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New Yorkers, Serious fucking question. How the hell am I suppose to sell a percentage of my link stack now that binance is closing to US customers in September and Coinbase doesn’t allow LINK to be traded from NY?? I literally have over 150k links and I wanted to sell about 20% at some point this summer. I bought all my links on Ether Delta and Binance. I am unverified on Binance and removed all my LINK form there after I heard they were shutting down to the US. If LINK pumps this summer wtf are my options to at least get back to ETH? I was thinking kyber swap but there is a $15k daily limit! It would take me weeks!

In before >move to a different state. I CANT FUCKING MOVE

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Why would you sell?

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GTFO of that commie shithole

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It’s not that I WANT to sell. I have a lot of Links and I also have a family and kids. I want to sell enough so that I can get my family in a position to succeed for the next several years. The remaining 80% of my stack can be the retirement and fuck you money that I’m hoping for. The first 20% is not for me

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Use some other coin you dumb nig and sell for btc/eth to coinbase

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Get a VPN dumbfuck. KYC is national - they ask your license. Not your current address. Connect your VPN from a backwater shithole like Colorado. You'll be fine.

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They said it won't initially be available for us NYers. Which implies that it will eventually. Hopefully before September. Pic related

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You can move, You just don't want to. Fun fact california and new york has the highest population of semetic jews in the united states.

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Not him but the money is too good for a lot of people
t. works in the city lives in jersey

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What are you talking about? I’m sitting in LINK and want to sell 20% to ETH at some point

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Opera web browser has a free VPN that you can configure to an Asian location. Trading on binance should be no issue

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My license has my state in it. So your saying VPN from Colorado into coinbase pro and use my fucking NY license as my KYC and sell 100,000s dollars worth of link?

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That's the thing. You can't sell. That's the scam - you're all gonna have millions on paper and no way to access or spend it. You can't beat us Ashkenazis that easily goyim.

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NY is even more jewy than israel.

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move to a different state you dumbass

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Drive down to NJ for a day.

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Fellow New Yorker with under 10k link but over 170k Hot. I'm currently looking into kucoin as an alternative however im confident that Link will eventually be available on coinbase to new yorkers as well as binance us. If your that worried about it just move to cold storage and wait it out.

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jews fucked you pretty bad lol. You deserve it. Fucking new yorkers. Bunch of faggots, jews and spics.

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Changelly, coinswitch, kucoin, bitmax, or use VPN. Sell for btc or eth and transfer to coinbase, sell for cash. Not hard. Also in ny

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just do KYC with your passport

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fellow Jew Yorker here. You start a new account on binance with a new email address.

Set your fucking VPN to a country outside the United States, and proceed to tether your shit, and trickle that shit out 3 BTC at a time (or was it 2 BTC?) and send it straight to coinbase daily.

Its slow, but you can win.

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The only non retard in this thread. If he doesn’t have the brains to figure this out you shouldn’t have told him. This is also how I do my deribit trading. Afaik only physical trading in ny is banned. It’s not banned for ny citizens to use these exchanges in other states and as long as they aren’t asking you aren’t lying to anyone. I do all my coinbase earn and deribit stuff whenever I see my fuck buddy in NJ. Shit is so cash.