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Don’t fucking miss out this time. Stop chasing inflated shitcoins like LINK and actually buy something at a low price for once

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Based and Redpilled RSR
They are already ahead of schedule and are going to launch it in 2020.
You must be very fucking stupid to not buy this under 30 sats

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Link holder here, op is a nolinkfag
but i can confirm rsr is coming on binance

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I was a link holder and sold it at 4.50. I don’t hold pumped bags like 99% of the idiots here lmao. I move on quick.

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Shhhhh fren. These smoothbrains are busy "accumulating" vidt and other scam coins. Let smart money lead this launch.

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Where did you guys get this news?

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yes you sold the top
typicall pajeet speaking here
sir yes sir sold top bought bottom
im pro
blablabla show your trading history larp

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Anyone know when binace? I wanna get some more before the listing. RSR is moving fast now! They are launching RSV in Q3 this year instead of 2020. This is confirmed by

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This thread reeks of a sad telegram group link 'guys come help out in my /biz/ thread!'. You have a shitcoin and there is quite literally not a worse choice you could have made with your money than keeping it in this for the past month. You can still take it out now, go into BTC and catch its return. Then in a month i can guarantee you can buy back into the fag coin with twice the amount.

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Capping this one. Me thinks you'll regret it

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Why is there a strong scent of curry here

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I just have 1 btc in this coin. If it x10's ill be lauging. If it goes -80% no worries because I got enough capital to take a loss.

If you're risk averse you can better quit crypto all together. This shit is way undervalued and the market will catch up.

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> "be an idiot"
Not great trading advice

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>100 BILLION rsr

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>amount = value
Anon I...

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Stay poor boys.

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One of the only crypto projects without pajeets running the show and is also actually based in the US, not some tax haven shithole. But yes sirs very much curry buy bsv insteds

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I think if it's being talked about on /biz/ it's already too late.

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i got poor because of RSR

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You bought too high. DCA is your friend right now.

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I know it's a shitty meme question, but any anons have a guess as to how much of this would constitute a good suicide bag?

Pic related caught my eye, now I'm dmor on this shitcoin.

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1 mil to make it anon

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Can someone redpill me on the circulating and total supply?

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