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It’s happening tonight. If you’re not all in Chainlink you will be sorry.

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i feel gay, what's happening?

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Saturn bruv

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I love that Saturn is actually HONK multicolored in reality. Incredible.

Strap in lads.

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Also Microsoft colors kek

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Remember the ranibow of companies

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my body is ready

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Good catch. We will make it

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Nothings happening tonight though?

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whats up 42? any good news for the day?

long time no see.

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This is the calm before the storm.

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another friend is stopping by tonight after work for some beers and for me to walk him through how to buy link on binance and rsr on huobi
I sent him all my ref codes lol and I'm getting a shitton of commission from his fat finger buys hahaha
also coinbase earn has been great, shilled my friends the stellar quiz
ended up making almost $200 worth of btc through coinbase earn
also my waifu was nice and horny this morning so we made some sweet love in bed before getting ready for work
good start to the day
let's see where it goes

how's yours coming along?

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>Nothings happening tonight though?
he doesn't know...

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When you check the catalog and theres the rings of Saturn staring you in the face again.

Gettin spooped frens.

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Am I missing something? Or is Microsoft or something meant to be announced tonight

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something's happening...lol

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>have a telescope powerful enough to see the rings
>cloudy AF


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Been a really good day so far. Got a couple birthdays to celebrate today, so that shall be fun. Slamming down some coffee and getting ready for the grind for now.

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Official thread theme:


Also Google’s G logo is pretty ringish and the same colors.

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Sounds like a good day for a leaf. I’m happy for you 42. Keep spreading the good vibes.

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>Got a couple birthdays to celebrate today, so that shall be fun
hope it's an amazing birthday for all involved and that you enjoy the celebrations and festivities
>Slamming down some coffee and getting ready for the grind for now.
that's the spirit
here's a couple songs for that grind:

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Literally. Hundreds. Of. Teams.

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>Gettin spooped frens.

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>Remember the rainbow of companies
did someone say

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thank you for your kind words
right back at ya

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Seriously what’s happening?

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This is unironically bullish af thread. OP couldn't be more wrong. Couldn't belive my eyes when i read your message
This is literally unbeliveable huge news for link and the future price! I just bought 1k link, why wouldnt you too anon?

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>Seriously what’s happening?
webm related

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I remember a thread with an insider posting a rainbow and saying each color represented a company using LINK. Anyone got the warosu?

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>I remember a thread with an insider posting a rainbow and saying each color represented a company using LINK
also interested in the sauce for this

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I don’t think this is a good thing. Saturn is Satan and the Jews worship this planet as a god.

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yea but he also said 5 days from when he posted would be something huge. It turned out to be nothing didnt it

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not 42 pilled. not going to make it.

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good, now follow the white rabbit

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>Saturn is Satan and the Jews worship this planet as a god.

I always wonder why the very informative threads are 404'd

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>dweller on the threshold
pic related

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