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Anyone else think there's a concentrated effort to infiltrate /biz/ in the last 24hrs to FUD LINK?
Yes there might be some devs that are selling but how can that compare to all that LINKs accomplished so far...?

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How new are you?

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yes it’s so transparent

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obviously craig wright is behind it because he is not the real satoshi. He is jealous.
Also I heard he is a cuck to Adelyn.

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Pajeets are always fudding something

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It's gotten worse since the Oracle announcement. And the thing is, it's low tier FUD. They don't even try to make any arguments anymore. The window is closing and they know time is running out.

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It's been a few years. started at pol and fit and moved here once I learned about the Jews.

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We're going back up again boys

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the devs are exit pumping

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Good for them. I'm in for it long term.
Pic related. I met him in person...

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Not really honestly. My assumption is that most of the talk about LINK, one way or another, is just taking a piss. People are having fun at the expense of a more serious discussion.