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Okay wagies let's have a thread to discuss our disdain of corporate culture

>I hate roasties talking about having babies and buying homes
>I hate the whole LinkedIn game everyone has to play
>I hate working in a literal glass cubicle so everyone sees what I'm doing all the time
>I hate having to read long email threads that get sent to me after like 20 mails
>I hate standing in the elevator with stupid NPC's

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That doesn't sound very team oriented of you, anon

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Just get a different job then

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>I hate not getting paid for my 4th of July holiday pay because my shift left early. Even though our supervisor told us we had to leave.

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>left early the next working day**

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>Thanks for voicing your Feedback, anon
>we’ll circle back to that at the next triage

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>I hate try hard newbies that don't understand the hierarchy of the office. fuck you brad.

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LinkedIn's awesome, wtf are you on?!
Imagine having to look for a job on a newspaper and paying hundreds $$$ for telephone lists so you could cold call some guy who doesn't want to speak with you, when instead you can connect with him online and message him directly

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>women talking about their engagements and homes
This is by far the worst, it’s like they are proud they just put themselves 400k in the whole to Jews to play keeping up with the Jonesburgs
>fishbowl cubicle
This is my pet peeve we have offices but everyone has an unspoken rule where they keep their door open all day unless you are on an important phone call so every time wagies walk by my office they stare in at me. It’s weird I don’t peer into their office when I walk by.
>wagie lunch hour
They all sit in the cafeteria talking about typical NPC stuff like marvel movies, celebrities, clothes and relationships. I don’t hate them for it or anything but t just seems superficial to me. I go out to eat everyday so they think I’m odd because I don’t want to sit with them talking about the latest Spider-Man movie or hear the story how their BF didnt take out the trash.
>worst is other people trying to pass off their incompetence/emotions/or mistakes on your plate
This really does frustrate me because I work around a bunch of women.

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>Also hate when you try giving the new guy a quick rundown but he's a "pro", ends up eating shit on a task that I have to clean up.

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we really need a containement board for wagieposting
this shit is depressing me

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Id say 6 more months of this and my crypto stack/savings will reach a point where I can take a comfy 1-2 year break from wage cucking and still be up a 6 fig net worth after the vacation.

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I sence a lack of team spirit in that unit

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We really should make every NEET work a full year in a corporate or retail environment to make them appreciate their freedom.

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oh but I appreciate it, I simply don't want to read this dystopic shit

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This is the containment board for wagies. NEETs get /r9k/ remember?

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hmm can we circle back on this and touch base next week?

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28 year old european NEET here
worked a really stressful job for one year,
been collecting neetbux ever since

I must say that sometimes I long for doing more productive things than just buying crypto and browsing 4chan, but whatever.

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I remember when I was a Wageslave I was expected to sit in the staff room with ugly middle aged women and talk to them

Fuck off cunts. I am literally better than everyone else and prefer to be alone with my thoughts. I don't want to see your ugly stupid face when I'm enjoying my lunch. This is what normies don't get

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>They all sit in the cafeteria talking about typical NPC stuff

Rather than go alone and eat out? Who's the real loser here?

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You can straight up fucking lie on LinkedIn and as long as it's within reason nobody will say shit or ask about it. It is NOT your resume.

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You guys wanna hear a funny wagie story?
Boss is massively pussywhipped super rich boomer married to gold digging roastie who walks all over him.
He and his wife came into the office last week and he put his wife in charge of everything. First thing she did was fire me. Then the other 3 employees quit. They have literally no one to run their business(answer phones, take orders, deal with customer complaints) so she calls me up and asks if I can come back because i'm the only one who knows all the buildings(I do maintenance.) I haven't answered her yet. Letting her sweat. What should I do?

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Tell her to fuck off

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Obviously that's my initial reaction, but I feel like I can use this situation to my advantage; get a raise, be treated better, maybe even a promotion. I still need income to buy crypto.

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Work on a consultancy basis. Charge double your current wage.

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ask 50% raise

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Time to get paid big boy. Better negotiate for those shekels

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okay and it's your best bet to accumulate crypto, so suck it up or find another job that you can sustain until you make it

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The road to wealth, unless you inherited a shitton of money, is:

Employee => self-employed => own a corporation => investor (a real investor with multiple streams of passive income, not $1,500 in dogecoin you bought because you enjoy /deadmemes/)

Don't get bogged down on the first step where you trade your precious lifeforce for non-exponential cashflow.

>but I'm in STEM!
Wageslave cuuck.
>but I'm a tradesman!
Wageslave cuuck.
>but I'm a lawyer!
Wageslave cuuck.
>but I'm a doctor!!!

