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Reminder that unless you live in Manhattan, you actually haven't made it yet (acceptable alternatives are Monaco or Central London).

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With LTO you will make it

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Fuck off normie no one here with a three digit IQ wants to live in your degenerate crammed hellhole that will be underwater in 30 years

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>Pay huge amount of taxes
>Live in small apartment with no(or small) backyard
>Jews everywhere

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imagine the smell
like you must be smoker and lost all sense

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>willingly living amongst niggers and jews

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This fucking kid again.

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Living in cities sucks. Literally breathing in cancer all day.

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no thx, i prefer to stay away from US
95% of the population is double dick headed (which is ok only if you are a double dick headed german cuck)
mudslimes, pajeets and stabbings all around

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When you live on a small rural farm 20 minutes from one of NZ's top beaches.

Haven't made but boy am I comfy.

Pic related

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>like you must be smoker and lost all sense

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shut up bugman urbanite I’ll take my rural living over breathing in smog anyday

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t. inbred white trash from flyover states

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> living in literal jew town
> made it

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Londoner here, Central London is NOT acceptable. The best parts are zones 2 & 3 north of the Thames. Living in central is for muppets

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>smells like shit and piss
>niggers and non-whites everywhere
>$20 for a pack of cigs

Fucking yikes

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What does NYC smell like?

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Like shit in the winter, and garbage and urine in the summer

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shit and garbage and rotten fish all at once.

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People.. actually WANT to live in these places? kek..

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Okay Carrie Bradshaw.

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I wouldn't care about that shit, would cut every connection to the modern world and ride on the steppe.

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I am poisonously jealous of you anon. How does it feel to live in an all white, post scarcity temperate-tropical paradise? How do I move there?

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I'm actually from NYC and am moving upstate the second I make it. Try again faggot

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Damn perhaps if my penis was very tiny and shriveled I'd cope this hard. But instead I think I'll buy land somewhere more livable.

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How much do you need to make it? I would say 30 million

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>making it is being in a large urban centres to witness the accelerating decline of western civilization

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you are unironically a faggot, nice b8

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anon is right regarding the whites, NZ is very multicultural, but everyone here seems to just get along? Driving the main strip of that photo the other night there was a 30 car train of Indians/Asians/Europeans/Maori all blasting music and revving their shitbox engines, always fun to see. Dunno how you move here? make sure your from a decent country and you'll get in quite easily.

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Nice FUD

The North is subtropical and a quick visit away.

I'll admit there's a huge Asian/Islander population but:
No blacks
No abbos
No Allahus
No Pajeets

You've gotta admit that's pretty based.

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I was born and still live in Manhattan and have like 53 bucks in my checking account. Eat shit, OP.

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Cigarettes here are $9 at the habibi delis. Still far from ideal

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Give me the good and the bad sides of living in Manhattan.

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>No Allahus
Don't get me wrong NZ looks absolutely beautiful, but they will succumb to the unstoppable tide of Islam in due course like most of the West.

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The good:
>3-4 star cuisine for any food you can think of, usually within walking distance and always within a half hour train trip
>A metric fuckton of freebies as a resident. Cheap/free museum fares, programs out the wazoo, movie screenings in the park, etc
>Good parks if you're into the manicured lawns sort of feel.
>Times Square is usually at least interesting to go see even if you don't do it very often

The bad:
>The MTA is in a real shit spot after decades of misuse, trains can be a clusterfuck
>Homeless fucking everywhere, busking and begging in NYC is more lucrative than getting a job doing something out in the boonies
>noisy as fuck, you will quickly understand why everyone has headphones

The ugly:
>cue 4 minutes of black teens doing breakdancing in the subway between stops then asking for money
>The only thing worse than the black people are the white transplants who think they've made it because they live in Manhattan

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That depends on what part of Manhattan you live in. I lived in a relatively safe part of Washington Heights for a bit which is very different from the parts of Manhattan you might be thinking of. No matter what part of Manhattan you live in you won't be very far from the projects so there will be ratchets hanging out on and around your block.

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Oh anon the indians are here. but they're not your normal type. the vast majority i have met are second generation Kiwis and basically follow their culture at home and adapt to our way of living for the rest. Basically, do whatever the fuck you want at home, just don't be an entitled cunt in the streets.

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lol Monaco is shit. Get fucked shitskin.

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>wanting to live in a major city

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They tried to introduce the call to prayer to our television stations and were swiftly shut down by the country as a whole. But you are right about the wave... I don't think the current government will be in power long enough to keep giving the minorities everything they want.

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That dude's describing life in a very specific part of Brooklyn that exists nowhere else. And nobody here likes those assholes either.

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What about Geneva, switzerland?

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>New York
>Central London
the tinder game there must be absolutely unreal.

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There must be a reason the actually rich and famous all have ranches here in Patagonia instead of being content with some Manhattan cuck apartment.

>Benetton owns a massive ranch here
>Bush Sr. does

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> cleaning toilets in monaco|manhattan|...
> live there in a shithole
> madeit.jpg

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It's the only part of South America that isn't an unbridled shithole, the sole stretch of land that could plausibly enrich the lives of its inhabitants.

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New York and Monaco yes, Central London not so much the last 5 years.

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Yeah but they could buy half of Switzerland with all that money. My bet is that they are getting ready for happenings. Whole northern hemisphere will be gone in a nuclear armaggedon type of event.

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> listing the Falklands

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Don't fret about it m8, I took it from some butthurt nationalist blog. But the info on the rich people owning all that land is real.

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I just got here ironically. People are rude as fuck. No new construction. Everything is deteriorating. Cluster fuck of people. Unorganized. Homeless every where. Compared to Toronto, which is constantly putting up new buildings, people are usually nice. But way smaller population size in comparison. Tokyo is a good mix of old / new buildings. People are nice and respectful. The city feels clean. The customer service makes me feel warm, (don’t care if scripted). Unlike these miserable people working in nyc. London is on the same level of NYC. London and NYC became so popular because at one point in time, they were brand new.

What are the NYC and London of this era?

I would say,

Haven’t been to enough places to add more insight.

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literally the easiest pickup line
>are you staying in the upper east side tonight?
>her: no, why
>do you want to?
I tried that when I was visiting there and I went 5/5 on hookups

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Maybe Vancouver, Toronto was great until the early 2000s, it's barely nicer than NYC now. Montreal is going to be at the same level as Toronto in 10 years or less. I think the only objectively great big city in the states I've been to is Boulder, CO. I've heard Boise, Idaho is nice but I haven't been.

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Is tinder actually good in Monaco? Should I visit if I makeit with link?

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Just use Tinder Gold.

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Send us a email sometime should go for a fish


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The countryside areas between New York City and Boston look absolutely lovely

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None of the too big to fail bank CEOs live in Manhattan.

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ISREAL has NO right to exist

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Fucking normie

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>> Central London

>> Monaco
Ageing plastic-faced euroboomers who dress gay fawned on by greasy servant class and hookerdolls. Literally nobody is attractive.

>> Manhattan
No trees. Everything is expensive. Yeah, sounds awesome.

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Lol. Manhattan Chinatownfag reporting in from my $650/mo rent stabilized human kennel. You are delusional and sound like you have never spent more time in NYC than an afternoon for a day trip where you were so amazed by the tall buildings in midtown and times square that you came on here and made this thread.

Go back to Minnesota