forced but it was also by choice. I also need gas for my car to get to interviews and back, and pretty soon ill need more pet food for my animals. So with that context in to my situation hopefully someone can give me some good advice, and not just tear me apart.

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Get rid of the animals... you can't even feed yourself dude.

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tl;dr: Most companies offering short-term duration loans are using a stupid tribal lending loophole to charge 500%+ interest. They also trick you into "subscribing" to these loans, effectively dropping money into your bank account monthly and taking out "service"/"interest" charges until you basically go bankrupt.

See the footnote on the Spotloan website:
>Spotloan℠ is a brand owned by BlueChip Financial, a tribally-owned entity organized under and governed by the laws of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians of North Dakota, a federally recognized Indian Tribe. BlueChip is located on and operates within the Tribe’s reservation. All loans are subject to credit approval.

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actually my animals are well fed. and it doesnt cost more than around 35-40 a month to feed them. Like I said, theyre fine for now. But in the event I dont have a job for whatever reason by the time I need to get them food again, I just want to be prepared. But that scenario is highly unlikely. thank you for the comment though, any feedback is appreciated more than I can express with words

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I looked in to what I'd need to be loaned from them and what the interest rate was,and while the amount I'd be paying back is about $800 more than what they're giving me, it seems like my only option, unless my credit union is willing to give me a loan, but as I said I don't have a credit history and I only do my banking with them, it's highly unlikely. Any other ideas on a reasonable source for a loan is greatly appreciated though

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Have you tried picking up odd jobs while looking for work? Where are you living? Around here, a few hours on craigslist can find you plenty of handyman or labor work to get by.

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also sell whatever device you're posting this from... buy it back when you have some money.

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I don't think you understand: places like that are bound and designed to financially wreck you. They are not nice people. The interest rate alone is not the concern, it's the imposition of surprise fees, "subscription" services, etc. There is a reason why the government is investigating them.

Go get an odd job, sell what you own, or otherwise do anything but take out a short-term tribal loan. Seriously. If I were in your position, I'd be basically hitting up craigslist for manual labor jobs, selling everything I own to family and friends, and generally just hustling.

Also, give up your animals.

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that's one way to make money. literally give it away as fast as you can then contract in the person's livelihood.

Sell the animals, you will be harming them in the future if you can't feed them. If you truly cared you'd do what is in their best interest no matter the pain it caused you.

I've never seen anyone really denied for a walmart card. Start there before you do your credit union.

Loan sharks are a literal better deal and they are operating within the law. The indians set their own laws and if their laws say fuck the whiteman as hard as you can so be it.

and as far as your sister call child services, or make her a ward of the state in your care.

Public transportation and bikes are usually cheaper if you're actually cash strapped. sure it'll take you an extra 4 hours but that's the price of poverty.

call everyone you owe and explain that you've lost your job. They all have hardship clauses.

File for food stamps today. you should get them in two days. if you 0 everything.

Were you fired? Then you should be able to file for unemployment as well.

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Ah, I wasn't fully aware of the risks other than the interest, while I knew they were there, I have yet to have seen them laid in front of me like you have done for me. So thank you. I think I'll take your advice however my only thing worth value that I could part with right now would be my xbox 360 and the slew of games I have for it. Though I'm not even sure it'd be enough to cover just my car insurance alone. Which is the most pressing issue at the moment until its time for rent. So I think I'll take your's and the anons before your's advice and try an odd job, the only issue is I have a bad back so it makes it hard to find something I can do. However I think I'll just suck it up for atleast one day. And while the concern for my animals is noted and respected, I ensure you, that I'd let myself starve before they even feel an ounce of discomfort. If all fails, my girlfriend can live back with her parents, while the same can not be said for me, the animals can stay with her. I only have 4 and while that may sound like a lot 3 of them are actually cats, and the two adults are for the most part self reliant and spend 90% of their day outside, coming inside at night to sleep. However, if it came time, and there was no other option, i would reluctantly surrender them. Atleast the two that are not self reliant, the adult cats are fine at her parents house.

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>xbox 360 and the slew of games I have for it
holy shit dude... sell that stuff please.

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that's the first thing I'm looking into after this thread is concluded

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fucking, im tearin up senpai, thank you, this helps a lot

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also not sure why I called you senpai, sorry, I thought I'd typed senpai or something as equally less cringey than senpai but I guess Senpai is what my subconscious went with

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ahhhh I see whats happening here. Been awhile since I've been on the ol 4chin

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wordfilters bruh. remember where you are.

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r u chinese?

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had to take a sec and remember i've been gone for longer than previously thought

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well i'll 404 after this last comment it seems, so I thank all that took a moment out of their day to give me some advice. I think im off to a good start. Thanks.

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Hood luck man. Hope you make it out of this situation alright.

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