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What would be the price in 6 months?

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Decent idea, but unless you are going to hold for 2-4 years and pray they don't exit scam, it won't move much.

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I think considering it's low MCAP and small visibility right now it's a pretty solid investment, the team seems to be solid and delivering, once it's on a better exchange it'll be much better

Worst case scenario it hits a few cents yo'

> T. 100k bag

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5x soon.

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Yes, I impressed with team and specially investors. 170k bag here anon! Good luck.

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4.5 mil here.

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Buying this is unironically the 150iq way to short tether and btc

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Libra makes this coins usless

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>t. Brainlet

Libra will never be decentralized. Once this starts using chainlink, it will be a completely decentralized stablecoin. Which is an absolutely remarkable game changer for this space

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The only altcoin holding its own

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Look at mkr chart

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Not as good as dag Tbh

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You're the brainlet

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Sorta like Mcdonalds makes Ford useless? Completely different usecases brainlet.

>derr both stablecoins so both are something!!!!!1

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no u

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interesting the top 100 hasn't changed in the last few days. Not sure why.

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Bullshit, I'm in the top 100 now and before I wasn't even a holder.

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*hasn't changed significantly.

Last week you needed 2M for top 100

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buy something revolutionary like SNTVT instead

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Get dafuq outta here with SNTVT.

RSR will easily 10x possible 100x. The volume is double the MC, this is ready for a Matic like run.

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Oh dang! I have just under 5M and barely made it.

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> possible 100x
Woah now, I'm a bag holder at half a million tokens but let's stay realistic here

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made a few extra ethers buying the link dip so might reserve those and get myself up to 5M

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Libra killed all stable coins except for DAI and Tether.

Sorry, RSRetards. It's over now.

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you know that only gives it a 1B market cap right?

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Idk man, the thought of me making that much money puts allot of doubt into my head
Also how big is the time frame going to be

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Those sell walls are giving it a limp dick right now though. We're pushing rope here, fuck!

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2.5m bag here. Tether is proof we need a stablecoin. But it's dogshit and extremely shady. Reserve is the shit. It's nearly the perfect stablecoin and protocol for the public to get into crypto. Reserve just does everything better, including marketing to non crypto users and price stabilization.

This can def suppllant tether in a year from now.

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What's everyone's consensus on this bull flag? Fail, or fly?

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go away Jew. we know this is another one of your attempts to control crypto. We arent falling for your lies again, schlomo. We're waking up.

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- RSR has former SEC commissioner as an advisor. This will be the coin of burgers.

- Congress is asking Facebook to officially stop development of Libra. Fuck Libra

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>2-4 years
Tethers volume went from 500m to 32b in a year in a half. Reserve thinks tether's MC is actually low compared to what it could be due to the fact that it's not trusted by governments or institutions nor do non crypt people use it.

Imagine a stablecoin that was better than tether I'm everyway, legal and mass used. Now imagine holding the valuation coin that goes with that.

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can you source this please?

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RSR is decentralized, aka not Jewish. You're looking for Libra

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No way, I figured it out:
RSR= Russian Secret Rubles
RSD= Russian Secret DOLLARS

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i did the research real fast... it's paul atkins. that's pretty sweet.

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>tfw you married a wealthy blond Jewish doctor of Austrian heritage
>tfw invests thousands in to RSR for fun

You'll never win incel. Have sex.

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>Have sex.
Don't you see, HE CAN'T.

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You convinced me. I bought 50k

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It's doesn't matter to me. He's going to be bussing my table in the future.

No one is paying attention to stablecoins because they only care about gains, yet tether has more volume than Bitcoin and it's some niche crypto shitcoin.

Libra has received enormous backlash due to the fact that no one trusts a fucking ginger manlet. The market is ripe for Reserve to seize.

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Garbage paid group shill that will never go anywhere.

Buy UND.

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>actual photo of UND team member
>hybrid Enterprise block chain
>veshit again
>senior team sold yoga mats for six years before this

Nah dawg

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spotted a bagholder.. im sorry anon

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Amongst all these weak tranny shills i havent heard anyone mention that 1rsr will be exchangeable for $1rsv in 6 months time.

You do the math

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I don't know if that's true anon

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sauce me up fampai.

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that's not true

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The scope is so ambitious and huge. Has there ever been a coin besides ETH that truly lived up to ambitious plan and go x1000?

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VC Scam

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John Nash - The Nobel price winning economist described "Ideal Money" Its very similar to what RSR is planing with RSV.

RSR is like investing in a startup central bank. The value they could create if successful will put any meme X on blockchain project in the shadow. Including Link.

