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Ahem, I have an announcement to make

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I'd love to hear it. Please give me a few moments to get situated.

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I am at work. Will the address be televised?

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Go ahead, my friend. I'm all ears. Cannot contain my excitement. Just speak your mind.

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What channel is the announcement?

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Hold on I need to take a shit
*Shits and pisses all over self*
Okay, go ahead

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I’m listening

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What is it, Senõr Pepe?

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ID: Oo No


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Continue good sirs my tendies just arrived piping hot

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go on sir, don’t be shy

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Fu-fug jannies?

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*loud fart*

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I hope OP has some positive things to say about kikes, trannies, and jannies.

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>Yes sir, I hear you, kick both out.
Sorry was on the phone, im all yours now.

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Nice dubs yo

Mfw op left

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oohhh shit he's gonna say it

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Ahem, I have a VERY IMPORTANT announcement to make in 20 minutes:)

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I wonder why we're all gathered here, how exciting!

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inb4 the prophesy is becoming real and btc is retracing to 9.2k$

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Well, go on then, what are you waiting for?

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These are the worst threads on /biz/

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Shush. Security escort this "man" out.
Please continue OP

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Is it that Quant is still pumping?

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about jennes?

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How exiting

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u are a fag

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20 min are over Mr sr

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Eagerly awaiting your remarks honored comrade. While I'm waiting I'll factor some 200-digit primes in my head

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sirs am i too late for the announcement

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Sorry, is this seat taken?

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This venue smells like fucking feces make it quick or im out

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Heeeelp me I have link but am starving. *Eats popcorn bits on the floor*

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