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What does it feel like to have a 6 figures crypto portfolio right now?

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Fucking boring

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I've only had one for a few minutes and I wasn't aware of it when it was happening. Maybe it'll happen again someday.

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I’m so close
Hit 95k at the last link ath

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Chekt. Link is junk

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you are really desperate aint ya, you are in every thread posting this picture and make a thread every other hour, you won't get anyone to sell you discordcuck

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Will feel better when I can quit my job.

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And he has a fuckin get script running. I wonder who is behind these posts...

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I haven't truly made it yet, and yet I'm so close.
Just one more bull run.

I actually stopped working and I'm just eating into savings, I can do this for like a decade without touching my portfolio, by being VERY frugal. Like surviving on $3-4 of food a day, renting a bed for like $50 a month.

Just hoping...betting, rather, that I've made it by then.

I can do whatever I want whenever, as long as I keep it cheap. But I'm really scared and getting really impatient gambling so much on another bull run coming.

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The same nerd that posted in a Link dubs thread that we would crab at 3.50 forever like he doesn’t think anons would notice eventually.

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Pretty comfy if you normally could never make that kind of money from wage cucking.