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>PhD in fucking PHYSICS
>still unemployed for 10 months
>just learn programming bro
>just get into data science bro
>mfw recruiter told me there are over 200 - 1000 applicants PER job vacancy

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>off topic
>red wojak
Fuck off with your demotivation psychological mambojambo
go back to /pol/

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Software is unironically the future

T. Mechanical engineering Boomer

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Yo I feel like I know you in person. London, UK?

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You're retarded.
I have only 3 years of experience as a front-end developer from a shitty company, plus some shitty Microsoft certificate, and getting fired was the bets thing that happened to me.
I'm getting around 5 job offers a day on LinkedIn, mostly with good pay and relocation costs being paid off, only accept the remote projects at 50-80 EUR/h. I'm earning around 2500-3000 EUR a week and honestly most of the projects I'm getting are so easy that in reality I'm just working maybe 50% of the time I'm paid for.
It's an extremely easy market to get into, basically like living life on cheat codes.

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990 of those 1000 applicants are literally just pajeets and other shitskins trying to get in, if you even have a sense of intelligence within you, you would be a possible hire

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>he fell for the phd meme

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Read rich dad poor dad

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This. I interviewed for a biomedical science PhD in burgerland and even second rate schools would have several waves of thirty plus applicants. (Most with Masters and industry experience) All fighting for a 29k fucking stipend. It's even worse after graduation when you're trying to get a real job in academia.

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my sister is a physics phd and got approached by a major blockchain company through linkedin in uk
sort yourself out op

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>rich dad poor dad
>John T. Reed, a critic of Robert Kiyosaki, says, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad contains much wrong advice, much bad advice, some dangerous advice, and virtually no good advice." He also states, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad is one of the dumbest financial advice books I have ever read. It contains many factual errors and numerous extremely unlikely accounts of events that supposedly occurred."[10]

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That's probably all true, but for anyone with half a brain it opens up paths you may have never thought about before. Some of us had to find our way through decades of being told waging until you die is the only path.

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Interviewed for roughly 10 biomedical PhDs in Vienna and gave up. I'm a technician now.

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I am a low Attention + IQ superior complex ridden brainlet while nothing to show for it, and cant grasp how somebody who unironically had the guts to go for a physics PHD didnt got rich with a sidehustle trading/ bot or similar yet.

literal zoomers make 10x on shilled shitcoins here clicking funny green and red buttons on chinese shitcoin casinos

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PhD in physics they know your smart. Just learn a skill businesses need and you’ll get hired. Businesses want smart people more than they want code monkeys. They know you can learn new things.

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>he fell for the STEM meme
S and M are about as useful as philosophy degrees.

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You need to find a way to use your physics skills in a digital medium.

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Pretty much this. I’ve applied to well over 200 jobs now. It’s tough to get a full time/ part time job in academia OR industry. People tell me to remove my PhD from my resume but when employers see my experiences, they know I’m lying when I tell them I worked as a lowly “technician” instead.

>get into teaching
Kek you’d be surprised how many people are lining up to be teachers. The teacher shortage meme is a myth just like the STEM meme.

It’s all supply and demand at the end of the day. Just gotta get by with side hustles.

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>thinks mathematics is a meme
You brainlet, math is the foundational skill in tech, engineering, economics and everything else. Engineering is literally baby applied math

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>Engineering is literally baby applied math
This is 100% true, but if you want a job, you sure as fuck don't go into math. You must still be in college and have hopes and dreams. Get ready for a rude awakening.

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I feel that dude I did four months as a tech before fucking off to business school with a scholarship for my masters.

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My BRAPPER stack will soon be worth more than any of those normies makes in their lifetimes. I suggest you become BRAPpilled right now, before the burn tonight.

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>PhD in Physics
there shouldn't be any problem anon.
nChain from Cray Craig is hiring a fuckton of PhD's from Stem fields.
Maybe care to go into Blockchain tech?

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invent a new formula or explain dark matter to your old boomer coworkers now, lazy fuck

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95% of applications are literal spam. Don't get discouraged.

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OP must be in Europe because over here in the US we have the lowest unemployment rate in decades, the company I work at has had an opening for an entry level job for three months now with no applicants and I get emails and cold calls from recruiters all the damn time, I'm close to taking a new job offer that is twice my fucking pay because they are so desperate to fill the position.

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Get ready for pick related anon

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That’s why I have a CS minor lol. And I graduated a couple months ago currently working as a SE

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you must be super autistic if you confuse the difficulty of a degree (physics IS hard, so respect for pulling through) with job availability.
why would there automatically be high demand just because something is difficult to learn?

