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How do I prevent a divorce where she leaves me and takes half ? I’m ok with her going out and having sex without me, I’m all for an open relationship actually. I have some women that have already said that they wish i wasn’t married, all I need to do is tell them that we have an open relationship.

Should I just stay married to prevent financial loss? Should I try to get her to cam while myself and another man fuck her? What are other ways that I can profit from this,l (and not lose half) short of prostitution or anything else illegal? I’m also up for suggestions. This is not a cuck situation, I am very large and I’m great shape. She just likes it black and I’m not black. She was wearing these in pic related last time we had sex.

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>"im all for an open relationship"
>"i got married"
this is why she is leaving

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God I need to leave 4chan this cuck stuff isn’t even funny.

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She’s not leaving. We just both need more sexual satisfaction
>imagine thinking monagamy is the only way to live

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You lucky fuck. I would kill for my wife to get fucked hard by some big black dick. Not a cuck because I’d be right there fucking her face. My wife is just hot as shit and I like to see her be a slut.

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Let's see who's behind these posts!

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>b-but you cant DO that

dude ill just ban evade

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>i’m ok to let my whore wife to get a bbc and go back home with cum in her hairs
wow, so open, so progressive