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Whats up losers? ;) i just got accepted to pilot school;)

Yep thats right my job is gonna be cooler than your shitty pathetic job ;))

ill enjoy a 300k euro salary and fucking stewardesses ;)))

enjoy your lowpay 8-16 job


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rofl enjoy sitting in one spot for twelve hours a day and leaving to do nothing but sleep as you develop an alcohol addiction

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>he still thinks pilots make bank

Stay poor

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I’d you were a fighter pilot I would agree and say you’re badass

But unfortunately you’re a commercial pilot which makes you a major cuck

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nice bro fellow pilot here ;)
making 280k with Lufthansa ;))
they keep hiring gay stewards but there are still some hot chicks on every flight and you know what they means ;)
dont listen to these low iq peasants, pilots are the master race
they are insects and dont understand

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Have sex

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welder here, that's cool, you'll be making more than half as much as me! keep trying anon. not sure which airline but the flight attendants i see in luftansa first class on the way to welding conferences in zurich are always old and ugly. hope you're going to a different airline.

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Based welder bro

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Private Corp Pilot, Muuuuch better life than Airlines Pilot.

Trust me

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>Welding conference
Is this a real thing?
Guys, no memes pls. Will pilots be automated eventually?

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80 years pluss

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Just don’t fly over Ukraine, or Syria, or Iran, or NK.....

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No offence but you're biased. I want to hear what anons who aren't expecting to get paid big money have to say about it.

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Larper on a larpers thread. Lol

Buy. LYM you fools

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Seething cope

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dont you usually get fired for fucking the stewardesses?

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why would I get fired for fucking them?

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against airline rules.

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anon, your newness is showing. all the info about advanced welding has been discussed at length here on /biz/.

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Job fucking is legal in every job

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so is flying while drunk, but that doesn't stop me (or the stewardesses)
just take your seat and put your seatbelt on, pleb
don't @me unless you want some turbulence

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>fucking stewardesses

You'll be delivering packages to Mumbai in a 40 year old twin engine beater. Alone.

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Nope a380 for emirates or lufthansa probably

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This. Enjoy being a wage cuck future alcoholic.

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I would've said congrats if you weren't such a self absorbed prick. Now I just hope you get stabbed by the CIA in the next fake terrorist attack.

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Shut the fuck up

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Ooo, look everyone, its a flying wagie up in his sky cagie!

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ITT: butthurt plebs

You will NEVER soar through the clouds at the reins of a giant steel beast powered by fucking jet engines.

I wish my plane had bomb bay doors so I could just dump all of you into the ocean whenever I wanted.

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>I wish my plane had bomb bay doors
more like imagine when you'll bomb out of your pilot school

we'll laugh then

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This plus the fact that he'll take more risk by flying a plane compared to sitting in an office or being blue collar in something relatively safe. Along with the possibilty that jet lag can affect a person's health.

However I don't want to wagecuck it really rustles me how I get treated in workplaces so far. I'd rather go back to high school.

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No it hasn't. Only underwater welding is discussed here.

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This plus the fact that he'll take more risk by flying a plane compared to sitting in an office or being blue collar in something relatively safe. Along with the possibilty that jet lag can affect a person's health.

However I don't want to wagecuck it really irritates me how I get treated in workplaces so far. I'd rather go back to high school.

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Why are Eurocucks on the internet always the biggest cock suckers?

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No you stfu wagie.

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>hey man I want to hear from an unbiased guy
nigger calm down.

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We are superior to amerifats

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Reported for racism

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>Thinks he'll make 300k
>Will actually make 30k
Anon, I...

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Can't ever do drugs. Pretty wack desu

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Haha you're such a fucking faggot. Gtfo you're never going to make it reddit nigger.

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You're the one coping for being a nigger.

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>thinking 300k is a lot, or thinking he will actually make that much.
>thinking he'll actually lay stewd's.
>not buying into the dark-web South Asia $OTO pump to pass 1M and not work for a year.

not gonna make it.

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Funny how this single picture litterally ends racism

Checkmate low iq racist fags

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geo is that you

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Enjoy flying your deathtrap 737-max all to save your overloads a couple extra bucks


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Why do normies have to result to strawman arguments like this in order to counter racism? What did they mean by this?

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Which one doesn't test positive for sickle cell and AIDS?

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Amerifat here. Here in the US there is an emergency country-wide frequency called "guard" that any pilot can access at any time. Most pilots verbally shitpost on there and rant about politics, despite it being meant for emergencies. That's why I want to be a pilot.

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More proof racist are low iq

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>A literal strawman argument destroys your well thought out position
You're a fucking retard.

75% of people with hiv are niggers. Are you implying that you should be just as willing to give nigger blood as nonnigger blood to your children to not be racist?

Niggers literally commit half the crimes in the USA despite the fact that they are 13% od the population.

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>he's training to be a flying wagie

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>300k euro

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Dilate have sex

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How in the everloving fuck do so many people fall for this every time

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you are so stupid.
dont you know that beasts have red blood too?
it surely must be because they are humans, right?

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So chimpanzees are human?
Where do you draw the line?
Basically every mammal has red blood, are they human?
Gorillas have a similar iq to Africans are gorillas human?
Your arguments ate nonsense rhetoric and you're an imbecile.

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>welding conferences in zurich
always a treat

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>well thought out position
this nigga is mad as fuck

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Nobody dies if I fuck up my job, least of all me.

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>he thinks niggers are humans

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pol/ confuses me. why do they care so much about black people when they never leave their houses to actually see any?

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Where is the fucking Janny?
We need to clean a reddit shit stain.

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>why are people mad they have to pay taxes to feed subhumans who don't work and commit half the crime despite being a tiny minorit?

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i could never trust flying unless i kept up my own plane maintenance and all.

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despite being only 13% of the population...

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you pay taxes to the government not to minorities retard

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This guy is retarded on so many levels.
You can't be this big of a dumb sack of shit even if you wanted to.
Those winks tho, depression exposure...

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Lol fyb freelancer getting paid for services 27/28 hours a week. End of month is happy laughter time when i make my invoice 12+k euro every month for the last four years! Best of luck cucksucker enjoy your wagecuck +12 hrs a day sitting and banging waitresses in the sky.

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why do you feel the need to flex on some retarded reddit scum?

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I was taking a dump..thats why..:-)

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And minorities are all on welfare. It is just nonwhites robbing whites with extra steps.

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>being glorified bus driver

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no they're not lol

just admit that your racism stems from you being mad that you aren't fucking white girls (or anyone)

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Enjoy your life till it lasts you dumb fuck. Pilots are the next thing being erased from the working class right after warehouse insects. Automation is coming after you

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>If the areas of the brain that process threats and fears and/or people have an overdose of oxytocyn they are disabled people accept inmigrants more

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That’s assuming you will get hired. Amsterdam airport has pilots working as baggage handlers on the ground because there is low demand for new pilots. And if you do get hired you will probably fly for some shit airline like Ryanair.

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>it must be sex
>it can't be the fact that the majority of nonwhites commit the majority of crimes and take the majority of welfare and don't pay much in taxes and are low iq subhumans who do nothing positive for countries.
Ooga booga nigger