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Based and time pilled

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Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays.

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> I'd rather be golfing

> hey anon, working hard or hardly working

> Thank God it's Friday right anon?!

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This. I'm a 29yo STEMboy who sees the writing on the wall when it comes to "advancing my career" - I'm putting in my two weeks notice tomorrow to begin full time work on a side project that's gained some traction. It's time to work for myself

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>investors don't have to work
the absolute state of neets

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Tell her you'll come back for double your previous wage and $1000 signing bonus.

Boomers deserve the worst anon DONT let us down!

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Bro, STFU, I never said that.

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> New on team as of 2-3 months
> Get place at bitchmade cube where everyone can see that I'm doing
> Senior analyst get promoted and moves to office
> Open cube next to window at the very back of the row
> Wait a month for someone to move to it so I can take their cube so I'm not the bitch anymore
> No one moves
> Another month goes by
> ENOUGH.jpg
> Talk to manager about moving to open desk
> "Sure Anon that's been open a while but I'll ask around and make sure no one more senior wants it"
> He asks
> Wait two more weeks
> "Well Anon it's yours"
> Upon the day I move people on my team start bitching to my manager about how I get to move there
My manager also commended me when he hired me about negotiating my salary. Said no one does that anymore and he doesn't know why. How come office workers are such bitches?

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>working isn't waging
no, you stfu

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This sounds hilarious I want this, like living in a movie lmao

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Americans are the most cucked people on the face of the earth. They're essentially too afraid to create any sort of conflict or scene nowadays, and that goes doubly so for office workers.

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I don’t even think I’m better than them or anything anon even if I have more money and intelligence I just view that as gifts and everyone is trying to do their best even if they fall short in our eyes.
I didn’t say any of them were losers man, if it makes them happy to sit and talk about what I consider trivial things who am I to judge? You seem to not be alright with yourself and have to be in a group to feel comfortable, maybe not but that’s the vibe you give off. I enjoy the company of my friends outside of work but I just don’t relate to a lot of the stuff my coworkers like to talk about and I enjoy getting out of the office and eating a tasty meal instead of a sandwich that tastes like plastic from being in a ziplock bag for hours. I used to have a more judgemental mindset but I’ve learned to accept differences in others and myself.

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>he fell for the office job meme
Do something different. Offices are for betas and women. Learn a trade, find a factory or get out there and labour. You'll enjoy it more.

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Factories pay minimum lol

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It is not, wageslaving is unleveraged, limited and simple accumulation of wealth. Aka your value (determined by the "12x rule" you are hired if your wage produces in an average hour what you get paid per hour) x a hard limitation (if paid hourly, there's only 24 hours in a day and you HAVE to eat, sleep and shit, if salary, there's only one year per year)... you also cannot get paid more per hour due to a brilliant move (you're at the mercy of the generosity of your employer for bonuses and wages).

Whereas a capitalist (corporation owner/investor) working is leveraged, unlimited, and exponential accumulation of wealth. Aka your value (your experience, knowledge, and brilliance produces money that is determined by both the amount of people you interact with and your ability to sell the value of your skillset) x unlimited variable (multiple projects running at once, money can be made around the clock via several different angles) and exponential... good moves don't add an extra $2.00 an hour, it can be an extra hundreds, or thousands or hell Jeff Bezos makes $300,000 an hour.

Wageslaving is practically everybody's first step, don't get stuck there, nigger.

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>Employee => self-employed => own a corporation => investor
chekkked for truth
currently working on the 3rd and 4th steps (sort of at the same time)

>you trade your precious lifeforce for non-exponential cashflow.

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shut up goy

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I pay too much in taxes yet don't feel I'm truly worth what I make before tax.

I am the self-loathing wage slave. Hallowed be thy name.

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>I pay too much in taxes
so that this fuckface can line his pockets
what a bunch of troublemakers
they're getting up to mischief on the backs of the public and they steal from the public purse and call it a service
and you all pay for the (((privilege)))
not like we have much of a choice, our productive wages are garnished before they ever reach our hands
I'm not against taxes
I'm against grifters stealing from the public purse and calling it a civic service
>pic related

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it's not illegal to lie on your resume too

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It's pretty pathetic really. Thinking that each and every one of the people who complained were essentially waiting to be told by our boss they will get to sit there. No backbone to just straight up ask for it. Whatever, their loss

>> No.14724299

Sounds good, I'll put a reminder in my calendar and then we can move forward from there

