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Unironically, this:
> A common language exists and is already widely adopted by the financial community for payments and securities transactions. ISO 20022 is widely recognised as the standard of the future and can add value by providing the common business processes messaging layer to allow for data consistency, open source and highly flexible. ISO 20022 can be used with the latest technology as well as adapt to new technologies such as APIs and DLT as they emerge.

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How on Earth could ISO20022 adapt to DLT, I wonder. I wonder what kind of technology that would require.

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Don't give me hope.

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Checked you got it

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Is this truly a link thread?

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+1 Rory

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Sorry but this shit is pure uncut hopium. Swift is working with corda which is not using chainlink.

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>cornbread flavored dental dam.

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we are back

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they will never say the word chainlink

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>We are back

Kek agrees

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UK dentist anon detected.

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a boy can hope

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Are you stalking me m9?

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I'm the anon that told you to buy LINK when is was $0.80, and you told me, you don't buy at ATH last year.

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What time does the webinar start?

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Enjoy your cavities you smug cunt.

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Last chance to get in before we hit XRP's market cap

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Thanks anon

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Hope I get get more link tomorrow.
Im still at 500

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We will dump hard once SWIFT confirms they have never heard about chainshit ever

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Brigadier generals will come to gather all the marines soon and take us to lamboland
Kek says 500 to make it now but be greedy

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Except it was literally confirmed they are lol.

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i have 200 i need more at least 600 and ill be happy but reall yim aiming for 1k

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and are you going to drop $ 2.5k to get those linkies?
better act quick anon or youll be priced out

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im trying m8 cant make money fall from the sky

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That's good buy the dip. But you did have two years. I bought during 2018 so was late to the party somewhat. 17k linklet here. Interested in getting to 20k but I have to wait until money comes in by that time it will be too late.

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Not if devs keep suppressing price

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Hey General, any way you could hook up ya best 1LT with some info as to where the fuck that screenshot is from?

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New hires need to eat

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From the article
> In this one-hour session [...], we will explain how re-using ISO 20022 for APIs can banks ensure end-to-end consistency in their business processes by simplifying integration of new technologies and services into existing financial systems and processes.
From October 2018, https://www.swift.com/resource/swift-api
>The time is right to invest in APIs to address the challenges our industry faces. Investment is needed both at the institutional and at the industry level.
>We urge institutions that are embarking on the API journey to look beyond the immediate need to comply with regulation or to implement a tactical solution. Take this opportunity to engage with SWIFT and the broader standards community to benefit from, and help evolve, a shared global platform for the financial services API economy.
To get involved, please contact us at [email protected]
They are literally shilling. Is that not enough?
It also directly references this paper from September 2016, https://www.swift.com/sites/default/files/resources/swift_info_paper_distributedledgerstandards.pdf
>The second part of the paper is based on a SWIFT proof-of-concept development that explores the benefits of using existing standards, including ISO 20022, in the context of a DLT/SC implementation for fixed-rate bonds.

They won't mention it by name. But they sure as hell are talking about it.
>can banks ensure
Lol. I bet if your run a linguistic analysis on this it will match Adelyn's style to a significant degree.

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HR marketing roasties are identical thou

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You’re a great man, Anon. Makes me hard just reading that. Can’t think of any reason they wouldn’t use Chainlink.

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Proof or gtfo

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Bless be Chainlink

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Oh god... the Big Mac budget will bankrupt this company within weeks just sold 100k

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7x Checked

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the banking cartels most likely created, or at least helped create, chainlink to a great extent. link is literally the only way they can prevent themselves getting fucked by psd2 and similar open banking initiatives.

anyone saying they aren't working with swift et al is DELUSIONAL. they have always been the #1 partner and first use case of chainlink (along with derivatives).

any oldfag knows this.

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The ISO20022/smart contract securities reconciliation was literally the 2017 Chainlink SIBOS PoC. Whether they mention Chainlink by name or not, once these instruments are actually being settled en masse using dlt/cl, then the volume passing through the Chainlink network will speak for itself.

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I wonder if we can expect to see early usage from swift given that the actual chainlink team has been working with them.

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You now realize open api means literally any project can use banking api and swift standard and there's no chainlink exclusive partnership and that's actually a bad thing you fucking idiots

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>there's no exclusive chainlink partnerships
They could always use one of chainlink's competitors.

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It's all open source but link is the standard. You think Witnet are anywhere near chainlink? Maybe nogs will save some bucks with Witnet if they launch.

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>Chainlink competitors like witnet

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drunk anon larp said no to ISO 20022

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Jonny can go fuck himself he's an outsider. Only accepted larpers are Sergey, Thomas, Steve and Rory ( who are all nice guys nothing bad to say about the team they need our support now)

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It's in 3 hours.
I'm ill prepared senpais.

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that's a wholesome smile

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Dammit you better not pump before friday fuck these banks holy shit I want to buy this dip

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