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>be recruiter
>oh, you have a phd. So you haven't worked for how long?

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i have a job that you could train for 3 years to get, and i have experience in because i volunteered for opportunities with my employer

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And everyone learns it in STEM degrees. If you go in actual mathematics, you're learning stuff with very limited applicability. Nobody gives a shit about topology in the industry. Most people with science or engineering PhD working the industry barely use math either these days. Everything is mostly done in CAD and simulation software.

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I applied to 500 jobs for my first programming gig.

Lots of people want the graviest job on the planet.

Fucking get off your laurels and get to work

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>Fucking get off your laurels and get to work


Damn straight...

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why don't you become a... you know...physiscist...

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Tips, certs, and languages you know? If you’re willing to spoon feed I’m extremely interested. Thanks regardless, though. Motivation to get out of retail.

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>Physics PhD

I'm sorry.
Keep trying while you work at Walmart.

Exercise, intermittent fast, and hydrate before you go to interviews so you appear more capable than others.

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if you're so smart, why ain't you rich?

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Why dont you just apply to be professor anon? You have the Phd right?

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It is larp. No where in Europe you make those rates not even in Switzerland.

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When are you digital natives gonna realise that those Phd hocus pocus veni vidi vici jobs arent questioned anymore?
We need Mechanics , Electricians and craftsmen you fucking incels studying College drop outs.
If you're in your 20s to 25s do this:
Go work construction or industry maintenance in a factory or elsewhere , save money , stay with parents save groceries and other uslss shit , invest everything you save in stocks bonds and etf's also some crypto. Do this for atleast 10 to 15 years but not passing 35yo of age.
Save until you got 300k in assets and then buy some condos and let the dividends pay those condos and rent them out so you generate cash flow.
Retire with 35 and find a fucking cheap stud who breeds you 4 to 5 kids who inherit your portfolio

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If you don't learn programming with a degree in physics, you're doing yourself a disservice.

There's a pretty big developer market out there for people with specialized knowledge like that.

This is, of course, assuming you're not larping because you crave any amount of human attention.

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yes, but nobody wants to hire someone who only knows the most basic foundations of engineering, economics and everything else. they want actual engineers and economists.

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Take the govpill anon. I mostly work from home earning £40k a year while I have automated the majority of my work (boss is a boomer and has no clue), leaving me free to fuck tinder roasties, trade crypto, do cash in hand work, go to the gym or if I'm feeling lazy just generally NEET it up and shitpost on the chans. Unbelievably comfy.

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>Engineering is baby applied math

Top kek look at this mathlet cope. Engineering is the Chad application of math frien cause it's the only one that involves designing and building shit, pure maths is just fapping to "theoritical" equations on a chalkboard board that will never materialize without actual engineering.

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p o s t d o c s

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t. yet another delusional college student

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>engineering is the chad application of math
No, engineering is the chad application of typing shit into a program to get the results already computed.

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>physics or math


>Which is the most relevant?

>I disagree.

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engineers are slaves to scientist's interests and discoveries

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JS/Angular/Node/Karma+Jest + Microsoft's 70-480.
Most of the work I'm getting is coming from UK and Spain and they're paying that.
Please keep in mind we're not talking about a net income, there are downsides - I need to have a company registered to keep everything legal, pay for insurance, taxes etc.

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To add to this, a friend with very similar qualifications to mine + a bit of background in C# was recently hired by a company in Switzerland for an equivalent of 120 EUR / h and they're also paying for his accommodation for a year as they wanted him to move.

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If it's any comfort the American economy will collapse in less than 2 years and then most everyone will be miserable.

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I work in intelligence and I went through the same struggle for like 1 and a half years. The biggest things that helped me were relocating to a better area for finding work, applying to at least 10 jobs a day, and actually taking the time to craft custom cover letters (because apparently recruiters actually do give a shit about them).

I'm not gonna say "don't learn to code", because it can be useful, but if you're going to learn it just make sure you're doing it to supplement your existing skillset, not replace it. You really want to be competing for basic bitch junior dev positions with the hordes of recent IT grads right now? You have a PhD and don't need to subject yourself to something that will probably be outsourced to a pajeet for pennies on the dollar within 5 years.

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Thanks again, brother! I needed some motivation. God bless.

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>>14622522 decades of hard labor sounds so comfy, thanks you Boomer faggot I'm going to use your plan

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Just work at maccie dee's

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that is not true
if you have minor in CS you can EASILY go into formal methods verification jobs

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IT is good if you work up the ranks unironically cyber security easy 100k+

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You Must be a real Brainlet then. I’ve only got a masters in physics and found a quite decent software engineering job in less than a month. Kys