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demand a massive raise, non negiotable

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>I hate roasties talking about having babies and buying homes
I just say hi to everyone in the morning and go to my office.
>I hate the whole LinkedIn game everyone has to play
Don’t have a linked in- i tell them I believe it’s childish and rather build real connections.
>I hate working in a literal glass cubicle so everyone sees what I'm doing all the time
Have my own office- no one knows if im shitposting or doing intense work
>I hate having to read long email threads that get sent to me after like 20 mails
Meh- I get paid for reading their bullshit
>I hate standing in the elevator with stupid NPC's
It’s a short elevator ride down- usually I’m getting my phone out and pulling out a Jocko podcast

The only thing I don’t like about my work is it takes away time from shitposting and digging up info.

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>recently got a $240k yearly job interview at a big corporate company
>one step away from getting an offer
>redpilled so hard of 1 year+ unemployed
>thinking working out for myself is the best path for my life (gonna start a business)
>not gonna reply the email

Feels good man.

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Come back as a contractor at 3x your original salary and set your own hours

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Based and self sufficient pilled best of luck to you fren.

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>First thing she did was fire me. Then the other 3 employees quit.

Is this a movie? I refuse to believe something like this would happen.

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Thank you fren. Same to you :)

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>those corporate quotes/posters everywhere

There is literally a sign in my workplace that is just a poster of 'just be yourself'

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What if "myself" means shooting trannies?

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You're confusing freedom with (((freedom))), you're only allowed to be (((free))) not free.

You have the freedom to "be yourself" from a pre-selected list of "yourselves", if not you have to engage in self-censorship or risk losing your job, societal prestige, family, health, freedom from prison or life.

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Just delete LinkedIn. Nobody questions why i don't have it and take the stairs faggot. You're young enough to handle it

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Don' you have bigger ambitions? Own a company? Be a freelancer? Trade or invest in your free time (not just crypto)? Own a beautiful car? A beautiful house? A boat? You hot tons of time ahead of you, so figure out what you want and work towards it!

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what linkedin game? I have a photo and my resume up, don't do anything else with it. am i fucking myself over?

i fibbed on my resume but if i get away with it i'm lined up for a good career track now. if i get caught my plan is to get a survival job (barista probably) and try again with a non-liar resume.
No shit. they're used to treating wagies as disposeable because there's 100 applicants for every job. one hitch and you're out of the running.
how does an unemployed mong get an offer like that?

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Just lmao @ having a linkedin and concerning yourself with politics. I go in, do my work, leave when im dont. Small talk here and there but holy fuck if you actually focus on the mentality of wagies you will go mad just keep accumulating crypto then chill in a couple years.

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>how does an unemployed mong get an offer like that?
i lied in my resume desu. 1 year+ unemployed is wayy too long for them to be convinced that I'm reliable enough to do the job (it's a general IT job, no programming anymore). I basically neeted the whole year but I told them I did some freelancing work during that time after I quit my job when I actually didn't. They actually asked a lot of questions to me trying to disprove my claims of being an active software developer during my neet time. I keep being confident and calm when talking in the interview.

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>i lied in my resume desu
thanks for reaffirming my belief that only liars and bad people get ahead in life
i gotta get better at lying mang, turns out that's the only skill that matters

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Depends what you do you dumb fuck

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Start your own business bruh.
I don't answer to anyone.

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>tfw work out on the field 1 on 1 with coworker who also hates everyone in the office
>tfw make time to explore restaurants in the region and go to local bars with him every day since we're unsupervised

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Boss reaction?

>> No.14727927

Tell her you’ll do it for a blowjob but she goes first

Easy blowjob

>> No.14728244

because office politics is machiavellian

you either lie and gang up, or you get picked and kicked

it doesn't help that most jobs are bullshit makework

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The other anon here on mobile. No, you are reaffirming it wrong. Good nice honest guys succeed too. You just have to be brave in your honesty and prepare for the consequences of ur actions. Afterall if i accepted the offer i would have to play by the rules i set and that is not a smart thing to do.

Well actually the job was introduced by a friend. I never intended to get a job in the fjrst place but i tried anyways because of him. So i dont really care if i got it or not.

Best of luck to you fren.

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Fake people, making fake products, faking being nice, all getting lunch eating fake food. While the hopes and dreams of intelligent and genuinely productive people die.

Pretending like work is getting done. That is what the economy of the west consiste of nowadays. Oh, and god forbid you call out a nigger chimping out, your ass will be on the pavement so fast your head will spin.

