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What does it even do?

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It runs the self serve kiosks at McDonald's

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Makes you rich

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Google and Oracle endorses it so great things I imagine.

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making us all rich! buy link or stay poor wagie

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It puts the lotion in the basket

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Currently nothing, but someday it might do something.

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It links the BTC blockchain to the Ethereum blockchain using Jason's parser.

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it makes Sergey and co. millionares, and make many many people losing lot of money

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Your smart contracts connected to real world data, events, and payments.

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makes anon put sharpies in his pooper

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It solves the lambo problem

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Allows for secure and reliable execution of smart contracts on the blockchain.
It has first mover advantage at the moment.

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makes numbers move on screens (very valuable)

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This is pure marketing for chainlink, nothing more

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It actually provides the Bogs a direct neutral-oracle link to Vitalik's mind via Jason Parser.

Get it right.

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I don’t know, all I know is the sound it makes when it PUMPS.

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allows anons to set up smart contracts that pay in the condition that they post pictures with sharpies up there ass.

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Kek true.

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Here's my understanding (I'm a LINKlet and a brainlet), using an example I just made up. Somebody let me know how far off I am:

>California Wine Co. wishes to create a smart contract to automatically sell 50 BTC if there is a wildfire in Napa
>California Insurance Co. will provide the data input regarding whether there is a wildfire in Napa
>Decentralized Oracle uses Chainlink stake to link the data input with the smart contract
>if California Insurance Co. provides false information, it loses its agreed upon stake

something like that

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Forgot my pic!

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link is a crypto for chainlink fences, it communicates with the oracles when a link in the fence is ruptured. It is for trumps boarder wall.

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