Thats why Libertarian thinkers like Thiel and Sam Altman are involved.


It also doesn't matter how many brainlets will buy into RSR, the longterm value will come from its adoption. If there is no adoption it will just end up beeing a failed startup/shitcoin.
If we should see adoption of RSV or RSD then RSR price will explode.

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Huggeeee. 6 months. RSV released. live in multiple regions. Zuck in jail for trying to take over the world.. bets are on

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RSR is pretty solid.
My long term hold of the year.

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About $5

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one thing for sure, usdt is fucked

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How do I buy this?

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Next pump when??

>> No.14720825

US version or do I have to get a VPN?

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Houbi Global

>> No.14720924

Or idex

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Do I go all-in? Too small to move the price so answer me honestly anons.

>> No.14720966

Im almost all in, got a small part outside to trade smaller coins but pretty comfy with the decision so far.

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I'm all in, comfy so far.

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>Buying this is unironically the 150iq way to short tether and btc

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>Libra will never be decentralized. Once this starts using chainlink, it will be a completely decentralized stablecoin. Which is an absolutely remarkable game changer for this space

honeslty have no idea how high the price can go (didnt read white paper). but i know it has huge potential and a team that will deliver. ive been swing trading it for the last 2 months like a mother fucker to accumulate more. holding long term. i will only sell for a 10,000x baby (fyi i got into btc at $2.70). i know potential when i see it.

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I find the concept of a decentralized stablecoin fascinating, but it's hard to imagine it competing with the likes of Tether or USDC.

>> No.14721224

Got 8.5MM RSR. I think this will be worth about 25 btc in a reasonable amount of time.

>> No.14721244

600k here, most comfy hold.

>> No.14721263

I want to feel comfy but I'm still anxious holding this
I need to just let off biz and portfolio for a month

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Still DAI has a 600m mcap. Thats a x30 from here. It doesnt have to become the new tether. It just has to pump x10 because of hype .

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You can't really compare DAI to RSR. You should compare it to RSV. If RSVs demand increases then RSRs price will go up due burning.

>> No.14721445

based retard

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They are launching the App in Q3 and for the time being they are using RSR until RSD is launched. A 1MM bag is a good hold in my opinion

>> No.14721788

It's a kinda similar project right? How can I compare RSR to RSV because it's from the same project and there is no marketcap for RSV.

>> No.14721789

Coinbase has equity in the company. without a doubt this will be listed on their exchange in 6-9 Months

>> No.14721798

Thats right. Coinbase ventures, Peter Thiel, Sam Altman. Huge names for such a tiny mcap.

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Reserve will replace bitcoin on coinmarketcap

>> No.14722794

Yes because 100 BILLION SUPPLY

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File: 2.45 MB, 2000x1241, Screenshot 2019-07-11 at 14.56.29.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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4,5 mill holder here.. all in

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You guys are making me feel a little more sane about the size of my stack. I was worried that I had gotten too much with 4.85M; that's 20% slippage at current volume!

>> No.14724094

When will you whales dump on us? :)

>> No.14724259

tether isn't backed by anything and does whatever they want. you can't compare it with a transparent, fully-backed stablecoin.

>> No.14724379

Not enough volume for whales to dump, the token would be worthless before they could get rid of half of their stack. This is still the bottom, and they can't fuck us over without fucking themselves over too.

>> No.14724715

imagine not going all in on a $12 million dollar marketcap decentralized version of facebook libra that coinbase, peter thiel, etc, invested in and is launching this quarter.

>> No.14724747

I have 3,5 mil right now. Will dump everything at $0,005 and never return. Later, losers.

>> No.14724899

Buy low, sell low?
>Never gone make it.

>> No.14724915

Lol, this isn't going to do anything until those FUCKING sell walls get eaten or taken down.

>> No.14725331

So which do I buy and where can I buy?

>> No.14725349

that supply tho
it's like it was designed to be dumped on normies

>> No.14725447

Yes where pls?

>> No.14725482

>So which do I buy and where can I buy?
reserve (rsr) huobi exchange... or if yo are american use idex

>> No.14725618

idex doesn't let me trade because NY isn't allowed. I DON'T LIVE IN NY THO. I know I can use a VPN but WHY is this happening??

>> No.14726077

>idex doesn't let me trade because NY isn't allowed. I DON'T LIVE IN NY THO. I know I can use a VPN but WHY is this happening??
i guess you gotta wait until coinbase lists them

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>Mental midget cannot into hodling
Stay poor pleb

>> No.14726322

use a VPN buy on houbi and transfer to an ER20 wallet. I live in Ny and thats what I did

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