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thanks god i am not american. Trust me your life sucks.

T. Switzerland

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Switzerland 60 rapes per thousand, US 5.....

but yes my life sucks

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You're the only country that gets to laugh at us.

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ITT we smirk at non money loving non God fearing non Americans.

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>confusing Sweden and Switzerland
Top burger

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this isn't /pol/
this isn't /intl/
this isn't /bant/


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speak for yourself

you need to work on your stand up routine, anon

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the economy is the best it has ever been thanks to the god emperor.
Don't forget to pay your tarrifs europlebs.

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hur durrr no math

Switzerland rape charges in 2018: 526,066
Switzerland Population in 2018: 8.42 Million

Trust me i didn't get confused, you guys are just that bad

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America represent free market capitlaism.

Eat shit europoor.
pic related is you. Them titties is AMERICA BITCH

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heh. It's funny interacting with non americans on here. They know more about the US than I know about their shithole country. We truly are #1. The center of attention. The best. The hottest girl in school.

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more like the fat, mouthbreathing retard kek

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In any case, that's feminist bullshit where taking off a condom during sex without telling the woman is considered equivalent to bashing a woman on a jog with a maglite and giving her an anal prolapse

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> hurrrrrrr Im wrong, so now i blame other things

Didnt make that case when you thought it was about Sweden

How pathetic is your life

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Ok I googled your numbers and you're just an illiterate burger.
>In Switzerland, the police registered a total of 526,066 offenses under the Criminal Code in 2014 (-9% compared with previous year), of which were 186,708 or 35.5% cases of thefts (excluding vehicles, -14%), and 47,762 or 9% cases of thefts of vehicles (including bicycles, +8%), 41 killings (-28%) and 132 attempted murders (-13%). There were 556 cases of rape (-3%). Offenses against the Narcotics Act decreased by 16.8% to 80,986. Offenses against the Federal Act on Foreign Nationals decreased by 4.7% to a total of 39,544.[1]
500k crimes, 500 of which were rape. Off by three orders of magnitude nigger.

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60% of Americans think that the 2nd coming of christ is going to happen in their lifetimes!!
Imaging that!
2000 years from now It's the equivalent of believing that there was once a holy messiah who lived in a giant peach or a big yellow bird and his disciples of furry coloured puppets really did banish evil by counting and singing.

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yuropoor here, can i have some bread sirs? i'm hungry

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enjoy your crypto to crypto taxes

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imagine thinking the first thing you google is what I was talking about.... just classic lazy eurofag mentality....BRB enjoying my freedoms

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Just think about it nigger, 500k rape in 8m population isn't possible even in fucking Tanzania, that's 1/8 of all women getting raped every year, that's all the women getting raped every 8 years, that's all the women getting raped many times in their lives, so just examine the data you find online before posting it here like the npc you certainly are.

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Imagine not being free to bear arms lmao get fucked cucks USA USA USA

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>Hello Egypt and Chile
fucking hell my sides

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small reminder that

americans have to pay crypto to crypto taxes
if you move to another country you still have to pay taxes
you need a special licence to be able to invest in ICO
you get banned from exchanges
you live in cheap wooden houses

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most people from the jewnited states are untraveled and think they have it good. truth is, the us is where western europe would end up if they continue fucking themselves

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>Implying only women get raped

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To overthrow a tyrannical government!
The constitution is as useless and outdated as your grandmas pussy.
If the fore fathers had a glimpse into the future and saw just how fucked up a country flooded with guns becomes then I guarantee you that the constitution would be different.
Good luck overthrowing your tyrannical government with a semi auto.
Hell! Good luck trying to survive in any of your poor neighbourhoods or in your schools even with one to protect yourselves.

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I never said a word about guns....

God so sensitive.... its almost like you have no real argument, so you literally imagine I said something to fit into your little echo chamber

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You stupid fucking idiot, you took the number of total crimes from wikipedia, can't you even read?

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You mean ‘Swaziland’

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Didnt take it from there.....nice LARP though....god these little euro fags have no idea how to behave....no wonder every successful person from your backwoods continent leaves

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You're still wrong by a factor of a thousand, retard.

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was it autism?

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Factor of a thousand....wew....who's the retard

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Ha sorry wrong reply I'd.

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all good fren

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No more like the loudest most annoying drooler that everyone in school ignores

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>this thread

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At least I can bang a 14yo and nobody can do jack shit

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>mfw every crypto-to-crypto trade is a taxable event in the US