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Sorry frens, gotta chase them sats. 2.75m link outgoing.

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Even if no larp you think your measly ~9 million dollars will significantly effect a price of a billion dollar coin with 300-500 million daily volume? Lol get out faggot. At most it only drop 1-2% drop

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Let me trip up on this one... Yes. If im going for sat gains, their going for sats as well. Im not the only one seeing this. Good luck out there, marine.

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do it. do it now.

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already doing it. also, im not a dick, hence the warning. I take my time.

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... 200k down, this isnt holding up guys...

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this is perhaps the most retarded thing i've ever seen

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no dont take your time

make it dump slightly faster so that people panic and you can buy in again at half price :D

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Show transaction LARPER

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> The wolf of Chink Street

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Link the wallet

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Binance and coinbase, dummy.

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How do I short link

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Lmao, just watch the charts. You understand a time stamped screenshot can be correlated to me with specific transactions amount and balances. Also, photoshop. Just watch the charts.

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trans screenshots or gtfo
>implying you actually know who the whales are
>spoiler - you're not one of u...them

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Ok name fag. Keep watching. Grab popcorn.

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If selling your kidney on the black market to get more LINK is not alpha, then I dont want to be alpha.

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Nulinkers are the worst

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says the ladyboy that took a trip then lost it
keep fuddin friend, ill keep snappin up your bags on the cheap

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Let’s zoom out to 30m...

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Are you gonna sell or what?

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lmao, try harder.
Namefags are the worst.

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wallet pls
if you're legit
not holding my breath

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Why are you doing this ;_;

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I’m not market selling millions of link. I have walls and small market sells. You guys are doing all the heavy lifting.

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aww sweetie

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What price point are you trying to push link down to then? Or just trying to withdraw to another investment?

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Letting it breath now, walls are lifted. Take note, follow along. You might make some money with me.

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still waiting

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Also, large volume spikes are not from me. If someone wants to push the price, GREAT. I’m still selling 450k down.

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I’m not sending you shit. Either I’m larping or a fucking brilliant autist reading the market, either way, I’m not wrong.

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yeeeeeeahhh ive got my money on the former

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how long until you dump fren, i wanna know when i can get ready to buy

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>>namefags are the worst!
>>let me turn on my trip for this guys

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literally 1 simple proof to backup your dumbass claims and you wont do it
LARPs used to at least put in a bit of effort, couldve at least linked a fake address
butyeh, you do you my dude - ill buy em off you cheap, thanks.
>selling a hypothetical stack
>makin 6 hypothetical figures
>shortin yourself on generational wealth in the long term
the absolute state


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lmao I’m rolling trips and dubs, you just checked a guy calling out name fags. Tripcode and fags are not the same. But whatever, see you sub $3

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I shorted Link but using ETH as the pair. The current price is the most insane shit I've seen in years. I get P&D antics but the fact that people actually believe this shit has worth (fucking 3-4 billion in total MCAP given total supply) is crazy.

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Rock the boat dude, let's see it!

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Can you sell already? I’d like to buy more cheap

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I’m letting it breath, maximizing satoshis. Sorry for the misleading title, I’m dumping millions, just not all at once. I’ll be up all night doing this.

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faggot, there isnt even an exchange to short LINK

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lmao, if you trade LINK for ETH, you’re betting against LINK, essentially shorting it.

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Eat absolute shit you dumb motherfucker: https://app.nuo.network/

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There are exchanges with ERC token support for margin trading but with a little volume

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Daily candle is now red.

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Its worth more, around 20b right now you swinglinker go cry

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You should throw out a signal when you do it, like start with all 7s or something

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selling isnt shorting, literally, go look up the definition of shorting
If there is no borrowing/margin involved, just call it selling LINK for ETH and dont make any confusion.

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>faggot OP is loose again
OP is all talk, no action. SAD!

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This is how new support levels are built. Good on ya OP and also why are you cashing out now? It’s pretty far fetched to think that this was the LINK ATH forever with nobody even using the product yet which will be the true price catalyst (first derivatives contract settled with link = green dildos)

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Ok, fren. Sorry to trigger you with semantics.

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nice, this is what I wanted to see with my comment

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Absolute fucking brainlet I linked a god damn dex where you can put up collateral to borrow it then sell to create a short position.

Its your bedtime.

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I want the satoshis, I’ll be back in link. I’m a trader not a long term holder.

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If I would have asked where to short LINK, no one would have answered. Got to trigger people to get an answer in biz.

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Checked and gotchapilled

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Word. We’re walking the plank now...

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Please, I beg you, just market-sell a large-ish chunk of it.

I want to see Linkie suffering so badly.

I mean, I know it's coming regardless, but this would be a neat little opportunity to KNOW that it's coming and watch live. :)

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Here we go.

And sorry for the tripcode goyims. It’s # bananaz now you’ll never know it’s me next time. Anyways, thanks for joining my AMA.

Buy LIT.

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And nothing happened as per

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You’re a faggot.

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these whales really are relentless huh

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Where you at bitch nigga lmaoo

Another swinge rekt

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I swing.

(about 5% of my stack for 2 link gains at a time)

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That's $2k eoy

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It's comfy in that way. Worst case i tend to buy back in same link value but i still get all the tension of watching charts.

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For newer anons here I've attached a pic of the LINK/USD chart and when the reddit tranny said he was going to crash it.

The link community has opened up to non whites and reddit meaning they will now lie and scam. Do not believe any 'whale' and most of all NEVER SELL. $1000 is literally going to happen.

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At least you arent a retard swinging your whole stack like some of these people here do

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In the last bull run i made swinging mistakes and got rekt by manipulation and bots every time. So now i just play it very safe.

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$1000 is a meme, but $350 is a posibility

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> "i said the slightly lower large number so it must be more reasonable"

cope, though there will be a big sell off long before $1000

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Same as well but for me watching the charts non stop has gotten really draining so I'm just holding now, I don't wanna risk it anymore especially for my own health kek

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*and it's not happening this cycle

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Trade meh lenk fer buttcoin and lenk go up buttcoin go lowest prices

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OP turned out to be a faggot larper after all?

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if dubs i get a gf

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>18 posts by this ID
All of them bullshit. What a loser.

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Good I want it to drop to ~2.90 again so I can get some more discount linkies.

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Worst larp ever
glad you used a trip like a plebitor