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Luckily i sold some time ago and i got just a little stash.
Why is this tanking so hard?

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Because all the banks are using QNT instead lol.

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It was literally a fundraiser for banks to buy btc. Cheers reddit.

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Because ZIRP doesnt want the youtube fanboys getting rich. they'll get strangled out. then ridiculous moon. talking flip switching instant $50 xrp

its gonna be gud

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doubt it. They've been hitting that switch for the last 7 years or so, and fuck all has happened so far - bar the kimchi premium fortnight in Jan 2018, which of course had fuck all to do with XRP or Ripple as such.

$50 a pop would put people like Chris Larsen, Brad Garlinghouse or Jed McCaleb WAY ABOVE Jeff Bezos in net worth, not to mention in a supposedly liquid asset as opposed to shares or property. It would also make Ripple the most valuable company in the world today and in history of mankind - almost 3 trillion - and that is just valuation of their assets alone, their market value would have to be in tens of trillions as a result. Just to put things into perspective Amazon has a market cap of some 900 bil and it is the most valuable company on Earth.

Now think about it for a minute and tell me how likely is $50 per XRP and how sustainable is that price. Is Ripple REALLY doing something so valuable that it can end up up there?

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3 trillion actually represents the value of Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple combined in their current market cap.

Think Ripple can just pass them all without a second thought? Flip of the switch?

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Some people say banks that sign on to use Ripple's products don't actually use XRP but it's not really clear to me.

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They would only do this if they intended for Ripple to be the new head central bank.

>> No.14606629

and how likely is that to happen?

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This isn’t Chainlink. Ripple got hundreds of millions in VC capital. Plus the founder was already a billionaire. Chris Larsen.

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they have various software solutions on offer, AFAIK only one uses XRP and even that is optional

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>VC capital

nice euphemism for bagholders money

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I still hold XRP because it's reddits beloved crypto choice. There's a lot of smart people on that website so I'm not getting worried just yet.

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The people who run the central banks know that fiat money has run it's course and they need to transition to a new digital monetary system. They can either come out and say this publicly (and cause panic), or they can pretend like a quirky startup company invented a cryptocurrency and back-end infrastructure that just so happens to meet every need of the international banks, governments, corporations, and it was all the doing of the free market!

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What is your point exactly? Do facts annoy you?

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Do you actually believe this? I'm dying

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>WAY ABOVE Jeff Bezos in net worth
lmao yes for like one hour, then -80% in a few months as always

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You seem to be the one annoyed here. Take it easy bucko! I know those bags are heavy as fuck and getting heavier every day, but at least Ripple the company and the devs are doing great, right?

After all, you are all in it for the tech, no?

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Whatever is going to happen to central banks or fiat as such I'm sure as fuck they won't be replaced by Ripple or XRP.

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>7 posts by this ID
>N-NO *you’re* ANNOYED!

Don’t worry about me, ‘bucko’, I own more XRP than you could ever get your hands on.

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XRP works for its purpose no mater if it is high value or low value. Its literally a fiat intermediary. Why would this coin ever go up in value even if it is adopted. It might work even better at low stable prices.

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It's trash that's massively overvalued.

XRP will never be used for anything, is liable to be classified as a security, and is nothing but a pre-mind piggy bank for Jeb and Larsen.

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*de-risks his huge load all over you*

Problem, goyim?

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Hahahahahahahahahaha "muh VCs"
This really is the quintissential robbing redditors coin. Fuck me.

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