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In equal parts. Name a more based /biz/ approved GODfolio

Pro tip you literally can’t

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100% link is the only /biz/ approved folio

fuck off newfriend / pajeet / tranny shill

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Dude, silver is a fucking meme. XMR and LINK are Godfolio. Of course the third to complete the trifecta is ETH.

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wtf is xmr

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Guys, please do everyone here and yourselves a favor and go back to redd*t

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>t. chicken fucker
Awee someone's upset that his thread didn't get the /biz/ seal of approval.

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“Silver is a meme”

“My meme coins will magically moon during the upcoming global liquidity crisis”

I will be buying your capitulation in 2020. Accept it now so you can prepare yourself mentally

Holy kek

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>global liquidity crisis
>widespread chaos, survivalism
>muh shiny rocks
Buy alcohol, cigarettes, and ammo if you're going doomsday boomer on us.

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Lmao, yeah because Venezuela and the Weimar Republic immediately descended into violent chaos

You know literally nothing about history or what you’re talking about. There are shades of grey in economic collapses

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>global crisis
>isolated countries
There's shades of gay in your anal prolapses.

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Cope off the charts. Only anal prolapse will be you’re when btc hits 2k due to tether implosion and jpm lifts their silver shorts. Silver will rocket past 100

You will be capitulating into my buys soon my man. I’m sorry.

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>once J.P. Morgan stops raping us, silver will 10x, I swear
Talk about cope.

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>they will NEVER stop manipulating
>except they own 800 mil oz

Lmao. This is how I know I’m going to be a billionaire. I’m one of the few men who isn’t a crypto moonbaby or a delusional boomer PM bug. I see the reality for what it is and the benefits of both sides.

You’re gonna make it but not to the level I will. Thanks for playing kids

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>the whales are accumulating
You’re unironically a combination of crypto moonbaby and delusional boomer PM bug. An exact cross between the two.

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