Im in favor of UBI honestly. Ill know how to use my sorely needed 1000$, unlike Shaquanda.

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Its not explicitly illegal to do that with a resume thats openly posted on a public forum like LinkedIn. Then its on the employer for not doing their homework on the people they're pulling from the pool. However you can definitely get charged with fraud and even perjury if you lie on a resume (or any other application forms) and then submit a job application yourself, especially for any government job.

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You should go back and see her suffering. Force her do half your work.

>she calls me up and asks if I can come back because i'm the only one who knows all the buildings(I do maintenance.)
She obviously lost. That call gave you permission to be sadistic all over her so now is the good time to step on her and probably fuck her pussy if that's your fetish.

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Double your salary for the stress and inconvenience caused

>> No.14729604


Fuck cubicles and open offices. I wagecucked my way to my own office - on a floor with only 2 offices, it's the best.

>> No.14729825

have fun working with sub 100 IQ retards that want to talk about the sports they watch on TV

>> No.14730116

my team are fucking useless
if im not hovering over them saying FASTER BETTER DO YOUR FUCKING JOB they take a day and a half to even read an email
i dont want to micro-manage them
i havent time to micro-manage them
>day 1: hey employee x and y please can you pick up tasks 1 and 2 going forward
>k, can do
>end of week, check report, tasks 1 and 2 only done first day

>> No.14730432

Someone please tell me how I can escape this wagie bullshit life. There's got to be some other way to make money besides sacrificing virtually all my time just to pay for rent and foodstuffs.

>tfw you had to spend your entire lunchtime at some lousy ass meeting talking about a new program only 5% of us there will ever see

>> No.14730499


Strange, same shit here in Germany. (((Who))) is behind this?

>> No.14730502

>my team is useless
>I can't manage them

Sounds like your team manages you quite well.

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>"So as you know, Anon, it's company policy to keep track of employee performance and this includes logging keystrokes and browsing history.

>We've recently come across a particularly disturbing post you made on an online forum called 'biz - Business & Finance'

>In which, you posted a picture of a cartoon frog along with, and I quote, 'Fuck niggers, Fuck kikes, Fuck chinks, Fuck spics, Fuck gooks, Fuck trannies, and let's not forget FUCK JANNIES"

>Now I'm obviously quite appalled at all of this, but I have only one question before we terminate your employment here... What's a 'janny'?"

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Buy Assets and stay away from Liabilities. Your house is not an asset.

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Ow god i actually heard some of these...

>> No.14731308


I'm trying to skip the employee and self employed step. Then put my business offshore not to pay tax and then reinvest in some juicy passive income

>> No.14732105

literally all they talk about is sports, weed, women, like niggers

>> No.14732144

jobs are for betas in general

>> No.14732470

>I'm trying to skip the employee and self employed step. Then put my business offshore not to pay tax and then reinvest in some juicy passive income

That's obviously the best, depends on your skills, brilliance and access to start-up funding.

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I dislike "corporate culture." Every time I experience it, my motivation is revitalized to finding a way out of it rather than dealing with it for possibly another 40 years. So many two faced backstabbers that will poke and prod at me to drink the company kool aid no matter how blunt I got over time. Who poke and prod about wanting to get to know me when I make it obvious I DON'T WANT TO BE FRIENDS NOR SHARE CERTAIN DETAILS ESPECIALLY WHEN SOME OF THEM PULL UNDERHANDED TACTICS. I'm tired of having to put up with these people. Recently found a youtuber who seems to have similar ideas and hate towards corporate culture, watched a few videos. He detests having to work overtime and how those who work overtime make it worse for those of us who don't since it sets a precedent especially when a majority of the staff are doing it, likely unpaid as well. Complains about those glamorizing working a 12 HOUR day plus hanging out with coworkers afterwards for an additional 2 HOURS. I got my own life why would I want to work a 12 HOUR DAY AND THEN HANG OUT WITH COWORKERS FOR AN ADDITIONAL 2 HOURS!!! I have my own family, my own life, my own things to do!!! I do not want to hang out with coworkers who are likely just faking it!!!!!!!

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If true demand a $5000 sign on bonus that must be paid via check before you start. If she questions you just say that

"Due to the recent mass layoff without notification I cannot take massive risk burdening myself with taking a highly volatile position. Knowing I may be fired for incoherent reasoning I will need a safety net to protect me from such a risk. If you cannot oblige I wholesomely understand but I will search for employment elsewhere."

Have a smirk on your face while saying this.

>> No.14732684

I hate "codes of conduct"
I hate interviews
I hate meetings

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