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it’s been a year and a half since I’ve put my penis in a vagina

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23 years, 5 months, 20 days

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It’s been 5 years since I put my penis in a vagina

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21 years 9 months 28 days checking In

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you can buy a hooker for 30min for £100
what's wrong with you all

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That's disgusting.

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Many of us live in cuckistan (America). Me included. Cucked by taxes, cucked by women, cucked by life

Moving to Europe asap

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My herpes has been one big painful itchy flare up since January

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I went 5 years once and now I’m fucking engaged. Hang in there holmes

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30 years for me, but 0 days until a penis was put in my anus teehee

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The hookers I've fucked were barely worth it fren. It's money that should have gone into crypto.

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Wear it proud OP

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19 years 7 months 5 days reporting in

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been 7 years for me and I love it. ejaculation drains you. when i retain semen i feel happy and energetic 24/7. I'm unironically never going to have a girlfriend ever again.

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Maybe like 10 days. 5 months since I fucked a white girl though, but she was a major leftist activist who didn't want kids even as she turned 30. Just fucking nuke Massachusetts please Kim, put me out of this misery.

>business & finance
My linky stays super stinky $1,000 eoy

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I liked being a virgin better than having a small taste of it and then not getting any at all

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Fuck. Great to hear something like that.
t.2 years no sex

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>I went 5 years once
That's rough buddy.
>now I’m fucking engaged.
It'll turn around for you one day friend, keep your head up.

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How do you people do it? I can only go two weeks at most.

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It's been 3 hours bros Idk if I'm gonna make it

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Been 2 years. Man I want to get more but I'm mad lazy

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It's been around 7 years for me too, and I'm actually fit and pretty good looking. Technically there's been an instance about every 1.5 years where I go into a girl, and after a few minutes of fucking I realize I could never love her and that I'm looking for a wife, and then it's impossible to cum with that on my mind.

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Oh yeah? Well, my girlfriend is a nigger.

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Man you guys need to relax, yeah pussy is great but it just becomes like anything else you do on the daily. Stop stressin over the small shit.

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Been 3 weeks for me. Started feeling a burning sensation while peeing a few days ago. Always suit up boys

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I miss my gf bros. I just want to live on a farm with her and make 20 babies.

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8 months.

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Because rape is a crime

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So, you had sex with your mother the same day you were born?

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24/7, lul thats bullshit. after the energetic highs youll feel ever worse for a period.
.t no fap for 1 year

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been 10 years if you don't count that one stripper. 5 if you do.

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You're way ahead of average.

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How does it feel? I've heard people describe it such that it feels like your penis is getting a big warm hug from a warm wet whale

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Been 3 years. Im ok with this tho. I legitimately only think about money now.

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5 years in october

there's a 58 year old lady at work I literally wanna lick her ass right now and suck her tits, I'm beyond thirsty

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6.5 years ago and it was with a prostitute

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5 minutes here

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lmao based and redpilled

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Less than 24 hours for me. Have sex, incel.

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3 months here, with a prostitute in Mexico. I overpaid as hell and it made me remember how condoms are garbage (used one). Poc very related

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2 days bros. Am I gonna be okay.

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That's why I just said fuck it and got married. I love new pussy and all, but I got sick of the effort. Now I just fuck my wife ez pz.

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put my penis inside a vagina today. It was ok. Girl was a solid 5/10.

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2 years here

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Salty milk and coins.

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>Poc related

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Kek, enjoy the divorce boy.

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Horrible description but basically correct.

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3 years and some change, not so bad over all.

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Enjoy being a genetic dead end.

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I had sex on Thursday. I usually have sex at least every 3 days unless my QT wife is on her period.

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It was October 2013 last time I got some pussy

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You didn't? There was that Rabbi that gave me a blowjob too. Busy day.

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not a virgin, but it has been literally a decade now. i've given up. now im free

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i experienced flatline only for the first 3 weeks. everybody is different, and ive read lots of reports from people who experience it over years. if you sit on your ass all day that probably doesn't help, as the energy builds up it may drive you mad.

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Fuck you nigger

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Israel has no right to exist

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