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Anyone else here feels like shit for not having at least 10k link?
I own 6k link and I feel like I'm not going to make it even tho I live in

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4K linklet here. Should’ve fucking bought more

>> No.14541444

Keep buying guys. Still have plenty of time until 1k

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1.2k. I don't want to be a neet, having a little money go towards buying my own house is all I want.

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Only 5k here but it's ok I'm not selling a single fucking one for at least 3 years, barring it going past $1000

Even then only cashing out what I've earned from staking, the original 5k will sit in a node until the day I die , then I will give it to my son

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also if we get to $1k... let's just say $1k is FUD at that point

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Gotdamn. Why is Kek always blessing these shills posts.

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same reason why kek has blessed link

>never believe it's not soooo

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Already all in, I could have used my car money to buy 6000 links more at 0.3 but I didn't and end up fomoing with that at $2 buying 2k links.
Bought the other 4000 at $0.5 tho
Checked btw

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Where do you live anon?

>> No.14541659

Same, I will be staking until the end of times

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2.7k linklet here. we will all make it, anons :')

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Got around 500 linkies. Anyone got experience with independent reserve? Did a electronic funds transfer for $3k so i can buy more linkies last night but still waiting.

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i feel like shit and ive got >100k link. dead serious, been fucking depressed all day. i cant even quit my fucking wage cucking

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Should be in later today or tomorrow

>> No.14541973

you can kiss that money goodbye anon

>> No.14541975

Alright sweet. Every moment I wait linkies go up in price.

>> No.14542001

Why do you say that?

>> No.14542032

Dude calm tf down. We just mooned like 1000% in 3 months. Just like chill the fuck out.

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Why tho? u basically made it. We all now is going to got eventually $10.
True I should stop blaming myself lol

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1k linkies is enough for us poorfags

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